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From beauty to the ugly duckling: the actresses kinoprevrascheniya

Nicole Kidman

This actress in the full sense of the word simply oderzhimakrasotoy, good figure and elegance - it allows itself to sit on takihdietah who can not afford even the special forces, as well as "Botox" has stuck itself skolkoonanot allow wrinkles to 90 years is for sure!And it's not speak about that without a fashionable hat she had never lets sebepoyavitsya in public.And if a woman agrees to the role of the popular angliyskoypisatelnitsy Virginia Woolf in filmepod called "Clock" (2002), which is presented in this picture, kakgrubaya aunt horrible nose, so she really needs something from life.Anuzhen Nicole Kidman was "Oscar" and she still managed to become obladatelnitseyetoy honorary award.Of course, the self-torture of a special unclaimed actress - used a special prosthesis, which increases nose.By the way his nose, he also nearly won the "Oscar", once in the nomination "The best make-up for the movie."This invoice nose actress has left itself to dolguyupamyat and even managed a few t

imes, "attach" it to his face and come out in the streets in order to feel on itself, how it in actual fact bytneprivlekatelnoy woman.How then admitted the actress herself, the result of her slightly too much!

Sharon Stone

The film "Broken Flowers" (2005), where she got a recurring role, and it had to act even boleesmely than Gwyneth Paltrow - to show themselves for what is on samomdele andnot what might be.The actress did not immediately possible to learn - in her body not at the former elasticity litsone has precise contours and shapes, the neck is very far from the concept of "swan," and once "cutting" look became more blunt.At a time when glavnayageroinya "Basic Instinct" on drugs or alcohol, it slovnocherpala from these bad habits and special ferocious energy.But what kasaetsyaperebravshey heroine "Broken Flowers" is drunk, it has the appearance of obychnoyzhenschiny, which is very fond of a drink (and, moreover, a lot) - foggy look razinutyyrot and night snoring pillow.Stone is a rich, famous and umnoyzhenschinoy that is recognized even by the majority of the stronger sex, nouchityvaya all these qualities, it did not manage to achieve a single is its never refers to the list of good actresses.Only after the role in "Broken Flowers," people are really able to make sure that Sharon Stone imeettalant to fine acting.So for the sake of cost and transform!

Tilda Swinton

Honor praise for his courage certainly worthy TildaSvinton.You agree that few izpredstavitelnits fair sex vselyudno dare to show themselves not only ugly, but also in the nude?Tilda is not just a woman and an actress, she potomstvennayashotlandskaya aristocrat and part one of the brightest predstaviteleybritanskogo beau monde.But in spite of their status, the actress undressed in smalenkim budget film "Young Adam" (2003) and the aristocrat turned vnekrasivuyu woman with protruding ribs, fallen breasts, gnarled feet isvisayuschim stomach.And all Tilda made because of patriotism!The film bylashotlandskaya and after the scandalous film "Trainspotting" people began potihonkuzabyvat of Scottish cinema.

Charlize Theron

typical Aryan beauty, athlete, dancer and model.Etoy woman is very difficult to play the role of "ugly duckling".But if hocheshpriznaniya it is necessary!And the actress opted for the film "Monster" (2003), which recounted a very ugly serial killer.Pretty face skrylipod Theron makeup and figure, which was like a "sack of potatoes", the actress had to do the most: half the actress ate one zharennoykartoshkoy and scored a total of 15 extra pounds.He sacrificed a piece, Charlize Theron won international acclaim not only from critics, but "Oscar" and the status of the highest paid actress.The former figure aktrisavernula itself very quickly, and the glory and remained!

Salma Hayek

Sultry, sexy, irresistible, hot - samyepodhodyaschie word to Salma Hayek.Why such a cutie try ugly image of the historical character - known Mexican hudozhnitsyFridy Cullen, who was nicknamed "Hairy Mexican."Her obemnyesrosshiesya eyebrows and thick fuzz on his cheeks and verhneygube terrified.Plus Frida limping on one leg.Nona Despite all this, she enjoyed great success among predstaviteleysilnogo floor, and even the Leon Trotsky was of her ecstatic.Salma wanted to "Oscar" and, therefore, agreed to play the main character in the film "Frida" (2002).Except Actress Award nomination received nothing.Avot niece of Frida, for a good game actress gave her an expensive necklace.

Rene Zelverger

Rumor has it that after the release of "Diary BridzhitDzhons" (2001), a woman on the street snapped Renee Zelverger pytalisuznat hands and how she managed to lose weight.And the thing is that before this film oaktrise few knew why people did not know what the nature of onahudaya.Ten extra kilos gained Rene order to get rolpyshki Bridget.By the way, naduvnoybyustgalter Bridget in the film does not remove even in bed.What do you say, you can get better for the role, but to enhance breast, no!

Gwyneth Paltrow

If the previous actresses kinoprevrascheniya needed Radislav and "Oscar" is Gwyneth Paltrow this was hardly necessary, since the actress uzheimela in 1999 "Oscar" for the film "Shakespeare in Love."It refers kchislu highest paid actresses, and her suitors enviable krasavtsyGollivuda.Still, in the movie "Sylvia" actress played the English poet, lover of drink Sylvia Plath.Impose makeup, or to increase the weight neprishlos - Paltrow just played herself be what she was not taking care of themselves.In this step it poshlatolko just for art's sake, because the film was not intended to critics ilimassovuyu audience, and a narrow circle of moviegoers.

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