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Kate Bosworth - star California


Bosuortrodilas in January, the number 2 in 1983.Her birthplace rightly be schitatsolnechnuyu California and Los Angeles.After all, in these lands occurred samyeyarkie events in the life of Kate.Family Katherine did not differ special status ilipolozheniem: her father - the head of the shop, and my mother is a simple housewife who, in fact, all of his time and paid only daughter of the house.

Childhood actress was quite bright and rich in chastyepereezdy by city and state.At various times, she had to go vMassachusetse, Connecticut and even in San Francisco.Regarding the study, uBosuort never had any problems.She was an excellent student, velaaktivnuyu school life and was one of the honored clubs under nazvaniemNational Honor Society.

girl was fond of studying and frantsuzkogoyazika.Sometimes Kate was involved in theater and singing naspetsіalno organized fairs.Even from an early age was fascinated by konnymsportom Bosworth.In fact, it is a hobby and has caused great changes in zhizniz

henschiny.Already at the age of 14 she won the big horse races.

acting debut

Nastoyaschieperemeny in Kate's life began after winning the equestrian competitions.It posleetogo case was still 14 years Bosworth decided to participate in kastingna film "The Horse Whisperer."It is worth noting that at the time the girl nepytala no much hope, because she had absolutely no solid akterskogorezyume.Amateur productions and starred in the school were all lishnebolshim, but as it turned out later, rewarding experience.1998 Kate staldlya new beginning.Chief director of the film, Robert Redford, uvidevshiydevushku the casting was just in awe of how she keeps vsedle and most importantly, quickly find a common language with animals.These facts zastaviliego think long and he immediately gave the second major role nobody izvestnoyBosuort.What can we say, and that "The Horse Whisperer" was nastoyaschimfurorom while, and the girl has gained popularity first.But even success posletakogo Kate decides to continue shooting.In her opinion akterskayazhizn could adversely affect its normal pace of life is settled.Because almost a year takihpredrassudkov Kate never filmed.

but modern such views are slowly dissolved in a working actor being.Iuzhe Bosworth in 2000 could be observed in such motion pictures as "Molodyeamerikantsy", "Remembering the Titans" and others.2000 also became devushkinachalom serious training.She enrolled at Princeton University.Konechnozhe due to intense acting job she had to miss school.Soon Bosworth was expelled from the student ranks.

actor's life and work of Kate

All twirled, spun, and now Kate, she noticed Toyon, shone on the screens in the next film.Today deneё filmography includes a couple dozen high-quality, interesting filmov.Samye popular paintings with Bosworth: "Rendezvous with the star", the famous "Way of the Warrior", "The Rules of Attraction," "Wordplay", "The Girl in the Park", "The Idiot""Superman Returns."In 2002, Kate played a major rolvmelodrame "Blue Wave".The role earned her a nomination for surfing on nagraduMTV Movie Award in the "breakthrough role" and "the best team effort."Izposlednih films worth mentioning "The skeleton of Death", "Movie 43," "Straw Dogs" .and that's not all known films in which Kate and proven pokazalasvoy extraordinary acting talent.Particularly rewarding for the actress became 2010year.During this period, she starred in three films izvestnyhrezhisserov.She has worked with many well-known actors iaktris, including Kevin Spacey, Richard Gere, Juliette Binoche, Keri Russell andother.One of the most famous and complex roles that went to Kate, bylarol famous movie star Sandra Dee 50 years.Biographical film "The Sea" became a kind of ticket Bosworth star in the world of Hollywood.

addition of active work in the movie girl yavlyaetsyafotomodelyu.Her beauty was struck by more than one photographer.After working together skate most famous Glyantsev gave only positive feedback.In 2008year, by the way, she officially deemed the brand Calvin Klein Jeans.

Interesting features

natural features of this beauty is takayavrozhdennaya feature as heterochromia.That is, different colors of eyes.One uaktrisy blue, while the second - half Kary.What can we talk about, and that such an innate feature gives a special itainstvennosti adorable image Bosworth.

Actress leads an active social life.In his free time, she spends otrabot lessons equestrian sport, but not simple.Devushkazanimaetsya with children with disabilities.It is worth noting that this deluona devotes a lot of time.Just Bosworth is not associated with odnimblagotvoritelnym Fund.The actress worked hard on not odnimblagotvoritelnym project.

Life actress

her beauty has not left anyone indifferent muzhchinu.Pomimo sympathy of thousands of fans, Kate managed to win not odnogogollivudskogo handsome.Among boys Bosworth were spotted such izvestnyelichnosti Orlando Bloom, Matt Chuchri.Also, she had a love Relations with model James Rousseau.Kate had an affair with a Swedish writer, rezhisseromi-time actor Alex Skarsgard.But the summer of 2001 pararasstalas.Comment somehow this situation actress refused.Samyydlinny novel, which influenced the level of popularity Keytrin was sgollivudskoy star Orlando Bloom.They met four years (from 2002 to 2006.)

It would seem that Keytrin does not stack with the personal life iprichiny this may be different.But surprisingly sets the paparazzi and the press, Kate married!The story of her love with the 42-year-old director Michael Polishem nachalastak as suddenly as her rise to movie Olympus.In an interview Bosuortsoobschila, she met her future husband while filming Polisha «Big Sur» .Ofitsialno they only started dating in 2011, after onivmeste attended the concert of ColdPlay.

is worth noting that by the standards of Hollywood wedding was ochenskromnoy.Privacy ceremony took place in Philippsburg, where there were only 50 gostey.Interesnoy chip that marriage was that all guests razdalifotoapparaty.Such a course, the idea of ​​the organizers, was aimed at, chtobygosti themselves etched in the memory interesting moments of the wedding.Otnositelnosvadebnogo dresses, Keith stopped at the dress by Oscar De La Renta.

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