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Aggression in preschool children

From birth the child masters the world and trying to communicate with the society since the first month, when he meets his mother a happy smile.In the absence of verbal language, toddler learn gestures and signs to tell a loved one about his health.

Smile, Gulen, cooing, quiet movement handle indicate a good mood child.While shouting, sharp motions with his hands and feet, hysterical crying, whining, and subsequently pull the hair, scratching, pinching talk about the child's discomfort or pain.

reaction of parents to a baby's behavior is twofold:
  1. instant execution desired.
  2. neglect.
And then, and more action is wrong, because as the first leads to the spoiled, the second strengthens aggression, fear and indifference to people.A young child learn to understand the adult, so parents remembers the reaction to those or other actions.

parents in the case of the aggressive actions of the baby should do the following:
  1. understand the reason for screaming and crying.
  2. immediately remove the cause of pai
    n in the event of illness or child.
  3. if vagaries translate the child's attention on other things.
  4. undisturbed to explain to the kid in a playful way, or from books immorality of aggressive behavior.
With the baby growing up need to constantly explain the rules and norms of morality and moral education.For example, my mother scream, cry or lament tugging on his hair six-month baby will only strengthen the child's actions, which takes all of the game.

any destructive effect on the child's need to respond calmly, without violent emotions, talk about the feelings of the victim and to teach proper behavior.In this case, tell me that my mother is sick, when her hair swinging, that Mommy needed regret pat on the head and focus on what you need to attract the attention of the parent otherwise.

must be continually and unobtrusively teach the child social norms, especially to clarify the actions of others that caught sight of the baby.Children fight or drunkenness adults need to explain immediately accessible language and not ignore or later.

Make sure that the child is not to vent their brutality and aggression in animals, plants and inanimate objects.Constantly talking not only about the alleged victims feel pain, but be sure to let the layout of exemplary behavior.

Since the establishment of verbal communication, it is possible to know the exact cause of toddler aggression and eliminate its occurrence.It is especially important not to drive negative emotions, discomfort and stress on the unconscious level, so you need to throw out the anger and fear.

For example, a young child help release anger through physical activity, a loud cry from the soul, torn newspaper.With older preschoolers can play the game "Are you so and so", when throwing the ball, call each other words, animals, plants, furniture, objects, first with a negative connotation, and then go to the emotional warm and tender words.

main reason for aggression in children - is the lack of parental love, attention, affection, and inability to express their thoughts, to establish communication with others.Therefore, the baby must constantly praise and appreciation, even punishing for disobedience, we must focus on his dissatisfaction with his offense, not the personality of the child.And also to teach a preschooler to learn, play and socialize with other children and adults.

Thus, aggression in children of preschool is situational and not hostile, whereas the wrong adult education and their personal example could lead to the development of the conscious aggressive action.

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