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Keanu Reeves: demon inside

inscrutable putiGospodni

Beirut, 1963, nightclub.In one of the great impression posetiteleyproizvodit spinning a pole dancer.Patricia nationality Englishwoman kotorayapriehala in search of work in Lebanon.Samuel, a US citizen, rozhdennyytuzemkoy which was an admixture of Chinese blood in Hawaii, he came to BlizhniyVostok under contract sinceIt was a geologist.

It was a beautiful novel, which was destined to zakonchitsya1966 year.Since then Keanu Reeves is no longer seen his father.However, odinraz he heard that in 1992, Samuel Reeves because trade kokainomposadili in prison.His mother moved to New York and married film director, nobrak lasted only two years.Patrisiyazabiraet children and arrived in Toronto where twice married and stanovitsyadizaynerom stage wear.That's only success in this industry and it nesmogla reached.

Keanu, being a southerner, not only by blood but also by mesturozhdeniya, loved Canada and one of the main local fun - ice hockey.Ondazhe was keeper of the school hockey t

eam.By the way, ice hockey and pomogparnyu start an acting career: one a visiting film crew was neobhodimakter with good looks, great wielding a stick.Ever since school letdramaticheskoe art attracts future actor, but theater uchilischaego still expelled.Reeves did not even want to take in any professional troupe Toronto itolko local Jewish theater obschinyon able to find a place for themselves.

knows something, but is silent

very surprised career Keanu Reeves.After the film of the young and talented hockey players, akterotpravlyaetsya conquer Hollywood, where he was helping his former stepfather, director.Pervyyuspeh brought him a comedy titled "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" (1989), from the actor decided to make another movie jerk.And it was not until 1991, while Keanu Reeves did not take off in the full sense of the word "Nagrebne wave."Ever since he started playing mega heroes and lyric roles.

From that moment began amazing.Primernoza 15 years the actor has played about thirty-five leading roles in films noneveroyatny box office were able to get only "Point Break," "Speed," "Constantine" and "The Matrix" - all the others, or did not get much success at the box office iliprovalilis.But despite this, he still was and remains odnimiz highest paid actors in Hollywood and this is a great mystery inhistory movie!

many critics share a common view on what Reeves as an actor, has no talent.Other people, however, are certain misrepresented that it was thanks to him that such absurd stories of films could be outputting not only "great entertainment", but also "real lessons of philosophy."Inachegovorya, Keanu "know something" (just do not admit that) and producers each time laying his ogromnyenadezhdy this mysterious knowledge, and he knows something that allows emupoluchat huge fees.Here are just kchemu him so much money if he does not know what to do with?

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If your condition can be estimated at least 350millionov dollars - meaning you can afford philosophical otnosheniek money.

In three of the "Matrix" actor received 260 million dollars, of which 94 are divided between the crew and said, "These people prodelalityazheluyu work, but for me a lot of money!".Rumor has it that this non-uniqueness of the case, when an actor gives money to people who okazyvayutsyaryadom him.

Art loneliness

Reeves January 21, 2005 received an honorary star on "Alleeslavy."At the time of a ceremony attended by the actor but his mother, the other guests were representatives of the paparazzi and the studio.Just for etoyprichine press repeatedly called Reeves' Hollywood star very lonely. "

very surprising that a man with lots of advantages and a good quality, do not have any friends or even acquaintances.But samakter said: "My best friend is my sister, Kim."

the way, with women at the actor the same story: a long oniryadom not stay with him.At least, we are well aware of odnomromane actor.Although to be honest, the actor and the little izvestno.Znayuschy Reeves to thirty years, the permanent agent admitted that he still has not managed to fully realize that the kind of person.And it is not surprising, because the actor was able to master the art of holding people narasstoyanii.

And it is undeniable.Until recently, the actor Dagenais had a permanent residence.He's not one year namototsikle traveled across the United States, changing the hotel to hotel.Only in 2003 onpriobrel your own house in Hollywood, but the threshold of the house udalosperestupit few.According to the actor, he has repeatedly stated its denrozhdeniya alone.

Shadow of Death

Keanu Reeves owns the term "demon ride".Apodrazumevaet this term travel at high speed through the city svyklyuchennymi headlights.In 1988, the actor even was nearly killed when bumped in the rocks and broke a larger share of ribs and ripped spleen.Saved by the timely arrival of death akteraot ambulances.But this nepriyatnyyintsident could not affect the love to Reeves' journey to the demon "and death egopoka bypasses can not be said about other people.

By the way, the actor has never kept secret his experiments with "hard drugs."So, he says the actor, can mnogoeuznat about life and know yourself.But here his inner demon pozvolilne time to avoid fatal consequences, but his pal actor RiverFeniks in 1993 died otperedozirovki.

and tragic love story of a young actress and Reeves DzhenniferSeym.In 1999, the lovers were expecting a baby, but he was born mertvym.Vskore couple parted, and two months later, Jennifer was killed vavtokatastrofe.It happened after returning from a party Marilyn Manson when a jeep at the Diet Jennifer ogromnoyskorosti ran into three parked cars, and because of the strong stolknoveniyaperevernulsya in the air and fell to the ground.Actress at that time already bylamertvoy - she flew out of the windshield.

And in this dark forces still have not been able to calm down and usestry Reeves and part of his best friend, Kim was diagnosed with cancer of blood.

Pending demon

In the world there is a theory that there vozmozhnostsamovozgoraniya human body: the temperature inside the body podnimaetsyanastolko that a person breaks a torch.Of course, no obvious phenomenon dokazatelstvetogo there, but Keanu Reeves just became obsessed with this idea ...

About "inside" the actor has one fad: "I like a Mickey Mouse from Disneyland.Nikomuneizvestno what kind of man hiding under that suit. "It can bytimenno for this reason he kept at a distance from everyone else, so they were not able to observe how the demon inside of him sitting pokazyvaetsyanaruzhu.And this demon will not stop until he eat Reeves entirely.Bytmozhet spontaneous combustion, and is a metaphor for the demon!And so the cause can be an actor gives the right and left millions of dollars, knowing that in the realm of demons ssoboy take anything impossible.

But despite all the hardships and demonic things, akterprodolzhaet please their fans with new roles.Already this year, the two ekranyvyydet film with Keanu Reeves - a dramatic thriller "47 Ronin" and amerikanskayanauchno-fi comedy "Bill and Ted 3" where the actor in both films sygraetglavnuyu role.

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