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The life story of Amy Winehouse

The life story of Amy Winehouse

all started back in 1983, when in the ordinary Jewish family in England, was born a girl, in principle, it is no different from their peers, while in 1993, her parents divorcedand she ceased to protest her to attend school and to clean.

Then there were several schools, she was fascinated by singing, she managed to organize their group and star in an episode of a TV series.It is worth noting that despite the fact that the father and mother are not engaged in musical professions father in his spare time was fond of jazz, and his mother had relatives who had a direct relationship to jazz.At age 14, she began writing songs, and tried drugs.

At 16, she got a job as a journalist in one London publication.One day she decides to record some of his songs along with his then-boyfriend Tyler James, who is also fond of singing soul.Her songs were heard by the right people, and in 2003 she released her first album Frank, before she acted on vocals and opening for jazz orchestras.

The life story of Amy Winehouse

Her songs and images were a challenge to modern society, but her first album was warmly received by critics and received many awards.Since that time, her fame grew exponentially and to 24 years it has been the world's most prestigious music awards.As for his personal life, that Amy did not feel beautiful and give more time to the music, while usevaya turn the affair with the guys.


The life story of Amy Winehouse

Blake Fielder-Civil - the man left the most striking imprint on the life of the most famous singer of Great Britain.Their love story began in 2005 when Amy bought drugs from him, because he is drug dealers.They met in a pub (where Amy and her friend loved to spend a lot of time), they started together consume soft drugs and drink alcohol is, like so quietly both began their feelings.It is known in the whole of London singer, who only a year ago released a mega popular album, and he is a failure, which is far from the right way of life.

Initially it even surprising that wherever he went not with Amy, followed by the paparazzi, but later got used to it and even start to like to live in the shadow of the glory of the famous and successful person.Later, she asked him for heroin, and he gave it to her, in the end, Amy's father will not allow Blake to the funeral of his daughter, in fact Blake put the singer on hard drugs.

Winehouse is becoming more popular, and her boyfriend decides to prove that, without it, a regular guy, a nobody, and goes from there to a former girlfriend.The singer is not lost and the work of trying to numb the pain of parting with a loved one.All the emotions she drowned alcohol and wrote the song in the end came in 2006, the second album Back to Black (for which she won six Grammy).

Amy's ex-boyfriend was well aware that a successful singer with a multi million bet he can lose, and returned to her, she's happy and in love, made a chest tattoo in honor of this man.It is worth noting that the body Amy had 13 tattoos, each of which symbolizes a certain stage in her life.Soon after they were married.The next two years they both drank heavily, took drugs and scandals.

Amy even once nearly died of an overdose in the end she and her husband divorced in 2009.Blake admitted that he broke up with Amy to save her, after all he was the cause of her drug addiction.Later in her life was a series of clinics, where she was treated for drug addiction he and explosions, as well as the scandals that tabloids vigorously discussed.Blake went to prison, she visited him in the evening washed down with all their sorrows with alcohol and sought comfort in the novels of the night.In the end, it all led to the overdose and Amy again started treatment.

Even after the divorce, she has not ceased to love Blake.The last two years of her life she often flashed on the pages of yellow editions, where she strongly criticized and ridiculed.In 2010, she was seen with Blake, the couple walked arm in arm, but ... After another deliverance from drug addiction clinic Amy began life with a clean slate, has got a boyfriend, who even proposed to her but ...

She lived 4 monthsnormal life without alcohol and drugs, met with the guy, but she was well aware that she loves Blake and her normal life is boring and uninteresting.Many believe that Amy Winehouse enters the infamous Club 27, that is, those heroes who died at the age of 27 years.

Despite its rather stormy life between clinical care and heavily, she was engaged in charity, has donated a lot of dresses to the poor English, as well as the girls thought about adoption, but, alas, did not happen.

Death, like life scandalous diva was fanned habitat scandals and rumors.According to the official version of Amy died as a result of alcohol poisoning in a year alone in his own home.Recently, Amy's brother admitted that the true cause of death of the legendary singer began bulimia, bark she suffered in childhood, with drugs and alcohol only exacerbated it.

creative activity
Despite the success that the singer had during his short life, her concert activities have been very volatile, because it is often canceled their concerts is due to a bad mood, then the problems withhealth as a result of the last 2 years of her life she rarely spoke and fans fed with promises to release a third album.As a result, the creative track record Winehouse's two albums and several singles.In 2011, Amy's father released the third posthumous album of the singer, and in 2013 it was announced the release of their fourth album.All funds received from the sale of the third and fourth album will go to a charitable foundation established after the death of the singer.

Style Amy Winehouse called exemplary, and generally can not be, it has always been criticized because of the arrows on the eyes and high hairstyle with a red ribbon - these were her chips.Amy did not claim a place in the fashion world as trendesetera but the nemenee she managed to enter the world of fashion.She boldly offset feminine dresses with tattoos at the same time get a very feminine look.Amy, despite criticism towards its style and manner of dress, inspired by famous designers and stylists.Himself Karl Lagerfeld has created a collection inspired by the style of the singer.Many designers have created a collection in honor of the style Winehouse posthumously.

recognition after the death
Like the majority of really brilliant people, even greater fame Amy, alas, after his death, was released her third album Lioness: Hidden Treasures.This album includes the hits already known and some unknown singer of songs, resulting in a posthumous album went double platinum in the UK.After the death of the majority of critics and international stars show business began to chant her talent and glorify him, but no one could help her change for the better and get rid of alcohol and drug addiction, which subsequently became the cause of death.

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