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Hollywood star Olivia Wilde

Despite the hype surrounding the upcoming large-scale prime, Wilde surprisingly calm and serene: "I feel very comfortable, - she says. - I can hardly be called neurotic."Indeed, Olivia seems not a bit hurt things that many brought to the nerve seizures not always reasonable demands and standards of Hollywood, stress and the risk of relationship with fellow actor's workshop, the horror to get into the lens of the paparazzi, popped in the morning in a cafe in the oldsweat pants.From all the horror stories she shrugs with a smile: "I do not think that every corner I await the enemy forces who dream to destroy my life.Basically I live in the present and know how to enjoy it. "

present (as, indeed, and future) Wilde, apparently, will take place on the East Coast, next to Jason.On the way a series of pictures of her participation, including the black comedy "Chemistry and Life", which plays a trophy wife Olivia Ray Liotta and Sam Rockwell mistress and fantastic romance Spike Dzhopsa "She" with Um Adams and Ro
oney Mara, and New York,as you know, is a great place to live, if your film career on the rise.Before last year, Wilde and Sudeykis together moved to the West Village, Olivia mainly lived and California.On the Hollywood Hills, it settled at 18, right after graduation - the super-prestigious Phillips Academy in Andover, for the sake of acting dream postponing admission to college.When he learned that Olivia is now relocating because of love, some of its agents called the decision a professional suicide.But Wilde was always stubborn, independent and listened only to my heart and inner voice.

However, stage scenery outside the window - only a consequence of radical internal changes.Wilde decided it was time to slow down.Not as an actress, writer and producer, and as a person.Ten years scroll squirrel in a wheel, since she landed a role in the TV series "OS - OC" and married the Italian filmmaker Tao Ruspoli royal blood (she was 18, and they parted in 2011), Olivia finallyFinally ready to afford some respite."From a career, I was so young and so few know about the business that has missed a lot of opportunities, - she says. - I tried to work as much as possible and as quickly as possible, as if about to die to twenty-five."Then this "painful and haunting thirst" absorb it without a trace.Now, at 29, she wants to live for today and do not chase at breakneck speed for tomorrow.

What she wants to see her life?The answer may come as a surprise: Wild attract documentaries and social activities.These worthy aspirations seem to have incorporated into the DNA of Olivia.After her parents - known journalists Andrew and Leslie Cockburn, who throughout his career involved covering political issues and social injustice.Not surprisingly, their daughter (having taken the surname of one of his favorite writers, Oscar Wilde) - one of the activists of the project Artists for Peace and Justice, a charity initiative, through which Haiti had the first free high school education.

A and 2001 she traveled to Kenya and to film an episode of the 4-hour documentary "Half the Sky" on the lives of women in different parts of the globe."I want to do it, to tell other people's stories - says Olivia. - I was raised by parents who were always convinced that people can inspire true, and therefore believe in the power of documentary cinema."Additionally, Wilde wants to grow and develop as a writer - writing on it has still been too little time.

hardly those who know Olviyu, doubted that here it gets its way.In four years, she announced to everyone - such as Mick Jagger and other celebrities went to see her parents and Georgetown home dinner that he wanted to become an actress, and then never turned off the chosen path.As a teenager, she immersed herself in writing plays and acting craft, thus earning a reputation as a rebel in aristocratic Andover.When she was 13, her mother had asked his good friend Steven Spielberg's autograph for his daughter.The director added to the signature Council, which still hangs over the desk Olivia: "If you want to be a doctor, you first think, then do it.If you want to be in show business, first do, then I think. "

It's hard to believe, but the face and Revlin favorite designers for a long time from complexes about their appearance.With the growth of 171 cm model Olivia envied elegant figure of his sister Chloe."Torso I like tall woman, and the lower part of the body - like a miniature. And what, say, the purpose of pursuing the evolution, when I created? '" - Laughs Wilde.For years, she wore her bangs to hide his "endless forehead."A first class during lunch surrounded the little children Olivia, as she ate a sandwich and an angry curiously watched her move the square jaw, from which today the whole world is going crazy.

However, people noticed its appearance not only disadvantages."I was always told that I had beautiful eyes, and over time I have learned is to stress."Her sense of style has also become more mature.Light airy dress, which she did not leave, while living in California, Olivia now prefers architectural outfits cut from Gucci, Michael Kors and Rick Owens: "I like clothes, radiating courage and strength."

Yes, her wardrobe and increased sexual daring things, but in all that relates to personal attachments, Wilde - an incurable romantic.However, mindful of the first bad experience when they got engaged LAYOUT festival Burning Man dating soon after, and then secretly married in an old school bus, this time down the aisle actress in a hurry.In announcing her engagement to Sudeykisom, she tries to prolong the pleasure.

And the engagement has given her the opportunity to understand what it means to keep in front of the cameras - through this test are all starry pairs."In this business, inevitably alternate peaks, recessions and periods of stagnation.Every time you see how couples break up because of these differences, just breaks my heart, - says Olivia.- All the time tormented by the question, he will love me if I was not so successful?Maybe our love will kill professional jealousy? "Wilde, however, I am confident that the right:" I know I will come a time when Jason will be more work than I have.But I'm just happy!I am happy, imagining what heights he reached, what potential it bears ".

What they Sudeykisom work in different genres, Olivia finds success:" It helped me to understand the comedy, which I always liked.And I helped him to take a fresh look at the action and drama. "A few months ago, they were made together with the improvised comedy sketches on stage famous Chicago club Second City - experience that Wild ranks as the most memorable in my life. And by the way, is convinced SudeykisOlivia star in "drinking buddies" with Anna Kendrick. This indie film belongs to the genre "mamblecore": deliberately low budget and an emphasis on naturalistic dialogue. Almost all the scenes in it - pure improvisation (including an episode of swimming naked spontaneously suggested itself Wilde).

"I understand that this is one of the most splendid periods of my life.I've never been so happy and so open happiness.I try to save this feeling forever. "