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Biography of Frida Kahlo

difficult childhood
Friel Kahlo was born in a suburb of Mexico City - Kaokane July 6, 1907.Father Guillermo Kahlo was a Hungarian Jewish emigre, takes photographs, and his mother Mitilda Kahlo was Spanish, born in America.From early childhood, Frida pursued illness and physical suffering.For 6 years, she had been ill with polio, which has given the complications in the skeletal system, and the girl was left crippled for life - the bones of one of her legs heavily thinned.As a child in the street it was teased because of this "Freedom - the leg bone."But in spite of all the proud girl still actively chasing the ball with the neighborhood kids, and even boxed.And on his painful leg he wore thin on some stockings so that she looked like healthy.

In 16 years, it is taken to school "Pripatoriya" in the Faculty of Medicine, where it is quickly gaining unquestioned authority among the students due to his iron character and propensity to shocking.

tragedy and the beginning of a creative way
In 18 years there was a first of its two vital fractures.Autumn evening she returned home with his friend when their car at high speed crashed into a tram.The young man from hitting a thrown through a window, but he escaped with minor injuries.Frida much less fortunate.An iron rod pierced by a tram in her stomach, uterus and peritoneum puncture, which effectively put an end to her future motherhood.Fractured hip, spine damage in several places, the eleven fractures polio withered legs, foot and a dislocated collarbone ...

Frida was made more than 30 operations.But the thirst for life and a habit to fight yet gained the upper hand, and even though she survived terrible injuries, and not lost heart.Later, she often went to the hospital and spent a few months there - the consequences of the accident chased rest of her life.After the tragedy, she spent almost a year lying in a hospital bed.It was then that she took up the paint.To start the artist was able to write without getting out of bed, she developed a special frame and installed a large mirror over the bed in which she could see herself.Frida began her artistic journey with self-portraits, which determined her further work."I write myself as a very long time'm alone, and because it is the one theme that I know best" - said later Kahlo.

Man lifelong
second turning point in the life of Frida became acquainted with her future husband, Diego Rivera.He was one of the most influential and well-known artists in Mexico at the time.In addition, he was an ardent supporter of communist ideas, the enemy of the bourgeois system and first-class orator.

Appearance Rivera was quite impressive: a giant with disheveled hair, an enormous belly and no less huge bulging eyes.In his paintings he Diego often portrayed himself as a bellied toad, holding in the paws of someone's heart.Indeed, women went from him mad, and he did not leave them unattended.And once even he admitted that "the more I love women, the more I want to make them suffer."This was all Rivera.And the young Frida got under his bewitching spell.

They met when Frida was still a teenager.Diego Rivera painted the walls in the school "Pripatoriya", where she had studied.He was older than her 20 years.The young schoolgirl was trying to attract the attention of a solid, well-known and incredibly charming artist.She ran after him, mocking the "old Festo", and once boldly declared fellow students: "I will marry this macho."And so it happened.After a car accident and a tough year in a hospital bed Frida Diego came to show their work, written during this difficult period.Rivera was struck, however, is not known, the more: Kahlo painting, or by itself.

They married when Frida was 22 years old.After the wedding, they moved to live in became legendary within the "blue house" - the home of indigo, located in Mexico City, not just on canvases depicting Frida.

Remarkable family life and work
Family life of Frida Kahlo and Diego Reveyry looked like an erupting volcano.Their relationship was full of passion and fire, but at the same time filled with anguish and jealousy.Five years from the beginning of family life, Diego changed Frida with her sister.And he does not hide this, knowing the pain that causes the wife.For Frieda it was hit in the back.Overflowing resentment and bitterness, she poured her emotions on canvas.Perhaps she had written one of the most tragic of his works: the floor is a dead naked woman, her body speckled with deep cuts, and above it is a killer, holding a knife and indifferent looks at his victim: "Just a couple scratches!"- Much talking and bitterly ironic title of the painting.

Frida was hurt trick her husband and herself became start an affair on the side.Rivera was outraged such behavior wife.Himself desperate ladies' man, he was terribly jealous and intolerant novels wife.

were rumors about the relationship of Frida with Leon Trotsky.Disgraced 60-year-old revolutionary, arrived in Mexico, lived in the house ideological communists Kahlo and Reveyry, and fell in love with as a boy in a lively and charming Frieda.However, their romance was short-lived.It is said that the young artist was tired of the annoying attention, "the old man" and he had to leave the "blue house".

Unable to bear mutual infidelity and constant bickering, Frida and Diego decided to divorce in 1939.Frida went to America, where her paintings are wildly popular.However, she feels lonely and desolate in a noisy and bombastic New York.On top of being apart, the former spouses are aware that, despite all the differences, they can not live without each other.And so in 1940, they re-marry and have not parted ever.

The couple and did not work to have a baby.Although these attempts they did not leave for a long time.Frida was pregnant three times, but three times pregnancies end in miscarriage.The artist loved to paint children.But mostly dead.Although the bulk of her paintings are full of light, sun, life, national color and bright colors, but there are canvases where the main motive - sadness, longing, and even cruelty.After all, it works - displaying her own life: bright and tragic at the same time.

his last years Frida spent confined to a wheelchair - old injury does not give her peace of mind, so much so that she made a few more operations on the spine and leg amputated.

Frida Kahlo died in 1954 of pneumonia when she was 47 years old."I am waiting with a smile when leave this world, and I hope never to return. Frida" - this last words recorded in her diary, farewell to this world.At her funeral gathered sea fans, admirers and colleagues.After receiving recognition and immense popularity during his lifetime, it continues to agitate the minds of many people, and after his death.

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