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Biography Charlie Chaplin

First Love

It was there, behind the scenes of a variety show, nineteen Charlie met his first great love, which left traces in his heart for a lifetime.Hetty Kelly was a dancer.The delicate, almost weightless, she looked even younger than his fourteen.Chaplin managed to get a few dates, then Hetty gave him the heave-ho.He was guarding her around the house, but she did not leave him no chance, and their relationship came to naught.But after all his fiancee were something similar to Kelly at least his age ...

Chaplin About a passion for nymphets little known.Although in principle it is not particularly hiding.Often the actor, sitting in a luxury car, went to a nearby school, where watched for another young beauty.After a close acquaintance, giving the girl some trifle, I forget about it forever.


first time Charlie Chaplin had married a year before his thirtieth birthday.His wife was almost half his age - Mildred Harrig just turned sixteen.But to call it a young and chaste language

somehow does not turn.Even in the age of ten, Harris appeared naked in one of the films of David Griffith.The wedding took place due to an unexpected pregnancy Mildred, which (as it turned out after the wedding) was false.A year later, his wife still gave Charlie heir.

July 7, 1919, the couple had a son, Norman Spencer Chaplin, but the baby lived for only three days.Others such tragedies unite and Mildred and Charlie, on the contrary, have become almost throw at each other a couple of months began divorce proceedings.


Four years after the divorce, Charlie Chaplin for the second time decided to tie the knot Hymen.Lita Grey, as well as his first wife, was only sixteen.To avoid gossip, Chaplin registered their marriage away from the United States, in Mexico.The reason for the marriage was commonplace: a young pregnant darling.They say that Charlie, in order to avoid the marriage certificate, offered a decent future wife at the time the amount of twenty thousand dollars - just for the fact that she was married to another, or have an abortion.But Lita was tough nut to crack.She knew that becoming the legitimate wife of the actor will be able to get a lot more than these "miserable" and twenty thousand.

In this marriage the great comedian had two children - Charlie Chaplin, Jr. and Sydney Earle Chaplin, but the couple lived together for only four years.And this time, during a divorce Chaplin had to pay large compensation.According to some data, he paid Lita eight hundred twenty-five thousand dollars, on the other - seven hundred thousand.

way, it is considered that the relationship of Chaplin and his second wife Lita Grey formed the basis of the novel of Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita."For the full name of Lita - Lilitta, which is consonant with Lolita.And the image of Humbert also conjures up thoughts of Charlie Chaplin.And here's another amazing coincidence.After leaving America Chaplin settled in the Swiss town of Vevey, just a few kilometers from Montreux, where in the same year came to Vladimir Nabokov to create a "Lolita."


It took another four years, and Chaplin began a serious relationship again.Paulette Goddard was also an actress, actor lived with her for eight years and took it into two films.By the way, it is still unknown whether Paulette and Charlie married officially they were assured that registered their marriage during a trip to Asia, but the contract none of the others did not see.

Their union was easy and straightforward.Paulette turned their house into a fashionable salon where people come for dinner the best minds and talents of those years.Even children from a previous marriage Chaplin doted in his stepmother.Everything else Paulette was the only one of the ex-wives, with whom Chaplin spoke after the divorce.The reasons for breaking up, they did not tell anybody anything.

finding happiness

Charlie Chaplin found his family happiness with the fourth attempt.He finally found the one with whom was willing to meet old age.At the time of his marriage he was already fifty-four, but his wife - at least thirty years.Oona O'Neill was a prominent woman.Take care of it the writer Jerome Salinger and director Orson Welles.But all of his fans she chose Chaplin.And I never regretted about it: "It helped me grow up, I helped him feel young."They met during the casting for the film "The Ghost and the reality", directed by Chaplin.Una then seventeen, and she was extraordinarily beautiful.The girl came to audition and once looked at Charlie, I realized that was missing.The same as a great comedian later confessed, he felt.The film "The Ghost and the reality" and has not been withdrawn.But instead of the ghost of love Chaplin appeared in reality - in the form of Una, and the many children who were born soon.

married to Oona Chaplin full potential as a wife and mother, without a shadow of doubt abandoning acting career.They had eight children: three sons - Christophe, Eugene and Michael and five daughters - Dzhiraldina, Josephine, Jeanette, Victoria, Anna Emilia.And the last child was born when Charlie was in his seventies.

Charlie loved his children.Remembering his hungry childhood, he tried to arrange it so that his offspring did not need anything.

However, soon had to go from America.Hollywood never forgave Chaplin sympathy for the Russian, whom he has never hidden.But most of the film "The Great Dictator".He could stay in the United States and try to prove his innocence, but Charlie gave up without a fight.Perhaps he would do something, if felt behind her support of the public - the same one that is not so long ago, it is still idolized.However, when the screens went out of his painting "Monsieur Verdu," it happened to him the most terrible."Send Chaplin in Russia!"- Cried the posters with which ordinary Americans lined up in front of the theater, where the prime minister.

... When Charlie found himself thrown out of the United States, he had given his word never to return to this country.And I found refuge in Switzerland, where the life of luxury at the gate of the mansion was as reliable and closed to foreign encroachment as a Swiss bank account.

His promise he broke only once.In 1971, he was informed that the film academy is going to give him "Oscar" - "for their invaluable contribution to the fact that in this century the cinema has become an art."For this event, he temporarily withdrew his ban and also went to the Hollywood Hills.To then never return to America.

great comedian died surrounded by his large family in the Swiss town of Vevey, right on the shores of Lake Geneva in 1977.And today in Vevey about it resembles a bronze sculpture of a full-length picture taken next to it can be anyone.And of course, with us were his brilliant films.

But even after the death of Charlie Chaplin, his adventure is not over.About a couple of months after the funeral, suddenly received a message that the body ... stolen unknown.Soon mother called with a proposal to buy back a corpse.The police has not been able to go on the trail of criminals, we developed different versions.Eventually it became clear that participated in the usual thugs.And Chaplin himself against anything they did not have - so just decided to earn extra money.Three months Chaplin's body lay on the desert land owned by the Swiss peasant, and then was re-buried.