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Not an easy life of Anna Sedokova

Anna Vladimirovna was born on December 16, 1982 in Kiev.And for anyone no longer a secret that in 2002 Anna was a soloist of the sexiest group of our country "VIA Gra", but apart from the singer's career, Anne also acted in films and TV projects different.

Ani parents were forced to move to Kiev from far while for her city of Tomsk.The reason for the move proved to be a poor relationship with their parents Anya's parents (it turns out to grandparents).In an interview, Anna V. said: "My mother's parents, grandfather - the photographer, grandmother, radiologist, lived, we can say meager.And the Pope, on the contrary, the family was very wealthy.Grandparents on my father's line - professor.They categorically opposed to the future marriage of his son.And then Mom and Dad decided to flee to distant lands, in Kiev. »

When Anya was 5 years old, riders left Vladimir Svetlana Sedokova (small mom's followers) and took the little girl with him, but after a certain period of time a littleAnna returned to Sve

tlana.And after all gone, Anna did not hear about her father to 25 years.In 25 years, Anna became pregnant the first child, and my father wrote her an e-mail to which she decided not to answer.Later, she learned the tragic news that her dad died.But even after the death of Vladimir Anna believes that e-mail - this is the least that can be done when you want someone to make up or restore someone relationships.

In 2000, Anya was casting a golden band "VIA Gra", which achieved great success together with Nadezhda and Vera Brezhnev Granovsky.Participation in VIA Gra gave Anya enormous popularity among all people, from the youngest to the most mature audience.But four years after the great success, Anna threw VIA GRU and married.The husband's name was Valentin Belkevich (football), and the marriage she gave birth to her first child, baby Alinochka.After a short period Sedokova decided to still go back on stage and pursue a solo career.Here's the beginning of a new jump in popularity and success.Anna was invited to shoot in various journals, invited to be the leading program, festivals, Anna won awards, signing contracts, starred in movies, time to record a song and shoot videos - and all this during pregnancy and after !!!Do not forget that you need to help people and to do good in this world, Anna was engaged in charity.In 2010, Anna finished writing interesting book, called "The Art of Seduction", which talks about how to behave in a relationship with a girl man as not to annoy him, and continued to kindle his interest in himself.

But the personal life of Ani still has not developed, and soon the first marriage broke up.Probably, the husband could not stand the constant trips and success Ani otherwise be supported and happy for her.Much later, five years after the divorce, Anna remarried.Her second husband was called Ani Maxim Cherniavsky (businessman).In the second marriage she gave birth to a second daughter Sedokova they Maxim named Monica.The young couple lived in America, where Anna tried to participate in a variety of castings and build a career.But Russia, too, is very fond of Anna, her work, and the singer was invited to various events - concerts, shooting for magazines, while filming, opening and so on.According to Ani, shared Maxim children to "someone else's daughter" (Alinochka from his first marriage) and "his daughter" (of course, with a total Sedokova daughter), and became very jealous of Anna, their relationship became more complicated.Anna even sang a few songs dedicated to her husband (such as "Remove", "What have I done," etc.), and at one of the concerts of Muz TV, during the song "Take away", dedicated to the heavy spiritual experiences, Sedokova even cried and said,"When just love it to distraction, but more can not be together."In early 2013 Anna Sedokova divorced Maxim.