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Vera Cold: one, but ardent passion

Vera Levchenko - future star of Russian cinema Vera Cold, from an early age loved to read adventure novels.She vividly imagined how brave captain drowned pirate ships landed on exotic islands and goes in search of treasure.At such times she has repeatedly tried to imagine what should be the hero of her novel: romantic, erudite, optimistic, life of the party ... then slammed the book and sadly sighed, thinking that in this it is unlikely to be lucky ...

Arecognized her right away ...
In another quarter of Moscow's young lawyer Vladimir Cold took the first visitors.And although, according to his father Grigory Kravchuk, a young man engaged in a serious and important matter, it is sometimes vital in the clouds.He spoke enthusiastically about the poet Nikolai Gumilyov trendy and sincerely believe that only the desire for self-sacrifice for the sake of the happiness of others can save tainted world.He admired by the Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur, who for the ladies hearts can alone fight with
the whole army.But now, he thought the young man, shallow characters, high feelings of young people do not cause anything but smile.Marriage is no longer the great union of two loving hearts, but only a contract for living together.In that case, he said his son Gregory Kravchuk, stay Bobylev for life.But Volodya insisted that his love learns once and will not pass.

Time to Love
spring of 1910 a friend invited Vladimir to the prom in high school, who just graduated from Vera Levchenko.The festive hall Vladimir Cold came bored.I looked around, and his eyes met the gray-green eyes brunette low.Vladimir and Vera swirled in a waltz.Perhaps they wanted a lot to say to each other, but for the whole dance, they did not say a word.For lovers we talked eyes sparkling with happiness.Music over, but they just could not leave.Stepping aside, they talked: it turned out that they have a surprising amount in common.Listening to Volodya, Vera caught myself thinking that this enthusiastic young man - her fate.

They agreed to meet again.At the time, Moscow was an epidemic of young people keen on the cinema, so the offer of his knights to see the movie, she readily agreed.What were close paintings seem simple plot romantic souls of lovers!Vera Volodya clenched hands and sat motionless the entire session.

Once the Faith was seventeen, they were married and moved into a spacious house on New Basman, 28. Here Cold Genia had a daughter.The birth was very difficult and the doctors have forbidden the Faith in the future to have children.But the couple did not want to accept the fact that they will have only one child, and one year later their family enlarged reception baby Nonna.

Life for love
Then time seemed frozen, petrified with grief: in 1914 the lieutenant Vladimir Cold, assigned to the 5th Army of the Western Front, kissed his wife, hugged daughters smiled tightly and promised to come back, went to war.House orphaned - so it seemed to Vera.Children, her only consolation, not too brightened loneliness.It is increasingly tormented by nightmares.

Unable to sit still, and bringeth forth depressing thoughts, Vera went to the film studio.It has already several years dreamed of a movie, but I could not even imagine that her amazing talent and an unusual appearance will notice and appreciate.A few bit parts - and it is already the main character.Her dream came true!But the joy of recognition, such an unexpected and loud, Merkle under excessive load feelings for her husband.

Since the beginning of the war Vera hated calls at the door.Shuddered, it opened at once, as if it could save her from disaster.It did not help: in one of the days in August 1915 the postman brought the sad news.In a letter to a government reported that the lieutenant Vladimir Cold, awarded for valor golden sword of St. George, badly wounded in the fighting near Warsaw and taken to a hospital in the rear.

Vera several times re-read the notice and can not accept what has happened, she fainted.Recovering, she smiled sadly, remembering the first interview with Volodya, and her heart was filled with a feeling of infinite happiness.She thought nothing irreparable had happened, because he was not killed, was not missing, which means that it can to find him and save him.

And the star of Russian cinema Vera Cold, which is already adored audience for such films as "The Song of Triumphant Love" and "Flame of the Sky", quits his job and travels to the rear hospital.To say that the road to her husband was a nightmare - to say nothing.She was accompanied by dirt, ignorance, other people's suffering, which was impregnated with soul, reinforcing her own pain.But all this is nothing compared with her love for her husband - that she had helped her survive.

... She found her Volodya - stationary, but of the living.The doctor said, looking away: "We believe these injuries hopeless. Well, a day or two - and everything. And Lieutenant Cold somehow still alive. They say that it is you mind helping him recover. But the idea has not yet learned how to heal... "" Maybe you do not know everything, Doctor, "- said Vera.

For many weeks she nursed the wounded and other Volodya: was caring nurse, a nurse, a teacher.What kind of mental and physical strength is required - does not pass, but thanks to the dedication of its mortal wounds on the body of her husband began to tighten.Vladimir has not yet been able to walk, but was eager to go home.Vera, her husband to procure a wheelchair on the chaise dovezla him to Moscow.

He went after her ...
Upon returning to Moscow Vera head goes to work: without it, it was impossible to imagine Russian cinema.One after another, the movie with her participation: "Mirage", "Life for Life", "fireplace".She worked furiously, as if afraid not have time ...

winter of 1919 Vera Cold were filming in Odessa.At that time there was rampant "Spanish flu" (a special form of flu), but film group continued to work.After the speech, the audience in the crowded and poorly heated room and actress dumped disease.During her life fighting the best doctors, but they could not beat the flu, which was imposed even pneumonia.Frosty Sunday February 16 on the porch of the house where faded actress went professor Uskov.A huge crowd was on duty at her window, fell silent.The doctor waved his hand and wept bitterly: the heart of 26-year-old Vera Cold stopped beating.

She starred in the movie only four years, but during this short period of screens out more than 40 films with her participation.We have heard only five of them, or rather six: the last - the shooting of her funeral.Vladimir never recovered after his wife's death: no longer out of the room, spoke.And once I slept with a serene smile and never woke up.He was survived by Faith only two months.According to doctors, he died of typhoid fever.It is impossible to write a history of the disease, he died of boredom ...

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