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The series "Matchmakers": about the characters and actors

IvanStepanovich Butko - Fedor Dobronravov

Uncle Vanya Butko - the darling of the public.On the one hand, onobychny man from the village who did not study in institutions and sometimes behaves uzhslishkom simple.But on the other hand, this person is very wise, interesting, smyshlёny, able to properly approach the situation and solve the seemingly intractable problems.

Fedor Dobronravov loves his character, as IvanButko really something like him.When the actor chose to rolIvana, the director did not want to see this place no one but Dobronravova.Aktrisa Tatyana Kravchenko, his wife, cine, said that Fedor ochendobry and understanding people.In it there is nothing quite stellar.He ochenprostoy, considerate, empathic.With such a person is in the frame - odnoudovolstvie.And yet, he has a very infectious laugh.How IvanButko laughs, one can not repeat.Looking at this man, too nevolnohochetsya smile.He's incredibly charismatic and surprisingly positive.

As for the fame that came because of the "Match

maker" todlya Fedor was the reason it does not feel like a star.Sometimes it is, on the contrary, does not want to be associated with Ivan Butko as plans snyatsyaeschё not one role to further disclose their potential, not povtoritsudbu Demyanenko-Shurika or Stirlitz Tikhonov.

ValentinaButko - Tatyana Kravchenko

Baba Valya - a typical rural woman.She is kind, poroynaivnaya, often exaggerated and too worried.This person bezumnolyubit their grandchildren and tries to do everything for them.She often quarrels smuzhem, but whatever it was, in this family reigns true love, kotoruyunevozmozhno kill scandals, so the audience laughing.

Tatyana Kravchenko, who plays Wali, loves svoegopersonazha.She says that he can not imagine a time when the "matchmakers" will no longer be removed and she will have to say goodbye to loved ones and svoimpersonazhem.In order to play this role, the actress repeatedly prihodilospobezhdat their fears.The fact that Tatiana is very afraid of heights.A posyuzhetu, it is necessary to climb on the tractor to hold a meeting, then vestirazgovory from the balcony.In addition, the train does not always have tickets and poskolkuserial Ukrainian, then shooting it has to dangle from Moscow to Kiev.Sootvetstvenno, more than once Tatyana flew by plane from which onatochno not happy.But despite this, the actress still says chtonikogda life would not refuse Wali and is ready to act in this series hotdo end of days.She loves all svoyuserialnuyu family loves Fedor Dobronravova and each time goes on shooting soschuscheniem joy and happiness.

OlgaNikolaevna - Lyudmila Artemyev

Olga - is the complete opposite semiButko.She is intelligent, educated lady.In the first series mozhetpokazatsya that Olga - ecstatic empty.But as razvitiyapersonazha, viewers see that it is very wise, kind, empathize with a woman who is always ready to help Sway family.Ludmila Artemyev, the performer of this role, says that she still can not polnostyuponyat Olga.Each season, the actress discovers new aspects svoegopersonazha and wonders how she is a multi-faceted man.

Ludmila not a public person.She does not like kogdalezut in her personal life, so try to talk as little as possible szhurnalistami.The actress says that the people are too exaggerated statusaktёrov and praise them to the skies.Artemyev itself does not consider himself a star, so he sees no reason to worship the person.She lives zhiznyusovershenno ordinary man who wants his personal affairs ostavalisza frame.

SanSanych Berkevich - Alexander Feklistov

San ​​Sanych appeared in the series later than other glavnyegeroi.This happened after the actor, who plays muzhaOlgi Nikolaevna, and refused to shoot the character had to kill.Noposkolku "matchmakers" - and life-affirming comedy series, the directors have decided that Olga can not be all my life to suffer and suffer, we've Berkevicha history.According to the scenario, once in his youth he and Olga bylroman, and now he again decides to win her heart.Initially, it seems that San Sanych - man mercenary and quite negative.But then myponimaem that such behavior - it is the imprint of unhappy family life.Ana in fact, he is kind and genuinely loving, ready for feats for svoegochuvstva.That is why, in the end, the two men receive it with joy in your family.

Alexander Feklistov govorittom that the family took not only his character, but also his own.It onochen easily joined the team of the series, since on the set tsaritochen friendly atmosphere.There, people do not play, and really live a votobychnoy and at the same time very unusual life.They deystvitelnootnosyatsya each other with great warmth and respect.Feklistov priyatnoigrat his character, because he is a positive hero in kotoromest many interesting qualities that appear throughout the series.

Mityai -Nikolay Dobrynin

And, of course, do not forget about such koloritnompersonazhe as Mitya.Rural alcoholic, inventor, joker - such is vkazhdom village and in every backyard.It is not a negative hero on samomdele Mitya very good man, a weak character.A poslednihsezonah he finds his love, creates family sincerely tries not to drink.For Nikolayaego Mityai it is also somewhat a part of it.After all, as does the character Dobryninochen loves his children.For him the paternity - is the greatest gift sudby.A Mityai also applies to their babies.Suppose he does not play for children of Beethoven INE read Bulgakov, but loves them sincerely, with all my heart.A imennoiskrennost and naturalness Mityaya so like aktёruNikolayu Dobrynin.However, like in the series Dobrynin everything.He is friendly skollektivom, especially with his cinematic godfather Fyodor Dobronravov.Nikolaygovorit that playing with Fedor, he is angling can say for sure whether it continues to get used to the role or relationship to kadrerealny because Dobronravov for a long time was a real close friend.

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