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As parents devote more time to their children?

As children pay more attention to?

usually a woman says that she works, cleans, goes shopping, she has no time to pay attention to the child.And then, he is an adult and can take himself.This is the main problem that he himself may be something to do.Just do not always know in advance what he would look like and whether it's you.

Parents do not think that children should be given more attention.The child grows up independent, but in terms of communication with him when he grows up, there will be some difficulties.It will become a secretive and closed.

As soon as you come back from work, you just have to pay more attention to your children and parental duty is to educate your child a good person.It should not be allowed to "street" to raise a child.But how can all prosper, and to give children more time and attention?

Try to involve children in domestic affairs.You want to cook the soup.Involve the child to clean the potatoes, return promise to him to play your favorite game.Thus you will be able to
"kill 2 birds with one stone."Lunch is cooked faster, and you will spend time with the child, in the cooking process to talk to him and teach him to do something that is not just useful to him in life, and playing an interesting game, you can relax after work.Not only can the children play games, teach the child to play in a game that will interest you.

When are you going to the store, tell the child that you need his help and take it with you.Also, the sooner you will attract the baby shop, the faster he formed the opinion that it is necessary and interesting.The store buy him some small change - the machine, Kinder Surprise or juice, then from shopping at the child will only have a pleasant memory.

From an early age to teach a child to rest in the family.And even if you have a husband had no common interests, they need to come up for the kid.His mother, remembering his childhood, full of good memories and adventures can persuade her husband to take the child on a fishing trip.

daughter accustomed to be with their parents, are held all weekend fishing with each other, they help each other fish for fish, pick up gear, make a fire and eat barbecue.In such a family will not be any question of where to go fishing or to the disco.As a rule, choose classmate disco, though 14 years on night clubs early run.A daughter of fun to be with their parents, and they try to give it more attention.Happy daughter communicate with their peers, and in the evening parents take bikes and ride all the family.These evening walks are useful to the body not strong, useful for joints and muscles, plus they pull together even more family.

If the trip begins in childhood, the child will not perceive them as violence against the person.That is what the children grow up, depends on the parents, not from friends, streets and schools.If the parents are carelessly to his duties, and the same children grow up.

But if parents will devote much time to their children, invest in their education and love of the soul, then the children will grow up decent and well-mannered people.But if the family constant drinking, fights, quarrels, the child grows up as "weed" and then about any education can not speak.Because children absorb like a sponge, everything that they see.And if they see good, then they absorb only "good".There are exceptions, but they are rare.Love children, and do not forget to communicate with them, to give them time.