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Supermodel share the secrets of their diets

Miranda Kerr adhere to blood group diet.
One of the fascinating galaxy of "angels" - the living symbol of the famous lingerie brand Victoria's Secrets has adopted to maintain its magnificent shape the so-called blood group diet.The concept of this extremely popular diet today is based on the fact that the products must be selected according to blood group.Miranda The second group, which corresponds to a vegetarian-based diet.Australian "angel" practically does not use meat in its menu, it is found only in the form of chicken with vegetables, salmon and tuna.For the second group of blood necessary intake of alkaline foods such as citrus, pomimdorov, squash, beans.Eat fresh fruits and vegetables during this diet is possible without any restrictions, but should give up spices, dressings in the form of sweet sauces and the more cream.It allows you to spoon of olive oil to fresh vegetables.Miranda, the term "fresh" treats unequivocally: the newly purchased products, anything from the fridge!

Karolina Kurkova says the best way to maintain the form of protein-rich diet.
Diet Czech model is simple and natural assortment.Top model prefers, like all is following his figures of women, freshly-squeezed juices and fresh, but is not afraid to mix protein and glutamine supplements, believing that its work proteins are essential.In the morning some juice with a little protein powder, a couple of hours - two boiled eggs.Closer to lunch Carolina eats a dozen nuts, no matter what - walnuts or almonds.Not currently prohibits supermodel grilled fish with vegetables and salads.But do not get tired of repeating that the juice for it - most importantly, she always keeps them around itself.For a change could allow a smoothie of milk, honey, bananas and frozen strawberries, which creates a feeling of satiety with minimal calories.

Adriana Lima prefers copious drinking.
Top Model "sitting" on a liquid diet.The result of diet - with the growth of 177 cm Brazilian did not transgress the weight bar 51 kg - only underlines its effectiveness.But recognition of Adriana caused quite a stir when she said that on the eve of important impressions (supermodel like Miranda Kerr shows lingerie Victoria's Secrets, why should not only face but also for other parts of the figure) for nine consecutive days usesOnly liquids.The structure of such a rapid diet includes protein shakes, which include the whole egg.During the day, plenty of ordinary drinking water consumed in alternation with non-carbonated mineral water.During the shows the top model in the 12 hours prior to entering the runway stops even drink.Thus, it manages to throw up to three and a half kilograms.Doctors do not welcome such a menu from Adriana, considering it absurd diet.According to them, more preferred embodiment attempts to stay on this diet for 3-5 days for fast results without any adverse effects.And indeed Lima warns that the blind did not copy her diet, as it is a necessary measure for the sake of important shows.But in real life it eats differently, though, of course, that her food is a balanced diet.Minimum heat treatment for products, fruits and vegetables - only raw.No pasta, flour, semi-finished products!Like all the "Latinos", indifferent to Brazilian meat products, vegetarian present it is not possible to stay.The yield found - lean meat.To maintain the immunity of Adrian every day eats a spoonful of honey.

Let's listen now to the advice of Naomi Campbell, one of the most famous top models in the world.
leader in popularity among top supermodels will not recognize any diet, but her technique is also a kind of diet called detox diet.In preparation for an important impressions Naomi cleanses the body of toxins special "cocktail", based on lemonade and herbal laxative tea different recipes.It takes him within 10 days, but it does not eat any solid food."Browsing" on such a diet, supermodel losing weight up to 9 kg.The assurances of the "Black Panthers" after such a cleansing the body of toxins, it feels great, though born anew.Nutritionists, experts do not recommend that women rashly rush to such cleansing shakes, because Naomi cleansing of the body is conducted by EXCLUSIVE detox program developed specifically for her professional nutritionist, and take into account the peculiarities of its addition and health.

seems no particular secret diet to maintain excellent form at the queens and angels podiums is not marked, but they differ from traditional diets.Definitely, whatever diet you choose, you need to consult with experts.

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