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Life is beautiful Kate Middleton

Mother Duchess was born in 1955 January 31st.Their semyabyla representatives of ordinary working klassa.Rabotali they mine in County Durham.Kate's father was born in 1949 on June 23.His family proizoshlaiz Leeds, West Yorkshire county.

Besides Kate in a family there are two children, William James It iFilippa Charlotte, which they called Pippa.Kathryn grew vderevne and attended a private shkoleMalboro, and at its end, she began to study at the University of St Andrews vgrafstve Wiltshire.

Already in 1987, the family opened its Middleton kompaniyuposylochnoy trade «Party Pieces», she successfully launched razvivatsyana the UK market, and because of this they have become millionaires.Then the whole family settled in the village of Bucklebury bolshomdome in Berkshire.

In 1984, in May the little girl was only two years old, and the family moved to onavmeste in the Jordanian capital, where it was transferred to work ottsa.Do 1986 the family lived there.When Keytbylo three years, she started to go t

o Amman kindergarten.When she returned vBerkshir, I began to go to school and I studied there until 1995.After that, the girl continued her college tuition and receive a certificate of education, who is second urovenpo its complexity.She successfully sdalaekzameny biology, art and chemistry.In college, Catherine was very podvizhnoydevochkoy, she was engaged in athletics, even jump in height, played hockey, tennis and netball.Moreover, during the study the future Princess okonchilaprogrammu Duke of Edinburgh at the highest level of gold.

Devushkaigrala hockey team for the university and engaged in a variety of sports naprotjazhenii throughout the study, as well as in uchuvstvovat blagotvoritelnyhmeropriyatiyah.For example, in 2002 at a charity fashion show onabyla at the University of St Andrews Scottish idazhe defile it in a transparent dress, recently sold it for 104 tysyachidollarov at a London auction.

Katherine graduated kolledzhbez triples and in 2005 received a diploma with honors of the second degree, eespetsialnost - "Art History."After that, she began working vroditelskoy company Party Pieces.This company dostavkoyrazlichnogo kind of goods for the holidays by mail.In 2008, Kate within the company launched the "Pervyedni birth."Among Middleton girl marketing campaigns, designed the design of catalogs and filming products.In 2006, in November, in addition to their main job it ustroilasna part-time in the purchasing department store chain known Jigsaw vLondone.A year later, it began to appear in the press news that Ketrinsobiraetsya leave work at Jigsaw, to become a professional photo ipostroit career.A few months later it announced that it intends to bratchastnye lessons from the photographer kotoryysdelal several famous sons pictures of Princess Diana and her in chastnosti.Etot photographer Mario Testino, and he himself denied this information.Broadcast Media In the media it was said that Kate Mario introduced to Prince William.

In 2005, the world ibritanskie tabloids wrote that Prince William has appeared podrugaKeyt.New band leading publications were adorned their sovmestnoyfotografiey which made during a tour.Due to the fact that all the time watching zadevushkoy journalists and interfering in her personal life, eyprishlos contact a lawyer.Vuniversitete Kate and William studied art together, but then Prince pomenyalsvoyu specialization and became interested in geography.Some sources report that in the first year, William wanted to leave school, but Kate ugovorilaostatsya it.And other publications claim that the prince continued his studies of zaugovorov his father Prince Charles.

When Middleton uzheofitsialno received the status of Prince William's girlfriend, she became postoyannoprisutstvovat at events, unto which uchuvstvovat royal family.Subsequently, in 2006 December 15 ONAT their parents attended the graduation ceremony of the Royal voennoyakademii that Prince William graduated.And Queen Elizabeth II takzheprisutstvovala the ceremony.

Since 2002 William iKeyt when they were already friends, began to rent a house in Fife, to live together, al 2003, they started filming a country cottage.At this time they nachalisromanticheskie relationship.When Kate and William were university vacation, they traveled together several times, and in 2003, the Prince invited devushkui few close friends on his birthday, when he was 21 years old.

Ketrinokonchila In 2005, his studies at the University, received a bachelor's degree and often stalapoyavlyatsya in public with Prince William.Then another rumor that wherewith they betrothed.However, William postupilv Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and Catherine began to work in magazineodezhdy «Jigsaw».Then she began to live in the London district of Chelsea.

In 2007, William bylotpravlen training camp in Dorset, and the girl continued to live in London.Kate began to press reporters and because of this they are in 2007 apreleukazali that William and Kate have left.

summer of the same godagazety announced that the novel Prince and future Princess resumed in June because they were together navecherinke, which was organized in a military unit, which served Uilyam.A couple together in July attended a gala concert, which wasposvyaschenpamyati Diana Princess of Wales, but at that time, official sources etuinformatsiyu of reuniting couples are not confirmed.

In August already all knew that Kate and William decided to renew their relationship.

In 2010, 16 noyabryaKlarens House announced that the betrothed Kate Middleton with Prince William.Augé November 23 at 11:00 they announced datusvadby.

In 2011, 29 aprelyaKeyt married all izvestnoybritanskoy grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William.They were married vVestminsterskom Abbey.Their ceremony was attended by 1,900 people, etobyli relatives, friends, politicians and celebrities.

On the day of celebration Ketrinzakazyvala two wedding dresses.In one of them she went to the altar, and drugomotpravilas to the wedding dinner.Vsemodnye experts were intrigued by this and then amazed.The dress of the bride, which was intended dlyatseremonii was from the British brand Alexander McQueen.A second dress bylosozdano British fashion designer and stylist Bruce Oldfield, kotoryyranshe participated in the development of the wardrobe of Princess Diana.

only the most famous, influential and rich people were invited to the celebration.This honor spiskebyli and footballer David Beckham and his wife, film director Guy Ritchie, EltonDzhon musician, actor Rowan Atkinson, who is known not only as Mr Bean, he had iochen good friends with the father of the groom.

British stolitsapoluchila a lot of money due to the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William naslednikabritanskoy crown.Queen Elizabeth IIprisvoila young igertsoga title Duchess of Cambridge.

In 2011, the magazine InTouch seredinenoyabrya was reported that the Duchess is pregnant, but none of this information was not confirmed.

But the latest news in March this year announced chtoseychas couple always lives on the island of Anglesey in Wales, and Kate is already the fifth mesyatseberemennosti and even let slip that they are expecting a daughter.

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