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Domino Harvey: lethal lack of love

something to teach school ICEM ...

Life, which began Aug. 7, 1969, promised devushkepoistine cinematic story.London's fashionable Belgravia district.Father - odiniz Britain's most famous actors Laurence Harvey.Mother - one of the unofficial "persons" in the British capital, a favorite of models magazine "Voyage", krasavitsablondinka Pauline Stone.From morning to evening in the house take one elite.Vsenestandartno and bright, this also applies to the name of the girl - Domino.This name roditelivybrali, thanks to the film of James Bond (a nickname wore his girlfriend) When the girl was two years old, her father changed his attitude and became otkrytoizmenyat with another man.Domino's father died in 1973 when one eschedazhe not five years old.After his father's death Domino never smotrelafilmy with his participation.On the father she rarely remembered complaining chtoey missed him the attention that he gave to another uncle.

mother was always busy.Even the funeral of the father she odelaspo latest

fashion and posed for professional photographers.Domino and eesvodnuyu sister Sophie brought the nurse, and then the burden on the shoulders of the school took (a prestigious boarding school).But this girl irreplaceable maternal love.Domino has done everything possible to eeisklyuchili from school, but my mother gave it to another.And so it went until, until Domino is not settled in the fifth school, where she studied martial arts in depth.She set a goal - to become the heroine of militants as the character who wears eeimya.

Macho woman

Pauline Stone in the mid-80s she married the founder of "Hardrock Cafe" Peter Morton.Molodozhenyuehali Los Anzhdeles and Domino, which at that time had already graduated from high school, stay in London.Removing the apartment, she got a manager in one of samyhpervyh night dance clubs.But the apartment, as well as club, bylaraspolozhena not exclusive part of Notting Hill.People zdespostoyanno brawled because of the constant high degree, so the manager klubaprihodilos constantly reassure not only the visitors of the club, but neradivyhsosedey.

new image of the mother of his daughter is absolutely not worried.Namnogobolshe her embarrassed that her daughter came twenty years in Los Angeles.Dochurkaobosnovala it that much missed, but my mother was not keen znakomitznakomyh with the child, afraid to shock them "strange" woman.But taconite was very strange appearance of the girl could cause confusion among kogougodno: rough short hair, camouflage outfits and ohotnichiynozh hefty, handsome belt.

And indeed Domino felt "at ease" while in high society.She began probyvat themselves in other areas - first in one of the Californian ranchostala assistant to tame horses, and then joined the ranks of fire komandySan Diego.Her colleagues, firemen and cowboys can feel par-smacho woman: they clapped her shoulder, could have sex with her, drink dopoteri memory, and then all went home to their families.But Domino has always been a companion of loneliness that she was trying to fill drayvomi adrenaline.Soon the fire fighting girl seemed not so iopasnym occupation.It was at that time, in 1992, her hands popaloobyavlenie, stating that needs a "bounty hunter."

Auto and woman

As a rule, this kind of profession is relevant only to the United States, because who but Americans know how to make money with absolutely everything.In etoyprofessii where women have no place, Domino found herself even more - onaponravilas forty-year veteran of Vietnam and former gangster who worked girlfriend "the street" Ed Martinez.Despite a steady partner, Edpriglasil girl in my team.By the way, all the weapons for Domino podbiralasebe itself.

team for 6 months a lot of work done.There Dominoimela everything you could wish for: a good salary (about 40000v year), adrenaline and "special" love with a companion-in-arms.

Copyright nazhizn

Work Domino was not only to apprehend criminals, but also in drug seizures, which are sometimes used for other purposes.In 1995 the Los Angeles police found out about it and Ed Martinez disappeared and Domino not only left alone, but also faced problemoynarkozavisimosti.Money quickly flew to the drugs, and the new work all nebylo.This continued up until the famous film director Tony Scott neprochel in one of the newspaper articles about the girl from high society, kotorayastala "bounty hunter."Scott thought it was a great script.Of course, filming began only nine years, but the director hurried over 360,000 dollars to stake out "the right nazhizn" Domino.The girl did not immediately, but accepted the offer.But this money bystrorazletelis.In 1998, Domino's mother decided to give serious attention to her daughter iotpravila the closed hospital.

Last error

In 2000, Domino's, without going to the end of treatment, returned to Los Angeles.Mother lodged in her house that purchased for Sophie, and moved to London.Domino start with a gun in his hand to pose for photo shoots, and Sophie tried everything possible to arrange a personal life of herself and her younger sister.

Sophie Harvey in 2003, married an older businessman, and was fascinated by his forty Domino son.It was the last attempt naytilyubov.Her choice was associated with the drug trade, so he udalosvesma quickly attach to the Domino's case.

By the second half of 2004 have been launched over the shooting dolgozhdannymfilmom "Domino".In May 2005, work on the film was coming to an end.At the moment etotsamy Domino Harvey was arrested for possession of drugs on vesmavpechatlyayuschuyu amount.The court instead of 10 years imprisonment imposed for Domino bail size 1million dollars.Guarantor found only four weeks (and his name is not known).And already after 2 weeks nasvobode, July 27, 2005, Domina was found dead in his house: vseukazyvalo that the woman allegedly drowned while taking a bath, after prinyatiyauspokoitelnogo.

went epilogue

The film was released in time: the story told about uspeshnoydevushke model, which fought with the most dangerous criminals of the country usmiryayabandy art of erotic dance.The heroine was a star of television and nikogdane faced with drugs.The film did not cause much success for the zheprichine at which killed herself Domino Harvey - the lack of love.Kromekaleydoskopa bright movie images could not show any feelings.About filmmozhno would be easy to forget, if he had not immortalized tasteless realnoyzhenschiny life with an unusual fate and the same unusual name - Domino!