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Laws secure life for children

And in his small team, if someone is not inferior to them, they start to resolve the matter by force, despite the fact that the enemy will be much stronger than themselves.How to prevent the occurrence of such situations?

is necessary, first of all, by a positive example for the child, and not venturing unnecessary scandal.But how to predict it?

It's much easier than you think.You are in the public transport, tired at work and saw the vacant position, but as luck would have near the person is drunk.What do you do?You can just be indignant, but what is the result?Your words for him, as the wall peas, and a reason for conflict, for drunken man can provoke very simple.Affected you and your child.

therefore depart, saying that you need to go further and go further into the interior.It happens that you have already taken place, and sits next to a drunken neighbor, you're holding the baby, it would be better to transplant it so that you have it overshadowed his body or change the place, but not in the neigh
borhood, but away.

also may represent a danger not only drunk people on the bus, or a group of aggressive adolescents, but also randomly stopped the car, or people who are "looking for" some kind of street or an actor for the lead role.Your child should know that under no circumstances it should not be anyone to engage in conversation, and even more to go with them.

Attackers often use it inexperience or credulity of children.They offer access to the home or to see the puppies, play exciting games, etc.The child, fascinated by deception, forget about parental warnings.The infamous maniac Asrotyan looking for a victim with the help of his foster daughter.She searched among the crowd of well-dressed girl and asked her a question: Muscovite this or not.If the received answer from Moscow, asked how to find a particular street, and if not, then calling to participate in the audition.And it receives approval, leading her to his stepfather, who pretended to be a director.

continue to act on a pre-prepared plan of action.The girl was brought to his home, gave coffee and psychotropic drugs, and as soon as she lost consciousness, Asrotyan raped her, pick up her things and sacrifice, dressed in rags, discarded in a vacant lot.Later he became a maniac to kill their victims.

Children by nature are too trusting.They have no idea that the culprit can pretend kind outside when she is hunting, and only then turns into a cruel beast.

Therefore, we must clearly explain to the child that all invitations to go somewhere, watch a movie or play with a new toy, the child must categorically reject.It can refer to you, the parents, or that he is not interesting proposal stranger.And needless to tell parents about the unknown virtues that he had something to offer.Much of this situation is up to you how seriously you respond to the above, talk to other parents, their children may be offered something like that, and then watch the situation where your children play in the yard.

happens that an adult or a child of the same age it is very pushy when trying to affect the self-esteem of younger, like, I think you're an adult and your parents are not allowed.In this case, the child has to say, you need to warn my mom and dad, where and with whom he will go, and you look at this barker.If he really came to talk with the child and has no bad intentions, it will be even happy to talk to you.And if not, then you should let it unlikely.

Note that attackers can use the machine, so the child should be careful when an unfamiliar car slows down near him, he definitely need to stay as far away from it, and if it will be asked how to find a street or a house, it should be said that theHe does not know, and he must remember that if a stranger came out of the car, then you need to quickly run to the side of the house and ran into any yard can shout, "Mom" or "Dad!" and waved as if he just met the parents.It does not matter that no one responded to his call.The offender is unlikely to be checking all the windows to attract attention.

chance to save in such a situation, there is always, it is only necessary to assess the situation and take appropriate action.

  1. never come into conflict in the public transport or a gathering of people.
  2. If next to you is going drunk people better go around by his side, and under no circumstances will tie a conversation with him.
  3. Seeing an unfamiliar company, better get away from them, change direction, go to the other side of the street.
  4. If your child asks how to find out, let him answer, how to get, sketched a plan, but do not try to accompany strangers.
  5. When baby provoke an atypical act for him, teasing him that he is still small, it is necessary to come to the house to warn parents, with whom and where he was going.
  6. A stranger offers the child to play a game or watch the animal, he must emphatically reject.
  7. child was invited to the stage or prepare for a beauty contest, he should not hesitate to ask where he had come with his parents and at what time.
  8. Once the child is told about contact with strangers, which he offered something, talk to neighbors - parents, set the watch when children are walking in the street.If someone appears suspicious in the playground, give a detailed description of the man to his precinct.
  9. If the child is called to sit in an unfamiliar car to show the way, he must as far as possible from her stay, under any circumstances, do not sit there, even if he is on the way.
  10. When a stranger especially persistent, the child must go to any home, to pretend that he lives here, to wave and call mom or dad that he "saw".
All this is of course universal safety of the child.But it takes a lot subconsciously seeing how you act - his parents.But unlike you, they are more vulnerable and not always correctly assess the situation.Therefore, watch your actions and remember that the child learns only your example, and only depends on you the safety of your child.

And remember that in most cases, the victim itself provoked the criminal to criminal acts.Therefore, follow the rules and keep their loved ones.