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The men in the life of Michel Mercier

So Jocelyne Yvonne Rene Mercier is so named Michelle (a pseudonym) was born in a family of pharmacists and Italian, she was the eldest girl in the family, even at Jocelyne was a younger sister named Michelle.Mercier has grown into a full, but not particularly happy family, the girl was wayward character, her parents did not understand and she sought solace from her younger sister and grandfather.

As a child she attended the ballet school and has achieved notable successes in this field, but rejected the advances of a famous theatrical meters, Michelle was put in the doghouse with a ballerina's career had to say goodbye.Over time, Sister Mercier died.

One father Michel, famous and wealthy pharmacist, introduces an outstanding future French actress with a director who takes the girl to shoot in his film.

Until 1963 she starred in the Italian and English films and became known in these countries, but at home it was still nobody knows.In 1963 she was offered the lead role in the film adaptation of the n
ovel of Anne and Serge Golon "Angelica" and she agrees, since the actress in the world know only as Angelica, but after that she played in more than 50 films.

The men in the life of Michel Mercier

But to return to private life Mercier, so a girl 19 years old, she was in love with her peers and for a short time, they live together, but eccentric young man makes Michelle run away to Rome.Despite some frustrations in the relationship, she still calls and waits for her lover here, in the meantime, it invites the audience to the Shah of Iran, where the monarch asks her to marry him, but she refused.

Soon Michel during the regular surveys met her first husband, an American, second assistant director Andre Smaggi.She fell in love with him on the ears and gave all of myself completely.The couple soon married, but her husband casts his wife for the sake of the next film and leaves for six months.

All the time he does not call his beautiful wife, and she does not know what to do, because for Michel family has been in the foreground, while Andre first job.The young wife begins to act in films and earns good money, but he, coming from time to time one or another shooting, complains that it does not perceive his creativity is not claimed, and of course, Michael is a decent woman he calmsand he starts drinking.

Mercier and Smaggi live in this rhythm for a long time, eventually it starts to have her husband and the actress comes to the conclusion that it is better to break up with him and filed for divorce.Andre did not want to let go the woman who contained his divorce and lasted several years, the actress was left without a penny in his pocket, as under the law of her husband she was sick (he had several times been treated in a mental hospital) and she had it throughout thisperiod contain.

After finest hour came Mercier (she played in "Angelica"), she meets her second husband racer Claude Buriyo.He is well-known racer, it is known actress, but personal life have not worked, and 10 years later she divorced her second husband (1974).Claude began to envy the success of Mercier.

Michel popular known in demand, but not happy.And now, apparently, when life is already ruined by two failed marriages, and she was desperate to find his only fate presents her third, however, common law husband Adrian, they did not have time to get married.

Andrian was a wealthy engineer and knew how to take good care, so he won the heart of beauty.From a previous marriage he had left two children for whom Michelle has become a real mother.

To unwind, the actress is going to rest, and there meets Adrian, who suffers greatly in his wife's death.Rest they spent together, and after Mercier moved with her new love in Zurich and began to live with him.From that moment on, she devoted herself entirely new family and stopped acting in films.

She felt her mother wanted her to be even if not for their children.Finally, it was her happiest time in his life, which lasted about 14 years, she is loved and loves, it has everything you need for happiness.Adrian died of brain cancer, and it is up to the last breath held his hand.

all his gifts and is a house and car, her former mother-in-takes and Michelle left with nothing without money with a broken heart, and most importantly - the children's mother Adriana opposed Mercier.

actress returned to France, she was offered to play in the theater, and she agrees.Again, it is claimed, is successful, but always alone.

Eventually she met her admirer who begins to take care of it, and as always - is rich and beautiful, it is the Italian aristocrat with a good pedigree.Michel did not immediately return his affection, but when agrees, the case remains for small - his divorce from a previous wife.

Mercier moved to Italy, settling in his family house fan, he officially presents her as his future wife at social events, and all seemed to be fine.But this time there was no happy ending.

her fans in the end never divorced his wife and Mercier returns to Paris.She's trying to make movies, even investing three million euros in book publishing, but all her endeavors in vain, with the business and it burns to somehow make ends meet, the famous French actress sells dresses and accessories Angelica that she once bathed instudio.

Despite all the vicissitudes of life, it is not broke, and continues to live and enjoy life, but deep down she was unhappy because her life the way she met the man who would be the actress could become a wife and mother of his children.

The men in the life of Michel Mercier

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