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Darya Dontsova and her pugs

Darya Dontsova (passport - Agrippina Arkadevna Doncova) was born June 7, 1952 in Moscow, the son of the writer Arkady Vasilyev irezhissёra Mosconcert Tamara Nowacki.She graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow State University, worked in the newspaper "Evening Moscow", the magazine "Fatherland."Author of more than 100detektivnyh novels, winner of the contest "Book of the Year" awards "Author of the Year", "Imyagoda", "Bestseller of the Year", a member of the Writers' Union of Russia, Peter the Great obschestvennymordenom awarded 1st degree with a ribbon for his great personal contribution to achievements in ivydayuschiesyaliterature.

Previously she had three pug: Capa, Fenya and Mulyana.But kogdaMulya seriously ill, to somehow support her daughter Masha bought two puppies - Fira and Musyu.Mulya loved messing around with the kids.She was delighted with the puppies and prozhilaeschё two months.Now Daria live four pugs, with all female pola.Kapa, ​​Fenya and Musya - fawn Fira and only -

Pugs - very friendly dog, and therefore it semeprosto and simply do not have any differences.For the upbringing of Fira Musivzyalas Fenya and Capa was so glad the emergence of new pugs that even delooblizyvala kids.Once we arrived, Musya Fira and the first thing prinyalisterebit cat, and even then the cat puppies San Sanych allowed to sleep in his back wraps!Here's a family idyll!In the evenings, they like to frolic: drugza other worn around the house.Not far behind them and San Sanych - sometimes he samzadiraet dogs, especially Fira: know that it "will lead."What, for example, the climb to Fyenya sense: after all, it would not play.And they love to run zakoshachey whisk as soon as you start to play with the cat, the dog immediately fall visteriku and chasing her.

San ​​Sanych - dear, dear, precious.And he apparently does not see dogs of their competitors.Recently to visit them came SvetaKonegen with Yorkshire Terrier Dusya.What they made, you can not pass!And Kotb just in seventh heaven!And when San Sanych poseredinekomnaty falls and pulls paw, dogs are placed side by side, legs stretched too inachinayut lick them.That's what ponabrali habits of each other!Mnogiedazhe do not believe that it happens.

in love and harmony
Fira - very intelligent, and responsible for guarding the home.Hardly zaslyshavshoroh in the hallway, she was flying to the door, starting to bark loudly.And she ochenpryguchaya unlike Musi, which hardly gets on the couch samostoyatelnoi requests that it raised.This Musya this activity, which manages everywhere, it needs to know everything, it can be in several places.Now they uzhepo two years, but they continue to vandalize: stick to the Cape and Fyenya, jumping polestnitsam might sneak something from the table.

All but Musi, quite jealous.But Musya ochenlyubit when she paid attention, and God forbid someone to pat, and it is not.Onabudet ride until his will not achieve.Daria tries nobody obdelitlaskoy: if you suddenly want someone tougostit, of course, get a treat all at once, including the cat.Iotdyhayut together.In her house - a spacious sofa on which are placed vsechetveronogie friends at once.Pugs are friendly, they all horoshihvzaimootnosheniyah each other and often frolic together with toys, kotoryhpolon house.Musa especially liked my sneakers with pugs, so we had them eyotdat.

Dontsova In the house you can find almost any thing sizobrazheniem pugs.Friends and relatives are constantly presented with souvenirs Pug: its kollektsiiih several thousand.There is even a table with pugs: husband saw it in the store without hesitation bought.

If nabezobraznichali pugs, she picks up a newspaper on the floor and stuchiteyu stern voice asks, "Who is this nahuliganil?" But these sobakiumeyut looking eyes like that tutzhe taesh, throw a newspaper and pugs were treated with something tasty.Adressirovat them and did not try.Zatosobaki know exactly what they will surely bedtime swim nuzhnona that walk the street, it is not necessary to have a bed.But late mopsiha Mulia bylablestyaschey a model when journalists came to the house, carried out all ihkomandy and happily posed for the cameras.

Once a month all zhivotnyhosmatrivaet vet regularly clean their teeth and ears, nails cut idelaet all necessary vaccinations, they eat good food ... Pugs - teplolyubivyesobaki, they are afraid of the cold.As they walk in the cold warm down jacket, and rain - vlёgkih caparisons.

Pugs - a four-legged therapists, and they mozhnopogovorit literally everything.If you feel sad, you can pug iuspokoit sorry, but if you're in a good mood, he was happy to play with you.Ransheu Daria live dogs and other species, and now in addition to the four pugs SanSanycha and cat live in the house and fish and turtle Gerasim.At one time she had eschёi hamsters.She bought a hamster children, and he was unwell.The doctor said that he was bored, and bought him a couple - girl.Every two weeks they appeared homyachata.Ihbylo very much, and they are rapidly growing up.Steel homyachat take back to the pet store on the Arbat.

They cost two cents per pair.They brought a dozen kids got for nih20 cents and leaves.One dealer, who has memorized Dontsovu, says: "We have brought 200 people, 1,000 hamsters, they bred them.And you what? "Daria said that this is just the fruit of love.

When people give birth to a pet, they should chёtkoponimat that is a big responsibility that we must take care of svoёmpitomtse.If possible, try to help homeless animals.Daria agreed with one filling station in which live street dogs that would takes them to the veterinarian, sterilized and bring back a supply of medications for the week.This stantsiirabotayut very responsible people: they stabbed the animal medicines, vyhazhivaliih.And these dogs still have them live.She likes, for example, a system running the English pokotoroy shelter for homeless dogs.Photos of zhivotnyhvylozheny site shelter.You can pay $ 10, and then your dog budetpozdravlyat you a happy birthday, send you news, you can come iigrat her in a shelter or pay a visit to the dentist, to buy toys ... UODN dogs can be almost 100 sponsors immediately.It is an outlet for those ktohochet communicate with animals, but for some reason can not make it at sebyadoma.