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What if the child saw the forbidden?

Primer№ 1

The boy had a birthday, his perfectly observed.Malyshuispolnilos five years.The next day, the parents began to notice chtokogda child looks at them, he begins to blink and the eyelids and eyebrows chastodergayutsya.A few days later, they noticed that the baby is sleeping restlessly all the time jumps and screams in his sleep: "What are you doing?Are not you ashamed? »

Some time later the son began acting strangely lead time onvse tail went for my mother would not let her go out of the house, and if onavyhodila the shop, he began to beat her, screaming and crying.Mom took a vacation was always a child, but his condition did not improve.Nervous tikpereshel cheeks and hands, the kid constantly clenched his fists as if he wanted someone toudarit.The parents decided to see a doctor, who in turn means naznachiluspokaivayuschee, sleep got up, but the other symptoms remained poetomuoni turned to social service personal relationships.

It turned out that the boy hates his father, but he did

not mogobyasnit why this is happening.He kept saying that he was afraid ostatsyaodin and afraid of losing her mother.The kid in his five years claimed that zhenschinamimozhet happen anything, because they are defenseless.The patient did not bylonastroeniya, and he is constantly worried for his mother and pestered with questions: "pravdali that men are stronger than women?".To find out the reason for the change povedeniyaroditeli decided to recall what happened on the day of birth of the baby.Dolgorassprashivali mother, and then she told me that when she and her husband stayed in pustoykomnate it, despite the fact that it was against, forced her to intimnoyblizosti.Then her husband came izkomnaty and his mother began to recover, and she heard his cries rebenka.Okazalos that children played hide and seek and son while just hid in toykomnate and involuntarily saw everything that was going on there.Mom pretended nichegone happened, though, and she was very worried.When she spoke about etommuzhu, they concluded that they would pretend that nothing bad neproizoshlo.

familiar Psychologists say that because of this there can be no urebenka disease, but the next morning the boy was sick, he bylnevroz.The result was that the boy saw his mother in the resistance vremyapolovogo act.To return the child byloesostoyanie, the therapist had to work hard, but in kontsekontsov he eventually recovered.

Primer№ 2

parents took the girl four years to the doctor with complaints of NATO, it is engaged in masturbation.Outwardly she did not differ from other children, then what happened to her?

should know that kid will never tell you the reasons why doctors are always looking for them yourself.The main thing for the doctor that he must ponimatdushevnoe human condition.The girl was shy, but would komandovatdrugimi.She wanted to be a leader, but why?If the baby felt sebyaobdelennoy attention, we immediately rushed to cry, but in a different situation onanachinala irritate the genitals and she liked it, and she kept etodelala not hiding, but in front of my mother.

What is the reason?The girl does not get enough love otroditeley, so she wanted by any means to attract attention, but Do not know how.Once she saw how parents having sex, so onanachala imitate adults, engaging in masturbation.The girl was cured, but if roditelibyli careful, this would not have happened.

zhedelat What?

If your child sees something forbidden or will videteto constantly, there is a risk that it will grow inferior, and even voobschemanyakom.Some believe that it is better, if the child sees the parents' sexual intercourse than their scandals.Another thing, if the kid does not see the pope smamoy the contrary, mom and dad did not.Children always feel betrayal.

Yet it is not necessary to avoid such situations, the child stalsvidetelem some intimacy between you.

If the baby has his own room, it's good, but if onvse he saw that he did not need to see?Perhaps he will go into the room at the instant the highest boiling point and did not understand, just come out and cry ilivozmozhno even feel disgusted.Keep the situation at no srazuuspokoyte baby, convince him that your love for him has not disappeared.

Do not worry and do not try to yell at the child.For him, it is very important that it was on your personal time when he entered the room and saw it all.The kid might think that in the bedroom was something bad and scary if your face budetnenavist and angry.

You can tell your child that you do sportivnymiuprazhneniyami who can do only two people who love drugdruga.In no case do not tell him that you've played.For young children the game - is sacred and onmozhet you hate because you have not invited him along.

In no case do not cry and do not expel the crumbs from komnatyso words: "You're still a little!It does not concern you! ".Do not pretend vysdelali crime.

crumbs calmly explained that what he saw this samoehoroshee that can occur in adults, maybe even worth skazat that when he grows up then, too, will do it.We can say that he dressed sister or brother.There is nothing wrong with that rebenokuznaet that children associated with sex.

from 2 up to 3 years in children developing sexual curiosity, the boy wants to see kakmoetsya mother, and the girl in the torn souls to the Pope.For children, it is important to know the differences obnazhennogotela men and women.

If the kid in general from all fencing, further mogutvozniknut problem.If a child suddenly entered the room when vypereodevaetes, do not yell and chase it, however small vozrastapriuchite it before you enter the room it is necessary to knock, wait, apotom go.If still you are not accustomed to this kid, then sdelayteeto now, before it is too late to correct the situation.Explain to your child that after time, before you enter the bedroom, let them knock.If you want snizitrisk that he had not see it, put it on the door lock or latch Aesli you sleep in one room, then put the screen, it will reduce veroyatnostnepriyatnyh situations.

But even if you are afraid that the child will see you, do not give up otseksa, just be careful - do so in the soul when a child my grandmother or walks in the yard.

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