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Mysterious and enigmatic Al Pacino


a child actor lived in the Bronx, where, according to many, just hundreds of mixed nationalities.The most favorite activity vecheramzaklyuchalos boy that he loved to climb on the roof and listen to all kinds of cues that came from the open windows of the houses.In odinsolnechny day of school boy staring at the swarthy Italian and pro sebyapodumal: "But I am also an Italian!".And today, when he was a rich iznamenitym, Senor Pacino tries as often as possible to visit the sunny Italy.

way, half Italian Alfredo Pacino appeared nasvete in America, in New York.And it happened April 25, 1940 goda.Malchik was the only child in a family of Italian Americans Salvatore and Rose Pachino.Kak only child was two years old, his parents divorced.Rose Pacino, taking the child came to live with his parents in the Bronx.At that momentusloviya life leaves much to be desired: three rooms for 10 people, izovoschey diet and water, and in the role of the teacher is very strict grandmother svoeobr

aznymnravom.But these same conditions have not prevented the boy find a akterskiytalant that developed at the time of communication with the boy's aunts (communication pripomoschi gestures and facial expressions).

All his external and internal isolation prostranstvamalchik compensated for their imagination truly violent Alfredo Pacino svoimodnoklassnikom loved to tell how his childhood was full of every kind neobychnyhpriklyucheny.At one point, the teacher heard these stories and buduchitronut deeply decided otpravitbuduschego actor in the school for the study of art.The first children's role Alfredostala voice: behind the scenes the boy asked to reproduce the sound kotoryyizdaet people at severe nausea.Boy did it.But nastolkomasterski that all forgotten about the play and rushed to help the novice malenkomuakteru.

Then was acting studio, playing the Broadway theater podmostkahi.This also can be attributed to the first award for his portrayal of a drug addict in spektaklepod titled "Is Tiger wears a tie?".

«Al Cappuccino»

It is a nickname given to actor friends from egoneveroyatnoy love for coffee.Its genome - an infinite number of cups per day.Takayalyubov coffee at Senor Pacino was born at the time the game malenkihspektaklyah at a cafe and small theaters.He often slept in podsobkahkafeteriev and drank coffee alone.By the way, the food at the time was worth dlyanachinayuschego actor expensive, but strong drinks were quite pokarmanu him.

Actor Chris O'Donnell, who was a partner of Al Pachinopo film "Scent of a Woman" about his friend, the coffee responds as follows: "In svoeynature Pacino" owl ".Its appearance resembles that always like to negosvalili a lot of cases.On set, it always comes with the words "God, Jan was able to sleep for a second!". Of course, who would have doubted it.I did not once witnessed kakposle midnight liters of drinking coffee! ".

An interesting fact is that coffee already protyazheniidvadtsati years - the strongest drink that uses the actor.During ottridtsati to forty years, Al Pacino not only drink, but also used drugs, explaining all that so he tries to overcome vnezapnoobrushivshuyusya him fame and soothe shattered nerves.

«hundred feet above zemleybez insurance»

At the time of filming the actor always fully reincarnated WSS hero.In this way he scares even his colleagues in the acting workshop.AlPachino partner in the film "Sea of ​​Love," Ellen Barkin once admitted that Pachinotak managed to scare he had for a long time shaking hands.And one izrezhisserov who suggested the actor to play the gangster, said: "This chelovekenahoditsya as latent violence that he could destroy the devil, for kotoroyzritel can feel comfortable.Of course, I understand that he is an actor ivypolnyaet my job, but I myself was scary from his reincarnation ... "Pachinone only part of the role, he lives in it, and it dies.At the time semokpolitseyskogo thriller "Serpico" actor spoke with real cops, and even tried to arrest zaprevyshenie speed of a driver.When igraladvokata, took up the explanation of his friend complex contracts, but took into the hand of the document nevertheless I realized that he was not a lawyer.But igrayaslepogo colonel in the movie "Scent of a Woman", once leaving semochnuyuploschadku actor fell and injured his eye.After this incident, Al Pacino said chtogotovyas to this role, he was trying to blurred vision, so momentpadeniya was, you might say, blind because of what the narrow eyes and forget.Entering vrol, he seemed to forget about everything.His bruising not cinematic, and samyenastoyaschie.During his work in the film "above the fray", the actor slipped irazbil his nose.And shortly before the shooting of "justice for all" fell slestnitsy, in the movie "Carlito's Way" in your eye unloaded gun (lucky chtopatrony were single).Finally, the water from the films of the famous Coppola managed to get lost so much vprovodah that the raid on the spotlight, filled his huge cone.

«Love vedaetubyli and decay»

When it comes to love Al Pacino always tsitirueteti Shakespeare's words.About his personal life the actor does not like to talk too much, so vsehvsegda tormented by the question of who is for him another woman in kompaniikotoroy he appears in public.All the ladies are always willing to see this muzhchinusvoim husband.Actress Beverly D'Angelo lived with him 5 years, but the actor left her.Tselyhdevyat years, his heart had Diane Keaton, has not yet asked him to marry naney.Al Pacino has three children.The first child, a girl Julia, gave him YanaTerrent that was teacher of dramatic art.That's just chtobypriznat paternity, the actor was examined DNA.And in 2001 BeverliD'Andzhelo bore him twins - Olivier and Anthony.Currently akterreshil do anything to most of the time to devote to their children.

In 2011, the Internal Revenue Service on the actor was podanisk, due to its huge mastiff State because of unpaid taxes.Representative AlPachino the blame shifted to ex-business manager Kenneth Stara.In hodesledstviya vyyasnino it was that this man swept around the finger not only senoraPachino but Sylvester Stallone and Uma Thurman.As a result, the charges against akterybyli completely removed.

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