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Nikita Presnyakov

Izvestnyyrebenok Christina Aguilera and Vladimir Presnyakov putesche started his own from a young age.Perhaps there should not have expected anything else, krometvorcheskoy career.From an early age, Nikita was on everyone's mind: still, populyarnyeroditeli and no less popular in the name of the grandmother of the Russian Diva and outputting not only the stage - Alla Pugacheva.The red-haired and mischievous, he always drew corrupt by interest: the press, and creative people.Because even with the school vozrastanachal he appeared on the big screen: how episodic and fully.But in spite of the error of the majority support from the senior it was not so mnogo.Nikita just smiles when reporters once again ask him about how to help your parents or grandmother in his career.Presnyakov Jr. otvergaltogo not the fact that he was given previously not a lot of help, but now he himself is able to provide for themselves.

What parenteper lives?On the Internet you can find a lot of information, bu

t half of it legkopoddaetsya refutation.Nikita found himself in directing.He loves snimatnebolshie short videos, and now has passed and full klipy.Posledney his work was a clip for the singer Tamerlane, which accounts synompogibshego guitarist known group "A-Studio".Nikita tried his hand as an actor Eve, starring in the movie "Christmas Tree" and "two Christmas trees."Further, in a number of TV shows posledovalouchastie, including a large TV project "Shoumastgouon."GdePresnyakov Jr., by the way, was the winner.The won sum Nikita gave nablagotvoritelnost.Most of his time with the guy spends svoeynevestoy in New York.There his life and plans that Presnyakovmladshy plans successfully translated into reality in the near future.

Miley Cyrus

More odinpopulyarny child star, which was previously known as ispolnitelnitsaglavnoy all roles in the TV series "Hana Montana."For those who are not familiar with detalnoybiografiey Miley, it is worth noting that it is the daughter yavlyaetsya popular not only vAmerike musician Billy Ray Cyrus.Now is not the milayadevchushka which pleased us on television once a comical scene isvoim teenage singing, but the real beauty and soblaznitelnitsagollivudskogo world.Of course, successful, and most importantly quick career start etoyyunoy stars, most people implicitly linked to the fact that Maylipoluchila a major role in the above series, thanks to the influence of his ottsa.Dokazat so or not will be difficult, but it would be foolish to claim that the girl uetoyno talent.In addition to good acting Desteni Hope (that is the name of the singer) has a good voice that idemonstriruet at every opportunity.She began working at a young age, touring with his father across the country.She already could be called svoyuzhizn usual.Her first acting steps began in 2003 with the filming filmaimenitogo Tim Burton's "Big Fish", where Miley has played a role.Zatemaktrisu noticed time and again in other projects, where she played the role vtorogoplana.

Today Mayli- adult, and most importantly, completely independent girl who has svoyakarera and a unique style.Of course, it can epatirovatpubliku, as it did in the last speech at the ceremony MTV.But the nemenee it entirely responsible for each of his singing career deystvie.Seychas Sayruz only takes a course on stremitelnoerazvitie.Who knows, maybe eventually it will reach extraordinary heights, but as long as she is working hard not only on himself but also on himself.

Jane Carrey

history etoyzvezdnoy daughter, perhaps, has a special character.The daughter of a famous comedian vpervyeproyavila their creativity in a very strange situation.Hard to believe that the child is well-known and popular actor with mirovymimenem able to begin your way, without needing the help of a popular father.Vsenachalos from one of the qualifying popular casting show "American Idol" (something in an "American Idol").By the way, one of the judges was Jennifer Lopes.Kogda girl came to the stage and had the usual appearance as "DzheynKerri, 24 years old.Have a son.I work as a waitress. "One judge smiled begged him if her dad that she came to the show.Lopez surprised peresprosilakto father contestants what she said - "Jim Carrey".Saying chtoznamenitaya Hollywood actress and singer was surprised - to say nothing.Despite the fact that his father broke his mother Jane early, devochkanikogda not been deprived of paternal care.But unlike bolshinstvazvezdnyh offspring, she eschewed excessive pop yes ishou business in general.Having chosen for itself pretty ordinary profession.By the way, these are examples, kakzhizn Jane Carrey, the star is not surprising among children.Many of them choose for themselves, who are the usual way.


The famous son of a famous DevidaBouni often appears with his father at various social events.But etonelzya attributed to the usual PR, now Duncan himself schitaetsyavostrebovannoy person such stellar "gatherings."Despite the increasing popularity svoegoottsa, star son chose a slightly different path, namely the Director.Man ssamogo young age was attracted to cinema.He became one of the operators navecherinke his father.And in 2002, a guy shot his first short film "Whistle".It is worth noting that the scenario was also sponsored by Duncan with a distinct originality ivyzval great interest the set of critics.The first serious polnometrazhnayakartina this star son was called "Moon" (2009) This drama etafantasticheskaya Jones brought universal recognition.In 2010 Britanskayaakademiya called this work "Best Debut".

worth noting that Duncan is yarkimpredstavitelem star children.In general, despite his young age, onuzhe awarded 19 different awards and victories at film festivals.

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