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Dean Reed: most Soviet American

"Soviet Presley"
Dean Reed was born in 1938 in Denver (USA, Colorado).One of the advertising firms, drawing attention to the attractive appearance of a young cowboy, invited him to work as a model.Immediately after the photo session was followed by offers from film producers.It seemed that Dean Reed - ideal hero westerns.Women were crazy about him.However, Dean became heroes not for movie handlers such as Clint Eastwood and Cuban heroes, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

In 1965 at the World Congress in Helsinki broke sharp debate between the Soviet and Chinese delegations.Redeem fervor of political opponents managed to young Americans who came to the stage with his guitar and began to sing patriotic songs.It was Dean Reed.The Soviet delegation invited him to Moscow.

blonde from Estonia
In 1971, at the Moscow Film Festival Reid met with actress Eva Kivi.A native of Tallinn had a spectacular appearance in 60 years among the ten most beautiful actresses of the Soviet Union.When reporters saw Reed talki
ng with Kiwi, before take a picture of the star couple, we asked them to hold hands.Dean reached out and said, "You - my".And so it happened!

In the USSR, Reed always accepted with open arms.But an apartment in Moscow, where he wanted to settle down for some reason, was not given.Every time someone prevented him from meeting with Eva Kivi, especially after the death of the Minister of Culture Furtsevoy, accept them.When he came to Moscow, Kiwi provided somewhere on the set when she was in the capital, Dean sent out on tour.He hinted that he may have as many mistresses, but his Soviet wife "is not necessary".As a result, the actor was forced to leave for permanent residence in the GDR.

Under the supervision of "Stasi"
Now he lives near Potsdam, and his political activity continues unabated.Reid leaves the hottest in the world, constantly gets in a very risky situation.

Do not forget to Dean about his personal life.In Berlin, he hastily marries translator Wiebke, which, according to people who knew her, including agent gedeerovskoy security "Stasi".They have two children born.A few years later the love of Wiebke imperceptibly gone, and their marriage was annulled.

The GDR Reid continued to act in films.In 1981 he married a young but already popular actress Renate Blume.Marriage Dean and Renata could not be called perfect, because in each of its arrival in the Union of actor met with his former passion Eva Kiwi.

Accident or murder?
Dean ceased to engage in politics, and despite nazavidnoe material prosperity, suddenly washed down.What was the reason?They said that Dean was disappointed in socialism.In an interview with American journalists he had said: "I do not think socialism and communism the best systems ...

He is maturing desire to return home. On this basis, there are frequent scandals with Renata she-is certainly not going togo to any America.

In the early summer of 1986 began shooting the film "Bloody Heart" Dean Reed in the title role. June 8 there was another (and last!) quarrel with Renata. He slashed his arm blade and shouted:"Do you want my blood!" On the same day Dean gathered some things and took a passport, got into his car and drove away. As the official version, the lake Tsoytner See Dean Reed lost control, hit a tree and flying outthe car fell into the water.

Eva Kiwi in an interview, said: "One of the representatives of the" authorities "spoke directly to me," Reed is no turning back. "On the day he died, I saw a strange dream: Dean gave me the exact date of his murder. "Whatever it was, his death, and to this day remains a mystery.

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