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Ashlee Simpson: 12 facts of life star

Jessica Simpson -Major sister 28-year-old Ashley, who is a popular pop singer isvetskoy beauty.

huge popularity of the girl could bring the water part of a reality show called "Just Married", at which point it semeynayazhizn with her husband Nick Lasha broadcast in detail.Avtomaticheskipod attention of the public and the family got the newlyweds.Bolshevsego all start worrying younger sister Jess - Ashley.Certainly: beautiful, talented and young.

Press constantly compares the two sisters.Even Otomi rumor that Jessica really do not like this "parallel", or rather, the desire to be like the youngest seniors.Fuel to the fire added yet totfakt that Ashley became a blonde and had plastic surgery - to remove sediment bump, which his older sister is not.But ...

Ashley unwilling to be a clone of Jessica!

's just most of it and calls it!Druzyadevushki believe that when she was black, as a sign of protest.According to Ashley herself - her taste in music, so ivoobsche all the work, it is not like anyt

hing that makes Jessica.

passion for ballet

girl three years has been actively involved in dance and became the youngest odnoyiz students who have been accepted into the prestigious School amerikanskogobaleta - at the time she was barely 11 years old.Once devochkeispolnilos 14 years old, her parents moved to Los Angeles because of this prishlosostavit ballet school.But for three years while she vystupleniysvoey older sister came out on stage with dance numbers.While it neprishla the idea to build an independent musical career.

She always byladrugoy!

and dream about the huge success in the music industry: "I have loved sdetskih years of rock music, and considered himself a true rocker: vperiod even when went to ballet school, I allowed myself to paint hair color voranzhevy.I fundamentally different from the others and do not want to live like everyone else ... "ieto true!Ashley is one of the most prominent figures of the musical field.She obozhaetgruppu "Green dei" and for a while, until the staff has not broken up, the game itself vpank group.

Ashley is no stranger vshou business

Father Simpson sisters - producer and always tried hard to "promote" their daughters into show business.After the role of Cecilia in a series izmolodezhnyh 19-year-old Ashley became the heroine of a reality show on MTiVi, unto which she, in the eyes of the audience, it was necessary to become a pop star.Shoupokazyvalo virtually every step of the young singer, on her way to muzykalnomuOlimpu and does not shy away from the girl and personal life: her boyfriend porugalass, fell in love with another, both quarreled with his parents and lechilagolosovye ligament.Summary of experiences - the debut album "Autobiography", which saw the world in July 2004.On the pop scene Ashlee Simpson vozniklaneozhidanno as if emerged from the shadow of her sister.By the way, a song called "Shadow" Ashley is dedicated to his sister.In 2005, she released an album svoypervy.

Ashley kategoricheskiprotiv phonograms

In one interview, when she was asked about the artists who sing to the sound recording, she said firmly: "I go out on the stage with tselyupokazat his talent, not just to stand up and danceumikrofona! ".And he claimed that he had never used a soundtrack, but one iztele show violated this rule.

As part of the show stars have to show any number imiss Simpson made a splash, or rather its soundtrack: she hotelaispolnit song, but did not have time to adjust to the track.Singer confused iubezhala backstage after she commented: "At the rehearsal vsebylo fine, but in the evening I finally lost my voice.Father predlozhilispolzovat soundtrack, but coming on the scene, I realized that I could not obmanyvatlyudey! ".A few months later on the same show Ashley has no soundtrack proves vsemsvoy talent.

Ashley byvayutproblemy voice

girl suffers reflux.It is a disease of the esophagus, accompanied by severe heartburn, and that is reflected in the voice svyazkah.Vrachi Ashley was prescribed a diet and forbidden to eat a lot of sweet.By the way, during the concert, which was held in 2005 in Tokyo, the singer poteryalasoznanie and was sent to the hospital.Doctors explained silnoyustalostyu fainting.Today Simpmon lead a healthy lifestyle and watching svoimpitaniem.

against Ashley zvezdnyhromanov

Ashley said that is not going to attract the help of star vnimaniepri novels, and in general do not like her "glamorous gentlemen."Klyubvi girl is not serious and does not consider it acceptable to have sex sozvezdnym man in order to attract the interest of the public.Perhaps on etoreshenie affected bitter experience older sister, who immediately after the "Honeymooners" divorced her husband.

but does not hide his boyfrendovEshli

She was not embarrassed that her affair with Ryan Cabrera passeth under the flashes of cameras.The pair parted very amicably.For bassist Pete VenttsaSimpson got married on 17 May 2008 and in the same year gave birth to a son BronksaMaugli Wentz.But in February 2011, the couple filed for divorce.

Ashley zanimaetsyaserfingom

She even wished to perpetuate his passion.In one izoteley San Diego specifically for Eshlioformili room in the style of "vacation surfer": ocean scenery, bamboo and, of course, surf on the wall, on which the singer left his autograph.

Ashley ogromnoeznachenie attached shoe

Singer sure about the man, his character and tell postupkahmozhet shoes.Speaking of childhood, she remembers them sestroyshkaf which was completely clogged shoes with high heels, kotorayaprinadlezhala Jessica.Ashley loved sports shoes."I think that if yaprishla in the studio in high heels - I obviously have not accepted!" Ashley says, - "I have come in their favorite sneakers and immediately it became clear that I was tearful nebudu sing songs I want to sing rock! '.

Ashley boitsyakritiki.

She never pays attention to what govoryat.Edinstvennoe about it, that it is important - the view of fans: "People visiting moikontserty - best critic!".Simpson Jr. has bracelet talisman given to Jessica.It was he, according to the star, makes her not only vrabote, but in life.This bracelet is written that if a man can dream, can znachiton and realize the dream of soybeans.The setting for the singer is its credo osnovnymzhiznennym!