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How to breathe while swimming?

There are a number of simple exercises that can help in the development of skills of proper breathing while swimming.

  • Stand up to the waist in the water, hold your breath and lean so that your face plunged into the water.Make two quiet arm stroke.When doing a second stroke, then start the process of expiration, so that by the end of the stroke your head rose above the water.At this point you inhale portion of the air, and the cycle is repeated with the other hand.

Once you learn how to easily do the exercise standing on the ground, you should proceed to implement them during the voyage.

There is another no less popular in teaching swimming exercise.It is called the "float."

  • gets so that the water level of the abdomen or chest.You take a deep breath and squat, clasping his knees.Mentally you count to ten, and give yourself to surface.
  • Stand so that the water reaches the level of the stomach and lean, almost touching the water face.Abut hands on his knees.Deeply inhale through the mouth and drop t
    he person into the water, producing a slow exhale.After exhalation slowly raise your head and inhale.Thus, inhaling and exhaling on the rise in the water, repeat the exercise at least ten (number of repetitions is perfect for first swimming lessons), but not more than thirty times (in all subsequent classes) in the rhythm of normal breathing.

Exercise "washing" helps not only to learn how to breathe while swimming, but simply helps lift mood.With it you just sprinkle water on his face, at the same time producing a calm exhalation.

Here are two exercises that are similar in content but differ in their method of execution.You can make the option that you like to a greater extent.

  • In shallow water a deep breath and dive into the water.Slowly exhale under water so that the lungs remain as little as possible of air.After that comes up, you breathe in and repeat the cycle.The rhythm of the exercises should be quite fast and energetic, and stay on the surface of the need to strive to minimize.Pay special attention to the fullest possible exhale underwater.
  • In shallow lean hands on the floor, lie down on the water, taking a horizontal position.Take a deep breath and plunged his face into the water.In this position, make about ten to twenty breaths, exhale as fully as possible in the water and breathing in when you turn the head to one side.

There are many exercises and to perform on land.It should be borne in mind that during exercise, which contribute to the expansion of the chest on inspiration you need to make movements that correspond to him, the hand while divorced in hand and lifted, and when you exhale you need to perform actions in which the thorax decreases,there are squats, leg lifting, bending, pulling.

If you aspire to develop endurance, then do not lift - walking up the stairs in the body develops an oxygen-transport system.

General tips for breathing during diving:

  • Exhale duration should be twice the size of inspiration;
  • When sailing you need to make sure that your breath is subject to certain rhythm, and it was agreed with the movements of the arms and legs;
  • Remember that you breathe in the process of streamlining the body of swimming is much lower than during expiration, therefore, the less breaths you do, the higher the speed of your voyage.

So, now that you are armed with these recommendations, you can start regular exercise, followed by respiratory problems during the swim will go away from you forever.Also improve your overall health.

Now, when doing demanding physical activity throughout the day, such as work, or any other type of activity, you will lose much less energy, but at rest and during sleep your breath will be deeper, which will give an opportunity to rest better.

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