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The men in the life of Juliette Binoche

The men in the life of Juliette Binoche

As an actress admits her name was married four times, but she never went to the altar.As for hobbies, then Juliette loves to draw, and occasionally arranges exhibitions.When she was 40, she appeared in a candid photo session Playboy.As you can see, this woman never gives up, and this despite the fact that very soon it will be 50.

future actress was born into a creative family of sculptor and actresses.Parents carried little time with Juliette and engaged in clarifying their relationship, and the girl was on her own.We have another sister Binoche.After the divorce, the girls sent to boarding school and provedyvat them very rarely.

actress admits that she was in the guest house is very lonely so she joined the theater club, there to find a loved ones.After graduation, she and her sister began to live an independent life, moonlighted as a cashier in a supermarket.At the same time, it goes to the theater studio, filmed in the crowd, and believes that once took the lead role in the film and fame
.At that time, her mother was once again trying to improve life in general and his father left the country.

soon on her life's journey comes a talented Parisian film director Leos Carax, with whom she is tied novel.She was only about 22, and he won it with his vision of the film and life.

The men in the life of Juliette Binoche

He invited her to star in the movie "Bad Blood" (1986), and she agreed.Leo was as obsessed with work on a new film that makes Binoche lose weight and wear only those things in the script that puts the main character, so well into the role.

Juliette was tired, but in love and she has suffered further elect.In the next picture "The Lovers on the Bridge" (1991) she once during the filming almost died.An interesting fact is that during the three years of filming "The Lovers on the Bridge" died as a director, and the operator of the film.

After filming Leo found a new muse, the Russian actress Yekaterina Golubeva, which later got married and had three children from her, although Catherine died in 2011 under mysterious circumstances.

soon on her life's journey comes the father of her first child - Andre Alla.

Juliette is happy, because she loves and is loved, everything is fine, but alas, this tale is not particularly positive ending.Andre found himself another Binoche and left pregnant.Juliette offended and abandoned rejected all the new proposals, and after the birth of first child returns to the cinema.

On the film The Horseman on the Roof (1995), she is captured by Olivier Marrtinesa charming eyes.

The men in the life of Juliette Binoche

In 1996, he received his Oscar for shooting the film "The English Patient."This relationship lasted three years, but alas, unlike Binoche, Martinez was not interested in the family, he wanted to conquer Hollywood, and therefore left it.

On the film "Children of the century" Binoche to unconsciousness fell in love with the main character, played by Benoit Magimel.

The men in the life of Juliette Binoche

She is 10 years his senior, he was 25, but they are in love.Binoche became pregnant by Benoit, bore him a daughter and believed that, finally, it will find a woman's happiness.Young father was not ready for a serious relationship.And this novel Binoche ended.

Since then, she tries all of his unspent feelings to survive in the works.

Currently Juliette with their children in their own lives an old mansion near Paris.

The men in the life of Juliette Binoche

And finally, Juliette Binoche advises not to keep a rage and materialize it on paper, in the work, shout ... in general do anything to get rid of him.

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