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Biography Matilda Kshesinskaia

Biography Matilda Kshesinskaia

Matilda Kshesinskaya was a real queen of the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre, she has put into it specifically for the notion of a prima ballerina, and remained so until the end of the Czarist era in Russia.About this woman was rumored that she was like no other from contemporary dancers from the first minute of his speech could seize the public.

itself Kshessinsky told that leaving the stage, she knows that among those watching her performance, there are those who like it, and leaving the scene of the part of the public, it makes it clear that she danced exclusively for them.

Matilda Kshesinskaya at the time was not only prima ballerina ballet tsarist Russia, but also won the heart of the future Tsar Nicholas II.This woman knew how to fascinate his royal personages dance, for it was not only awarded recognition as a great dancer, and she was not only the king's mistress, but also the Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich, and this is not the whole track record of victories this fragile firstlooking woma

Born future prima ballerina in Tsarist Russia in the family of the Pole, who danced at the Imperial Theatre, and her mother was a dancer who danced in the same theater.She had a good physique, and a child has expressed interest in ballet, so the father got her to ballet school.

She diligently studied, and on graduation Ballet School, where she studied, came all the Agusta family.She liked the king himself, and the then heir Nicky.Between the heirs and the budding Russian ballerina flashed novel, he went long, but it was very stormy and discussed in society.

first heir to the throne went to polka ballerina tea, and later he gave her money to rent a luxurious mansion, where they continued the meeting.He slept her flowers, gifts, declarations of love, but ... It's time he was engaged to Alice of Hesse, which later evolved into Alexandra.

Ballerina grieved gap, but the form is not filed (then she would know that in 1918 the entire royal couple including its rival, shoot, probably would not have met with representatives of the royal family).

In honor of the coronation of Nicholas II gave gala performance, and it certainly was not invited to lead the party, but she still made it.The secret of success in the ballet Kshesinskaia is that she danced with passion and emotion, and not as a mechanical doll.Even the famous Italian gastrolershi faded in comparison with it.This woman is attracted eminent personages his sexuality, which she skillfully showed through ballet.She is honored in his lifetime the great praise as a beautiful ballerina in life became a mega star.

So Matilda abandoned not very long mourned, because it strongly especially financially, trying to keep Duke Sergei Mikhailovich, he bought her a house, and later contributed to the purchase of mini electrical power stations, while when it was not, she continued to make fans that gifts toher who could.Kshessinsky was very economical, because all the gifts that she once gave, were recorded in a special register, this rule also applies to her of clothes, she loved to dress up and make it easy to create a set of, of all things was given his own room.

Kseshinskaya may at any time apply to their patrons high on any occasion, like something out of it, even retired director of the Imperial Theaters Prince Volkonsky (He showed her a fine for failure to comply with his orders, she complained to the right place, and he canceled itbut he was forced to resign).

At the gala dinner after his benefit she once met the Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich (son of her boyfriend Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich), an acquaintance quickly developed into a whirlwind romance, which resulted in the prima ballet pregnant.

Biography Matilda Kshesinskaia

She carefully hid her pregnancy and for nearly six months, nobody knew about it.In 1902 she gave birth to son Vladimir.

Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich, even after the birth of Vladimir not ambiguous offered her marriage, he even agree on what to recognize his son Vladimir, but Matilda waited offers from Andrew, and he lingered.

As a result, she began an affair with his partner Peter Vladimirov ballet, which she admitted was very good and endure it to the stage as if a glass of champagne.The result of this affair was that the Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich shot himself with his wife's lover, eventually suffered last.

Matilda has made special rights to dance just a few months of the year, and the rest of the time to live happily.New director of the imperial theaters such liberty ballerinas put it mildly not happy, he was also against the fact that it is in spite of the cohabitation with two great princes, is cleverly because it exposes, and her no one prohibits the corruption and all happy.

Kshessinsky was an excellent hostess, after she has built her house, called the palace Kshesinskaia, she began to equip its furniture, which was made based on the parameters of the Kshesinskaia, just outside the palace were technical facilities that are fully obeschivali functionality allbuilding.And all this to think carefully about the mistress.

the yard in 1914, the First World War, Mathilde had 40 and it was in a different world, where everything is very vague and is not stable.She organized a hospital near his house and gave the last performance before the monarch.

During the revolution while she was hiding, then moved to the Caucasus in the hope that the revolution will cease and the country will once again be the Tsarist regime, but that did not happen, and in 1920 fled to France ballerina with her son.With an she did not have money, as her common law husband, Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich.

In France, they settled in the house that was bought long before the revolution, but it was forced to lay it.In 1921 she married the father of her son Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich.She was offered a high-paying contracts, but she did not want to speak on the great stage, but still as a ballerina once, while in exile, she performed.

In France, the prima ballerina of the royal ballet has opened the ballet school in 1926, and from the students there was no release.

Biography Matilda Kshesinskaia

Kshessinsky realized that many of her students still did not succeed in life, but she needed the money.In her spare time she loved to play in the casino.In 1936, she was the last time in my life made in London, and she applauded many times called on the bow (she was 64 at that time).

Then she wrote her memoirs in which he outlined his life story.This woman lived almost 100 years before they reach their centenary a few months and thus it entered the list of the most long-lived world-class dancers.

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