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Kendra Spears: princesses are not born

Despite its relative youth, Kendra momentnahoditsya at the list of fifty the best models of today.Her "vizitnayakartochka" - a charming mole above her lip.In many respects it was a real "highlight" lovely Kendra Spears.And even if this was not a mole, the label "Little Cindy" just could not stick to the model.Dark kashtanovayagriva, high growth - 179 centimeters and surprisingly feminine proportsii- 84-61-86.All this splendor is the perfect complement endless legs and open, American-conquering charming smile.

have Kendra Spears's career goes uphill, it constantly priglashayutznamenitye brands.Tops, such as impressions Gucci, Valentino, Lanvin, Hermes, Prada advertising has long been subjugated.Now supermodel became an ornament PatekPhilippe, Escada, Tod's, and in the autumn shows at Fashion Week she shone vodezhdah fashion houses such as Anthony Vaccarello, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs.

Early career

gain altitude Kendra Spears began five years ago.One iznaibolee powerful modeling agencies Ford an

nounced a competition, but came ketomu issue creatively.As an experiment during ascent razlichnyhsotsialnyh networks, the agency arranged a casting, but not only offline, but also naresurse Myspace.Kendra at the time was 20 years old.She was studentkoyUniversiteta Washington State and actively communicate in social networks.A neposredstvennona Myspace led his personal blog, post Photos.Although then already stavizvestnoy, she said that she had at that time was not an iPod.As isledovalo expect Spears won the online competition, then triumfalnodobralas the finals in New York and eventually signed a contract with Ford.It's interesting that while Kendra wore braces.Modern overbite was corrected.She thought about the future, and - she graduated from university with a degree in architecture and sociology.

After the competition, which, by the way, Kendra took second place, and contracting her career soared.What is surprising is that Spirsobladaet amazing confidence, not inherent to beginners.In svoihintervyu she often says that there is always confident in his abilities and victory.

debut Kendra Spears became the New York Fashion Week vsentyabre 2008.Later, the model took part in the opening of the show in Milan otDzhona Richmond, and then she went to the podium to Gucci.Her first season in Parizheokazalsya fantastically successful, she worked for such renowned masters, kakValentino, Lanvin, Christian Lacroix.After the end of the season of fashion shows InOctober 2009 Spears became increasingly appearing on the covers of magazines and Danish modnyhitalyanskih.In the autumn 2009 season Kendra became litsomPrada.In 2010-2011, she became a famous magazine cover decoration Voguei with the model signed several lucrative contracts.

his magnificent figure Kendra obliged to healthy food, which she loves and believes that even a bite on the run to be maksimalnopoleznym.If, for example, it is nuts, the cashew, because they are rich in carbohydrates and wherein the low-calorie.If this is the yogurt without the fillers Aesli chocolate, only black.Plus, Kendra never polzuetsyaliftingom and best friend slim figure considers the ladder.Whatever ugolkemira model and did not wake up at whatever time or get up, she always nachinaetden stretching exercises.Mandatory daily home programmoyKendry are swimming and cycling.

From model princess

the last day of the summer KendraSpirs American model became the lawful wife of the Crown Prince Rahim Aga Khan, who yavlyaetsyastarshim son of His Royal Highness Karim Aga Khan IV.Svadebnayatseremoniya in the best traditions of Islam took place in the picturesque Swiss naberegu clear Lake Geneva in a romantic and chic dvortseShato de Bellerive.

Attire bride was truly fabulous and absolyutnodostoynym true princess.The traditional Muslim wedding saris nezhnogotsveta ivory were decorated with golden ornaments and wonderfully combined skhrupkimi exclusive ornaments.Rounding out the traditional wedding naryadizyaschnye sandals.

It is learned that 24-year-old Kendra Spears adopted Islam eschedo wedding, and now she has received not only the title of princess, but a different name -Salva.By the way, Kendra is not the first model, which went down in semyunastavnika and spiritual leader of the Muslim community of His Highness.Sam Yeah HanIV married model Sarah Crockett Britain Poole.Sister and brother Rahim takzhesostoyali married to models, and his grandfather was the husband of Rita Hayworth izvestnoyaktrisy.So the Prince certainly had no problems sblagosloveniem on a multicultural marriage.

Despite the age difference, she says Kendra, chtoochen happy that I found a soul mate.Her story proves once again that in today's world, a fairy tale of Cinderella has not lost its relevance.