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Love in the life of Joe Dassin

Love in the life of Joe Dassin

This man was by nature soft and not particularly determined and for a long time could not decide what
he is in life - ethnographer, an actor or a singer.

When the boy's parents divorced, and he was born in the family of film director and violinist, the boy kept a good relationship with the father and the mother.

He learned easily, while studying at the University of Michigan earned, and playing the guitar for him was only a fad.He played very well on the guitar, and eventually he appeared first fans among friends.

Joe began performing in a cabaret night in Detroit.At first, he did not have a particular style in singing and in his songs, he liked American folk songs and French chansons and Joe tried it all somehow combined.

After he graduated, Dassin returned to France, starred in two films that he did not bring popularity.After that, the future star of French chanson decided that his future is in the movies, and in music.It should be noted that Joe for a long time could not decide what language to sing it - in English or French, but one event changed everything.

At a party where he sang the songs of French singer Joe met his first love, and later his wife, and - Maryse.That this woman is his singing recorded on tape, and then carried to a station record, but as Joe played American music, it did not become particularly popular.

Dassin started singing French songs and the audience perceived to cheer.Singer thought that songs should help people to cope with their problems, they must be good and full of love, because with the help of songs people should forget about everything bad.

Soon he found a composer and writer who adhered to his views, and they wrote his first hits.Maryse, during the formation of Joe Dasena as a singer, was always with him, helped him in everyday life, was responsible for his correspondence.Maryse and Joe soon decided to tie their destinies (1966).Dassin did not want to marry Maryse, as remembered, as a child his father left the family for another woman, but married Maryse as she set him an ultimatum.He lived with the woman next 10 years.Over time, the couple relationship soured, and they finally decided to leave after Maryse had a baby who died shortly after birth.Maryse was well aware that Joe is a long time lover, and that their relationship is nothing to save.

Joe - known and popular, its recognized on the streets, he has everything, but there is no happiness in his personal life.His second wife, Christine, he met on the plane.She was upset because she just broke up with a guy and Joe decided to calm her down, but she rudely refused him.Dassin put it mildly, was surprised, because he is a star, and the girl turned him down.

Love in the life of Joe Dassin

Later, they met at the bar and talking.After their first meeting took place a few months, Joe could not forget the blonde Christine and once met her, he decided that it would not be let go, and they began a long romance.

For about five years, they met in secret from friends, wives in different countries, different hotels, and everything is good, but the status of a secret mistress eventually became not to make Kristin.Joe did not do it loud proposals but simply handed a business card with her name and surname.

In 1978, Christine and Joe were married.They spent a luxurious honeymoon and soon Christine Doss became pregnant and after six months have passed from the birth of their first son, Jonathan, she soon gave birth to his second son, Julien.After the birth of their first child Doss in celebration of his 40th birthday, said that soon going to leave the stage, as he has all that he dreamed of - fame, recognition, money, and most importantly - the family.

Kristin can no longer accompany her husband on tour, because she has to look after the first-born, but the baby is not very interested in it, because she's jealous husband.Arranging and jealous tantrums, she rips off her husband and the tour returns.Female hysteria brought him to depression, and he begins to drink and Christine, to somehow get rid of the pain starts to indulge in drugs and starts taking them Dassin.

Shortly after the birth of her second child Christine away from Joe, as he toured a lot and acts, thus giving little time to it (they both realize that their marriage is exhausted).

Before the big speech, Christine takes the children and leaves them to their parents in Rouen, and in cases of myocardial Dassin during this speech.Dassin died, he filed a lawsuit against Kristen and won temporary custody of the children.Joe interrupts the tour and traveling with children in Tahiti, and the next day, after he arrived on the island, he dies - heart gave out (from performances Dassin fanatel millions waiting for his concerts, but in August 1980 he died of a heart attackcaused by nervous exhaustion and depression on the background of the fact that his second wife had left, taking with him two common sons).

Love in the life of Joe Dassin

Currently, Joe Dassin, along with the legendary singer of France is one of the most famous French singers songs from time to time played on many radio stations around the world.His two sons also became musicians.