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Natalie Wood: fear of tenderness

Installation mother nauspeh

not very sweet it was Zakharenko family in America.Nikolaysilno sad for the homeland and loved to drink a lot, Mary dreamed Hollywood not.k.He had bad English, only to run into ridicule.July 20, 1938 around the girl was born, called Natasha and her mother firmly decided for myself that if it failed to conquer Hollywood - it will make her daughter.In 1942 vSanto Rosa, home to Zakharenko, the crew arrived, the little girl who nuzhnabyla for epizodicheskoyroli.As a director, he's looking for a girl who is able to ubeditelnozaplakat.Maria's ear his four daughters began to tell, kaksosedsky boy pulls a small bird wings and she began to sob takdusherazdirayusche that the director could not resist her tears.TakNatashe and got her very first role.The mother was sure kareradocheri in the movie has already begun, and insisted that the family moved vLos Angeles.But Hollywood was very strict with the girl and did not immediately opened his front door.Within a few years, all the aud

itions end in failure.Amat after each failure punished his daughter - for weeks with her I did not speak.

In 1947 Natalya finally gets a role in the movie "Miracle on 34th Street."This film is equated to the number of "classic" Christmas movies.By the way, a miracle happened poslefilma and Natasha's life: the press she called her "gorgeous ditemGollivuda" and invented for her sonorous name Wood.By the age of 17 on schetunachinayuschey actress was more than thirty films.

American Dream

Usually, children and young actors perenosyatprotsess very difficult growing up - leaves natural charm.But Natasha neproizoshlo this: beautiful and perfectly folded girl in 17 years played in kultovomfilme who sang the youth rebellion - "Rebel Without a Cause."

Next one successful operation followed another.In 1961 goduAmerika held her breath from the film "West Side Story" - Best Musical svoegovremeni.At the time, the actress imelahoroshie fees that were even greater than that of Marilyn Monroe, and uzhenominirovalas for "Oscar".She personified the American dream: a daughter bednyhemigrantov all made with the help of their labor and talent.At that momentnikto I had no idea that fame has its price, which uzheplatila Natalie.

bed, couch ibutylka

received in childhood trauma necessarily give osebe know.Mother daughter to settle in mind the fear of failure and fear peredtem that it will be "rejected".While she reprized the role in "family" idetskih films, her foundation of her success was "exemplary" behavior, not only naekrane, but in life.But at the time of the shooting in "Rebel Without a Cause" girl popalasovsem in another environment of young people with free views.And togochtoby impress them, Natalie "gave their virginity," sleeping with the director of the film, and a few days later had sex with a partner pofilmu.Until the end of filming she maintained relations with oboimimuzhchinami.

In 1956, all the girls suffer terrible envy vedkumir million Elvis Presley had an affair with Natalie Wood, and they dazhehotyat married.Natalie's mother did not like much of Elvis and this is her very silnomuchilo.That this was the reason that in 1957 the actress got zamuzhza one of the most promising actors in Hollywood - Robert Wagner.Suprugistali darlings of the public.

After five years of marriage, Robert Nathalie changes, and makes it smuzhchinoy.The couple divorced, but the actress begin to torment doubts about eeseksualnosti.To get rid of doubt the actress begins to start an intimate relationship skazhdym man who has anything to do with Hollywood.Onaosoznavala, depending on their own ideas and was trying with the help of nihizbavitsya psychoanalyst.In 1966, Nathalie tried pokonchitsoboy.She took the lion's share of sedation, but doctors managed to save her.

Family Happiness

suicide attempt stalled acting career.Success is now interested in Natalie least.By the age of thirty onamechtala about family and children.Director Richard Gregorson casting agency in 1969godu spouse becomes the actress who gives birth to a girl.That's only because zaizmeny husband with his secretary, in 1971 the marriage breaks up.

At a party in 1971, Natalie meets svoegopervogo husband Robert Wagner, and they understand that they can not live with each bezdruga.Couple again tying the knot, two years Natalie gave birth escheodnu girl.In a career too, felt the rise: all films 70s with uchastiemNatali Wood enjoyed tremendous success.

One day, fate linked with Wood akteromKristoferom Walken.Actress immediately in love with him.At that time too Walken bylzhenat twelve years and he had a reputation weirdo and nestabilnoypsihikoy.All around who knew Wagner and Walken, asserted that it is good nekonchitsya.

Care in Hollywood

To this day, no one knows why Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood prinyalireshenie noted in November 1981 "Thanksgiving Day" on a yacht, in the company of a Christopher Walken.Kompaniyavesma nice to spend time while in the Coast Guard did not receive soobschenieo that is to fight for people.This same man was samaNatali Wood, whose lifeless body rescuers managed to pull out of the water.Kakpotom Wagner himself said: his wife without telling anyone, reshilaotpravitsya the shore, but the boat stalled and she was trying to make her fell zabort about her body blow - color women found a bruise.

Funeral actress was "Hollywood": she lay in a coffin vlisey coat that her husband did not have time to give.

evil without punishment, the question unanswered

In 1944, at the time of filming, still a girl, Natati Vudupala into the water and nearly drowned.Since then, she regarded the water as istochniksmerti and kept from her as far as possible.Even in every scene with water, the actress agreed at nalichiisverhnadezhnoy insurance.How could it happen that a woman so boyaschayasyavody, still drowned?

For many years, the captain, who has worked in Wagner, told reporters that in his hypothesis, Natalie fell asleep drunk, and kogdaprosnulas, caught with Walken husband having sex.This posluzhilotem that offended and "rejected" Natalie decided to go ashore.Of course, this is only version, but it has a right to life!But not to speak, but in life as in the movies - zlone always punishable, but the truth does not always come true.

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