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Biography Heath Ledger

Childhood and adolescence
Heathcliff (or hit) Ledger was born in the town of Perth in Australia, April 4, 1979 in a family of Irish and Australian.His mother worked as a teacher of French, his father - an engineer in the mining industry, but the passion for motor racing.Therefore, a career he wanted to see his son in the sport, but Heath chose their own destiny.But first things first.

boy got his name because of his mother's passion for the novels.His son, she wanted to name in honor of the hero of her favorite book writer Emily Brant "Wuthering Heights."

In 1989, when the boy was 10 years old, the family split up, her parents divorced.Junior Heath began to live with her mother, but was often seen with his father and they have kept good relations.When

future movie star in high school, he had several major interests: to play for the school's field hockey, participating in a dance studio and a theatrical performance at the school stage.And the latest craze, later became his profession and made a wor
ld celebrity, came to him unexpectedly: before the next school year students of the upcoming elections elective and Ledger had to decide what to do: culinary arts, or the art of theater.Hit hated to cook, so the choice was made in favor of acting.Later, he became the captain of the school theater troupe and performed together with the team in the inter-city competition.And when he would finally decide between continuing a career in sports, or theater, he did not hesitate to select a scene.

Start acting career
After matriculation in 1996, Heath went to the metropolis of Sydney, where he hopes to start a career as a film actor.Gradually he began to appear in small roles in various television series and shows.His first role - gay cyclist in the series of the sports school.The role is quite successful, and soon he was invited to a number of youth teen TV series "Black Rock," "Feet", the TV show "Caramel" (all in 1997).Then he got into the series of mystical heroes "Roar" (1998) (similar in idea and production of "Xena" and "Hercules").Despite the fact that the series has not had much success and after some time he stopped shooting, thanks to him, Heath began to learn not only in his native Australia, but he came and admirers across the ocean to the United States.

In 1999, Heath Ledger has decided to try his luck abroad in America.However, American filmmakers in no hurry to conclude a contract with a young unknown Australian actor.But Heath came to the aid of his compatriot - the director Gregor Jordan, invited him to a leading role in the comedy "Fingers fan."Painting again not gained popularity, but Ledger helped pass the casting for the role of youth in the comedy "Ten Reasons Why I Hate" (1999) After rolling pattern to the young actor firmly stuck label teen roles that Heath himself categorically did not like.He looked for characteristic, and non-linear dramatic roles.Therefore, the next year he spent upholstering thresholds film studios and the casting, while refusing to send him the roles of adolescent boys.

Soon, his perseverance was crowned with success, he starred in the war drama "The Patriot" (2000), along with world stars Australian Mel Gibsanom.The film was very successful and after the rental Ledger in the press even called a second Gibson.But the Heat did not want to be someone's shadow, and number two, even after such celebrities like Mel Gibson.He wanted to be Heath Ledger, and only to them.

In the next few years, Ledger starred in several films, touching and trying on the different roles, characters and roles.

career peak in 2005, there was a magical takeoff career as an actor.He starred in four films that were accepted by the public very complacent: "The Brothers Grimm," "Lords of Dogtown," "Casanova."But apart is to provide a picture of "Brokeback Mountain," which earned Ledger worldwide fame.This is a film about love between two gay cowboys, where Heath played one of the main characters in a pair of Jake Dzhillinholom.Romance with a spicy storyline was a resounding success both with the audience and the critics.The picture won several "Oscar" and "Golden Globes", and the Ledger was nominated for the most prestigious American Film Award for Best Actor.

Of course, it was a breakthrough.Ledger showered lucrative offers and Heath could now choose the role, comes to his liking.He starred in a melodramatic film "Candy" (2006) and in the biographical drama about Bob Dylan, "I'm Not There" (2007).

Also in 2007, he played in another movie, Heath Ledger was finally adopted as a star of the first magnitude.It is about the role of the Joker in the film anti-hero of Bethmann "The Dark Knight."Ledger is so amazingly strong and worked to detail the character portrayed villain that no one there was no doubt - this is a serious bid for the "Oscar".

At the end of 2007 Ledger begin shooting in the film "The Imaginarium of Doctor Pornasa", but suddenly interrupted by the sudden death of the actor and finish shooting the film had changed little story, presenting the hero Ledger in three persons: Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law.

known about the many novels Ledger, mostly with actresses with whom he got to know on the set of the next film.

But the main love of his life can be called the actress Michelle Williams.Heath met her in 2004 at the site of "Brokeback Mountain."She played the wife of the hero Ledger cinematic.Roman spun quickly and rapidly, and by the end of the year Michelle was pregnant.

In 2005, the couple's daughter Matilda was born.Hit doted on his daughter, saying that "he loves his two most favorite girls in the world."Michelle and Heath was called one of the most beautiful Hollywood couples.However, officially tying the knot the couple did not hurry.A couple of years at the end of 2007 and they all left.It was rumored that Williams could no longer tolerate the fact that her husband was addicted to soft drugs and alcohol.

Ledger was very nervous break with Michel, fell into a real depression.Perhaps that brought him untimely death.

January 22, 2008 the body of Heath Ledger's housekeeper found his capital penthouse.He lay on the sofa, and next to it found some opening packages of potent painkillers and sleeping pills.The first version, which arose from the police - suicide.However, an autopsy and further investigation showed that, most likely, his death was a ridiculous coincidence.Heath Ledger died of an incompatibility of the measures it analgesics - sleeping pills and antidepressants.

His death was a shock, not only for his fans and people from the world of cinema and show business, but also for ordinary citizens.After Ledger's talent was strikingly evident as harsh and indifferent to it was simply impossible to stay.Unfortunately, it often happens that the great die young.

Heath was awarded the film award "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" Best Actor for his film "The Dark Knight", unfortunately, posthumously.The statuette was received by his parents.

Heath Ledger's body was exposed to the cremation, the urn with the ashes buried in Perth in Australia, where he was born and grew up.

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