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Child-teaser: advice of psychologists to address the problem

Kakrekomenduyut parents bullying child psychologists, pay attention nanekotorye signs of aggression in your child's behavior, such as: uncontrollable outbreak of anger and rage, disciplinary problem, tolerance and a complete disregard for other people's opinions, rudeness and boorishness, hardness, cruelty toanimals and poor helpless creatures craving for vandalism - all this is not a complete list of what mozhetvyrazhatsya aggressive behavior.

Eslidoshlo before the child threatens the teacher then already ochensereznoe should pay attention to your child's behavior, which can lead even ktomu that he be expelled from school.For example, in America 1.3 millionaprepodavateley were victims of misbehavior by students.It ochensereznaya and dangerous problem that needs to be addressed at the state level.VKanade, not approved by the data, the victims of aggression, students become more chem40% of teaching staff across the country.Not the best way things are, and suddenly the countries, such as Finland haras

sment and intimidation storonyuchenikov bullies and their parents have been every chetvertyyuchitel and director of the school.Estimates in the UK pokazalirezultat about 61%, that is, the percentage of such teachers prihodilosneodnokratno listen to insults and threats in relation to themselves, 34% were subjected to physical aggressions plan.Well I agree that parents nelzyaotmahivatsya hear that their child shows aggression, or even if negoest the makings for it.

Child-teaser: how to solve the problem

Starayteskontrolirovat child's wishes regarding watching television isaytov, which reviewed the elements of cruelty, it concerns kompyuternyhigr.

Estryad direct evidence that regular contact with cruelty, ie viewing the video or computer games, a person loses chuvstvitelnostk the suffering of others.If the child for a long time playing different shooters, mogutproizoyti such deviations as:

  1. increased propensity for sadism
  2. heightened conflict, open confrontation with respect to classmates and adults
  3. emergence of a real desire to test their strength on weak
  4. deterioration of performance
  5. manifestation of violent tendencies, who takes over from computer games, in which time and again repeated the facts of cruelty.The child begins to get used to all kinds of sadistic scenes, as endlessly repeating these acts of violence effectively imprinted in his mental schemes.

Harakterinteraktivnosti such games give an incentive to stimulate aggression as samrebenok becomes a party to all the events of the virtual world.Chegonelzya say about television shows and movies, where he serves vroli passive spectator and to influence the course of events he can not.And the fact that the player's task is a must-win on the road to which priperehode the next level (level) have to commit a lot of violence, tozhedelaet his gambling, ready to give everything to win.

Improving methods of education

Ochenchasto happens that bullies are themselves as a victim of aggression and violence, so its aggression - it edinstvennyysposob assert themselves.And in many cases, the main source of aggression - are seven.Maybe you or someone in your family is very strict o toward the child?Or perhaps you're constantly shows his nedovolstvoi criticize his deeds and actions?You punish him physically?Perhaps the child is not a victim, but svideteldomashnego violence?How often do you have at home or loud scandals happen ssorys abuse?Are you in the house of assault in relation to someone? It often happens that we are already accustomed to the abnormal state of affairs iperestaem notice them.And it is possible that the correction of behavior should nachatsyas correction method of child rearing.

tighten control

Vkakoy degree carried out control over your child?And you know what vsvobodnoe he do?Or maybe it is a long time alone skompyuterom?Usually, if the children unattended by parents, the onizachastuyu get into trouble by three and six o'clock in the evening, coming in these hours of school and being in the house without parents.Staraytesogranichivat free hours child loaded the chores around the house or having issued its vkakoy a circle.Try udelyatemu more of your time.

with school need to work together rather than fight sney

Starayteschasche to visit the school and meet the teachers and the principal.Understand that the aggression in your child's behavior can become a habit, and only then ovsem horror effects and to scary.All this is very important, poskolkusemya united with the school, the child will not leave loopholes for harmful activities.

Parents Strive to prepare your child for challenging polnoyispytany adult life, a responsibility that will be negovozlozhena in life.If you protect it constantly, always act in roliego defender even without understanding, right or wrong, he'll svoyuvsedozvolennost, which may in the future lead to irreversible protsessam.Zadumaytes about it.

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