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Actor David Duchovny

family profession

In New York, August 7, 1960 in a family of immigrant izShotlandii, angliyskoyliteratury teacher in college, Margaret was born the second child, who was named David.Uaktera Laurie has an older sister and a younger brother Danil.Father of the actor bylurozhentsem Brooklyn-born in a family of Jewish immigrants that arrived izUkrainy.In addition to teaching, the head of the family was engaged in journalism and gave paruknig.Despite the same occupation, the three children together and svoichuvstva parents David were completely different people, which was the cause ihrazryva.When he was 11 years old, his mother and father filed narazvod.Margaret detmipereehala three in New York and settled vnizhnem East Side.Despite the bad name that kept coming etomrayone an actor more than once will be a great pleasure to recall the days when he lived there.

Alone, Margaret decided to make every effort chtobyee children could receive a good upbringing and education.By the way, the character matpov

liyala David, she was trying out closed imaloobschitelnogo boy to bring a strong and persistent man.But in spite of the tremendous love from his mother, the future actor was never a "mama's boy" and quite often he hid from her all his adventures.Even the fact that instead of the profession philologist, he began his acting career, David, lest frustrating mother, said at once.Even his love affairs, kotoryeu boy started since 14 years, he kept secret from her.The fact is that Margaret was old-fashioned and tverdyeubezhdeniya in this regard and it obviously would not be in awe of what eelyubimy son in 14 years, lost his virginity, and also with a girl for a year molozheego.

school boy graduated with good grades and then the faculty of pedagogy posheluchitsya priPrinstonskom University, where he has shown good results in their studies.More syunyh years Man overwhelmed with a desire to try yourself as a writer.Vskoreon goes to graduate school at Yale University, where he received stepenmagistra English literature and preparing to defend dissertation on stependoktora philosophy.

When David turned 26 years old, he was at Yale prepodavalklassicheskuyu English literature.At this age he vpervyedebyutiroval on stage in one of the performances, postanovlennogoteatralnym circle.From this point on in the soul Duchovny if something izmenilosi he was could not live without acting.The guy started sovmeschatprepodavanie university with evening classes at drama school in Manhattan.

final break with his profession and devote sebyaakterskomu craft, he decided in 1987.At this point David auditions Napara low budget paintings and acted in commercials.

Getting started

The first debut of the actor on TV In 1987 took place precisely in one of the beer commercials.After that he spent a long time in the content epizodicheskimirolyami minor theatrical productions and films.But etotneznachitelny experience did not prevent the fact to get to Hollywood.Big screen debut took place in 1988, when Duchovny epizodicheskuyurol played in the film Mike Nichols' Working Girl. "

One year later, the novice and the eccentric actor zametilrezhisser David Lynch, who invited to star in three episodes of the series "Twin Peaks."David played the agent service, which is engaged in the fight against drugs, DenizBrayson who was a transvestite.In this way the actor went very povkusu another director Zalman King, who is not thinking of a second otpravilpriglashenie perfect for the role and the lonely lover of the narrator in his novoykartine "Red Shoe Diaries" Apostle of the same name and an erotic show.

famous producer studio «XX Century Fox" Randy Stone zametilDevida Duchovny at one of the festivals, and recommended him to director KrisuKarteru.At this point and held zvezdonosnoe acquaintance Duchovny and Carter vbuduschem - director of "The X-Files."For example, in 1993 there was a debut actor in this sci-fi TV series, where he dropped one of the klyuchevyhroley FBI agent Fox Mulder."The X-Files," have broken all records ISTA's most popular TV series, which opened the way for David Duchovny kpedestalu worldwide recognition and fame.After seven seasons spent izsseriala actor, but sometimes continued to appear in several episodes.The final series, which starred actor was in 2002.For this role, he byludostoen great lot of awards as an actor luchshiydramatichesky.

parallel with the shooting in the "X-Files" actor paruraz was a member of a cult satirical show "Larry Sanders," where ispolnyalsamogo itself.Feigned was only homosexual attraction to Sanders.Pomimoserialov actor starred in more than 25 films, from which it follows otmetittakie as "Julia Two Lovers" (1991), "California" (1993), "IzobrazhayaBoga" (1997), "Come back to me" (2000) "Full Frontal" (2002), "Connie and Carla" (2004).Also, the actor was able to shoot his own film subtitled "House of D", where he also played a major role.

way, the basis of his profession completely forget David neudalos and he decided to show off the mind - wrote several scripts for the TV series "The X-Files."Duchovny also wrote for himself.Not so long ago opublikovalsvoyu poem and currently is actively working on the creation of sbornikastihov.

From 2007 to this day, David Duchovny plays tsentrovuyurol writer Hank Moody who imeetproblemy personal life in a comedy television series with erotic scenes "Californication."This role pomoglaakteru receive the award "Golden Globe", nominating in the category "Best akterseriala."

On the personal front

May 6, 1997 Duchovny and his wife Thea became an actress Leoni, in the spring of 1999 in the family of a girl Madeleine West Duchovny.In 2002, his wife gave goduTee son Kyd Miller Duchovny.After living together for 11 years, akteryvse yet divorced, and David, in turn, said loudly that suffers giperseksualnostyu.No in 2009, ex-wife back together, and in 2011 again razbiloso happiness "pitfalls" and theyWe decided to live apart.

Actor boasts a huge amount of enthusiasm an item that is quite sporty lifestyle, because in addition to filming a movie inapisaniya poems he is actively involved in baseball and basketball.The actor even in smogpopast star of the actor's NBA team.Annually participates vsorevnovaniyah triathlon and zanimaetsyaboksom, jogging and yoga.

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