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Designer Anna Sui

Through thorns kzvezdam

was born the next designer in Detroit, Michigan.It happened on August 4, 1964.Modanachala Woman interested since childhood.The girl, when she rukipopadali in fashion magazines, with a huge azartomvyrezala pages of their fashions, which she had to taste poslechego paste them into their folders.Just these same cuts as a result and staliosnovnym factor that inspired Anna to create their own kollektsiiodezhdy.Apart from magazine clippings, first demonstrated in detstvedevochka svoytalant, dressing up their dolls and toy soldiers in his friend krasochnyenaryady she famously flaps are made of various fabrics.

When the Sui turned 17, she was determined izuchatiskusstvo fashion design.Girl to master this profession became a student prestizhnogouchebnogo places - Parson's School of Design.It was there that happened znakomstvoAnny a future star of world photography by Steven Meisel, who predlozhildevushke become a stylist for his photography.But neither this nor subsequent opytrab

oty future fashion designer did not bring any results.

After college, Anna tries himself working vomnogih companies for the production of children's clothing.Actively trying to produce isvoi model.Only in 1981, Anna Sui founded their own brand.Aspustya ten years, in 1991 pripodderzhke her friends Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell, Sui organizovyvaetsvoey the very first show of the new collection of ready-to-wear.As the popularity of these two razblagodarya supermodels collection of young designer bylazamechena fashion journalists and began to enjoy great popularity sredipokupateley.Anna easily cemented his name talantlivogodizaynera niche.On his show designer presents to the audience a collection full of romanticism and was not mistaken.Showing uvenchalsyauspehom and work Sui continue cooperation with new clients.Bolshinstvoprofessionalov fashion businesses have responded with great approval and pochteniemotnositelno new designer.So, for example, an influential newspaper called "New York Times" published in its pages an entire article devoted AnneSui, which called fashion designer of the year.And very soon Sui poluchaetnastoyaschuyu modeling industry award in the category "New talent in the fashion world."

Her "doll" Empire

Anna Sui, inspired by their achievements, already In 1992, opened its very first boutique in one of New Yorkskihrayonov Soho.This boutique was created in the design of the original Taste samogomodelera: lavender walls, floors red vintage interior antikvarnayamebel black and bizarre mannequins that had golovy.Etot doll boutique immediately became popular in Soho center for fashionistas and very very udachnoharakterizoval Anna.By the way, all the other boutiques that vskoreotkryla fashion in the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy and France were decorated by Anna VTAK is such an unusual style.Brand Anna Sui has grown quite dramatically namezhdunarodnom level.As for her iconic fashion shows, they vsegdanapominali (what happens to this day) a real fairy tale, napolnennuyuvolshebstvom, colors and wonders.Perhaps it is precisely this neordinarnostprivlekaet the attention of the majority of our colleagues and customers who are immediately written to the ryadypostoyannyh.Courtney Love, Patricia Arquette, Cher, Paris Hilton, Misha Barton, Blake LindseyLohan, Christina Ricci, Naomi Kembll, DzheymsIha and Sofia Coppola - this is not the full list of celebrities who yavlyayutsyapostoyannymi customers at home Anna Sui.

Other lines

persistent fans always demand from fashion novyhidey.The same applies to the Sui that his ideas with great udovolstviemvoplotila in creating a successful line of shoes, and then also in the line of cosmetics, fragrances and accessories.Shoes designer first showed in 1994 naosennem fashion show.Manufactured in Italy, these shoes are perfect for day outputting not only, but also for night time.They are made of takihmaterialov as silk, velvet, patent leather lizards and snakes, sheep wool izamsha.

In 1999, the world saw its first perfume, which Anna Suinarekla inherent in it alone romantic-style puppet "Dreams."Daleeodin after another fall flavors such as "Sui Love" (2002), "Sui Love Doll" (2003), "O Love" (2004), "Secret desire" (2005) and a dozen of magicaromas.All perfumes are created dlyaromanticheski minded girls who believe in miracles and witchcraft.Odnimslovom, perfume Anna Sui - etonastoyaschee magic.After all, who does not like Anna can always skillfully bezoshibochnoopredelit and realize the wonderful aroma all the requirements of modern modnits.Rezultat justify himself: luxury perfumes gained a huge success sredipoklonnits Sui.

In this fashion all the stops, and in 2009 became a partner of the company "Target" to create a new clothing line that combines style VerhnegoIst Side.Inspired fashion on a popular TV series "Gossip Girl."Dannayakollektsiya had limited circulation and was made available in September of this year, in just a couple of weeks.Also in early 2009 debut detskayaliniya clothing under the name "Anna SuiMini."After that, Anna Sui has signed a contract with the company "Samsung Electronics."

Achievements Suikak designer Anna

All known publications named Anna Sui fashion, which is not typical to spend a long time to weigh all the "pros" and "cons", and those who just like to create.

Plus, Anna was able to get into the top list of honorary samyhluchshih style icons of fashion decades, which was compiled by the magazine "Time".

In 2009, the designer receives a prestigious award premiiAmeriki which presents the Council of Fashion Designers.This award honored tevydayuschimsya people whose contribution vamerikanskuyu fashion is considered one of the highest.

Anna Sui also managed to join the ranks of the world at all the famous designers like Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Diane von Furstenberg, Bill Blass and Ralph Lauren.All these designers were awarded nagradamiza contribution to the world of fashion.

By the way, in 2006 the magazine "Fortune" brand AnnySui assessed by estimating it at $ 400 million.

Anna Sui in 2010 introduced the fashion world with his final show on novoykollektsiey shouAmerikan NEXT Top Model.

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