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Actress Claire Holt

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Claire Rhiannon Holt was born in the third largest gorodeAvstralii Brisbane.What happened is the eleventh day of the first summer month 1988goda.Holt family was quite large in numbers of relatives, plus everything the girl was not an only child: besides her family had two sisters and older brat.I not counting forty cousins ​​on his father, who had devyatsester and brothers.The mother of the future actress - radical Englishwoman, so devochkane time in his life visited the UK, believing it is possible to tell their rodnymdomom.Since childhood, the actress just can not live without adventure that will likely passed it inherited from the father, who has repeatedly, together with dochkoyhotel go to conquer Kilimanjaro.

In 2005, Claire finishes training in one izkatolicheskih Styuartholm boarding school for girls, located in Tuvonge, a suburb of Brisbane.At the time of study was a member of the school choir and aktivnozanimalas playing the piano.The first theatrical experience she ga

ined eschepri school - playing in one of the school productions chicken.

Home akterskoykarery

his acting career beginning Clare absolutely sluchayno.Devushka never dreamed of an acting career.Ever since her childhood mechtoybylo become a doctor.Claire pushed to the acting craft her zhelaniezarabatyvat pocket money: in order to make money, she began to appear in various commercials.These mini-debuts neostalos unnoticed thanks to her cute and bright appearance.Devushkepredlozhili play their very first major role on television in the series dlyapodrostkov "H2O: Just Add Water" (2006- 2010), where she played a mermaid Emma Gilbert.For two seasons Claire Holtblistala screens, but when at the end of the second season, she was offered snyatsyav sequel, she refused becauseat that time already he had zamanchivoepredlozhenie play the role of the eldest daughter of a farmer, John Rollins - Lindsay Rollinsv horror film directed by Martin Barnvittsa "Messengers 2: The Scarecrow" (2009).

After this role, the actress began to notice to the public, where Onan missed any social event.Already in late 2010, the role of the actress ofitsialnoodobryayut Honor Meyer sikvelle proslavlennogofilma "Mean Girls" and more precisely, its second part.Few pozzheaktrisa removed in one of bit parts in American televizionnommolodёzhnom drama series "Pretty Little Liars."

that as it was of, and the role of sexual vampire Rebecca Mayklsoniz popular series "The Vampire Diaries", in which she started acting skontsa August 2011 and does so to this day, fans will remember for a long time KlerHolt.

In 2012 there was a premiere adaptation of the eponymous bestseller kNyu York one of the novels of Donald Miller - "Sad kakDzhaz", where the actress was assigned one of the main roles.

Images Claire Holt nakinoekrane

No one will argue with the fact that the world-famous ipriznanie brought the actress, of course, the role of Emma Gilbert in the series "H2O: Just Add Water."As stated by Claire herself: "This role earned her kolossalnyyi unforgettable experience in my life.As for communicating with dolphins, detenyshamiakul and amazing underwater world of reefs, I really at this very silnoskuchayu. "At the time of filming, the actress was able to acquire for themselves a very close friend, met with Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin, which is known to us in the whipped Cleo Sertori series "H2O: Just Add Water."Girls are friends dosegodnyashnego day.By the way, ironically, it is a partner Tonkin Claire Holt and "Vampire Diaries", where oniseychas actively removed.Phoebe plays werewolf-girl series, which zovutHeyli and which tries to help the vampire-werewolf Tyler Lockwood.

sake of filming the show girls come every day and train hard ranovstavat.The actress had to swim for hours, wearing nasebya real "mermaid tail", the value of which is equal to 80 tysyachamdollarov.

As for the heroine of the series, this is a very correct even in all respects woman, a caring sister and a devoted friend.In short, a complete antagonistichnostRebekki of "The Vampire Diaries."

very good Holt was able to cope with the role of "shoddy" devchonkiiz acclaimed comedy Chastity Meyer ("Mean Girls 2").By the way, at the time, fans aktrisyvyzval mass of conflicting emotions image that she had to portray nakinoekrane.But returning to the same "Vampire Diaries", we note chtoroli kind of "stervochek" Claire Holt yavnoidut to face.

Life actress

Most of all activities in 2009 Holtposeschala Claire with her boyfriend, Rafi Gavron.Paraofitsialno broke up in 2010.

Today, the actress is very close contact with one izsvoih colleagues in the TV series "The Vampire Diaries' Joseph Morgan (her older bratpo series Claus).But not once declared themselves actors - among them nichegonet and they are just very good friends.

Interesting facts izzhizni Claire Holt

  • Claire Holt has excellent sports training: yavlyaetsyaobladatelnitsey black belt in Taekwondo.In addition to acting career devushkapokazyvaet excellent results in water polo, takes an active part in volleyball competitions and professionalnozanimaetsya swimming.
  • Loves spare time to go shopping ilisobratsya with your family and friends to play the guitar, sings Klerhorosho.
  • Dream actress - to visit Cuba.
  • Favorite color - yellow, favorite book - a novel by Harper Lee amerikanskoypisatelnitsy "Ubitperesmeshnika", which was written in the genre of the educational novel favorite holiday - in Australia and your favorite sweets - chocolate.
  • According to most actresses: someone who inspires her ina she always strive to be - her sister Rachel.
  • Most do not like to sit around, so posvyaschaetvremya study cooking, and in the future plans to continue training with tselyupolucheniya diploma and eventually a scientific degree.
  • Favorite Quote actress, she often ispolzuetv his life, the author of the actor, writer and producer of Milton Berle (1908-2002): "If opportunity does not knock Kvam, then it is time to do the door."
  • Asked about the features of the actress once said that a number of attributes his ability to whistle like a man with his two fingers in his mouth.

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