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How to re spoiled child?

course darlings too, give gifts, but not because of their demands and whims, aprosto without any reason, and they can do a lot, but again, very nepot that parents want to atone for some guilt or appease them.Izbalovannyyrebenok thinks he is allowed everything and it behaves like a king and Bogvi his monastery, and all because the parents are still in diapers began to perform vseego whims and desires.Often these children are constantly organize concerts nalyudyah a tantrum, for example, in shops, when you want to buy them igrushkuili chocolate, which they liked, and their problem is that they do not hear hotyatponimat failure.

determines the degree izbalovannostirebenka

Almost all the time this is happening imperceptibly, almost from the very pervyhnedel infant's life.Moms and dads of zasvoey excessive love for a child trying to make life as good as possible crumbs, more comfortable, so begin to fulfill all desires.The child is not done, he found an excuse.For example, if the parents are sent re

benkomigrat the street and in the sandbox, he hit someone, then mom and dad begin rugatsya in public appearances only when at the same time believe that their rights and increasing rebenokabsolyutno decisive and independent, moreover,can sebyazaschitit.

Often parents are so immersed in their work that they have absolutely netvremeni talking with the children, so they are starting to fill up their toys, rather than take the day off and spend the day on the rides in akvaparkeili just take the time a child spent allday with him at home.At the temkak kid growing up, grow, and prices for toys, but he did not appreciate them, because he has this stuff in bulk.The kid grows selfish that mozhetlyubit only their whims, desires and ourselves.

case where the parents are not buying the child ordered thing, he did nepytaetsya understand the reasons because he always got what he wanted, he was denied pochemuseychas?He is not going to understand the fact that the family may bytproblemy money, he just wants it.

Kakotnositsya to the baby not to pampering?

many popes moms think the baby will be good to remember my childhood, if negobudet beautiful clothes, delicious food and expensive toys.However, they nezadumyvayutsya that it is important for the parents, not the child.Vedni child is thinking about how much his clothes or sliders.Malyshinuzhdayutsya care and attention.Your child must be taught to respect zhelaniyaostalnyh people, moreover, it should be understood that it is possible and what is not, ondolzhen calmly to the prohibitions and denials.No need to buy off rebenkaveschami, he dreams of a joint campaign with you in the park, a trip to the countryside for a picnic or trip to the circus.Boys need to understand that you can not fight, nuzhnoumet stand up for their actions.Otherwise you for your deteytolko source of money, but do not like caring parents.

As re spoiled child?

Psychologists say that strict prohibitions hurt the child's mind.With etimne argue, but do not rush into extremes.If you are breaking vsezhelaniya hysterical child, you do not let him be considered smneniyami others.The kid has to understand that he has, and esti other people.He must constantly slyshatot you the word "can not" and "can", so you define the scope of what is permitted.Your job is to teach your baby to control their emotions, behavior, desire and the right to respond to any situation.

child should be denied, and it is not necessary to be afraid, just every razobyasnyayte reason for his refusal.Say to the child that you love him, nonapomnite a particular situation when it upset you, so you do not budetepokupat him this or that thing.The child must feel your love in lyuboysituatsii, but he must understand how he should behave in order to be a good boy or a girl.

remember that you need to keep your tactics.If you have given up a child today, and tomorrow buy him what he asks for, then the baby will understand that with hysterics islez you can push.You should not give up, under any pretext neustupayte him.

Perhaps you had a situation where a child in the store falls to the floor and need to buy something?Of course, you feel uncomfortable and embarrassing, so you bystropokupaete desired and exit the store.Gradually, the child understands that etodeystvuet you and start practicing it at home and elsewhere.In takoymoment to explain fumes that you start to talk to him only when he rises from the floor and come sebya.Ved kid all the time watching your reaction.If he sees that vambezrazlichny his antics, then he immediately understands that you are not acting imgnovenno rest.

vitoge How to grow a spoiled child?

When he found himself in adult life, he will be terribly hard iodinoko.Because he used poluchatvse one click, he does not know what the work and making money.He nebudet friends because he is sure that he is the best.People can not zametittogo that he is the most-and it hurts his pride and furthermore vyzovetagressiyu.Understand that because you pray to him, it is not budutmolitsya surrounding, because of this it will be hard to communicate with others, to study and work.After all, you only teach him to take, and not return davatnichego.

Love is blind parents, and it's awful for the kid.When a child goes izottsovskogo home, it can be generally unmanageable.And when he poyavitsyasemya, he can not perform his duties, because the most important thing for negosobstvennye interests and desires.In such a family is not happiness and harmony.So you have to teach the child uvazhatdrugih, to be able to love and to give love to others, indulge it to the best inapravlyayte love track.

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