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Victor Porfirevich Perevalov

Either movie or school
He was born February 17, 1949 in the family nurse irabotnika trade.On one of the children's holidays at the Palace of Pioneers of his 7-year-old, she noticed the assistant director, sought artists for the film "Tambu-Lambi."So in 1956 he made his creative debut - and immediately vglavnoy role!And since that time, without delays or downtime, he moved into the picture izkartiny months without showing themselves at home.Mom had to resign sraboty and get a studio - a teacher of his own son.Posovetskomu legislation child labor was banned.Moreover, the child not allow the load more than 4 hours a day.But when he had a major role - chtoprikazhete do?Laws, as they could, avoided.

But health and then to falter: sometimes after filming otnapryazheniya nose gushing blood ... As for the study - about her and had govoritne ... And after the shooting of "Mary-mistress" shkolapostavila ultimatum:Vitya kicked out, or it "ties" with the film and saditsyaza desk.

conflict reached its highest le
vel.School pobedila.Vitya 2 years was excommunicated from the movies ... And when after this time, he said svoyukandidaturu the film "The Republic SHKID", he had to take a screen test naobschih grounds - it all forgotten.

painting was a success, and "the second coming" in Perevalova Kinostan even more striking.A year later, he starred in his best films - "I vaslyubil."

«not serious" face
After the army career Perevalova quietly began to decline.Egovse even invited to the shooting, but the role grew smaller.In "Dvenadtsatimesyatsah" he flashed somewhere on the periphery as the month of May.In the movie "Let me off!" And "Cases of bygone days," appeared in the form militsionera.Potom there were several walk-through paintings, bit parts.Posledneybolshoy role and Perevalova undoubted success was the role of the red-haired waiter - "mishandled" Cossack in the "Tavern on Pyatnitskaya."In the story of its hero was 19yo, in fact, by the time Victor knocked 30!Here is samayamolozhavost, childlike features, once it is taken up on the crest of fame, tepersygrala a trick on him: of children's and teen roles increased and nichegosereznogo directors with such a person was not given ...

After 30 letnegozabveniya
In the early 80's, he decided to leave the movie ... It was not for negotragediey.He calmly survived the collapse of his once brilliant career and imeyahot some education, agree to any work, just to pay.Dvagoda worked inspector in the subway, then there was a porter at the grocery store, went to pick apples Voronezh region, where even earned mashinu.Zanimalsya private taxi driver, he worked as a security guard in the parking lot ...

But to overthrow kinoolimpa into the abyss of life's everyday neoboshlos without fairthe proportion of alcohol - ex-actor lay in wait times belayagoryachka.

This lasted until 2006 when, after 30 letnegozabveniya, he happened to see on the street, Igor Apasyan, ready to semkamfilma "Graffiti".After this film, invitations poured from rogaizobiliya: An old man in a Christmas tale, "Treasure", the patient psychiatric hospital in the TV series "Foundry, 4", an episode of the series "Smersh-2".Hangers Grushenka Maximov in "The Brothers Karamazov," a doctor in the film "Pelagia and the White Bulldog."

bad joke movie
Cinema, which gave him fame, was resurrected after mnogoletnegoprozyabaniya, played a cruel joke in his life - he died during the filming of the show "Let not the end of love."

Perevalov agreed to participate in this project, despite naplohoe health and horrific heat, standing in those days in Moscow.He must bylvernutsya home July 5, 2010.But back third, in terrible condition.Ondazhe warned relatives on the return - could not remember what happened to him.

day after the return of Victor Porfiryevich otpravilen hospital, and even a day later he died in the intensive care unit of a massive infarkta.Ego buried in the cemetery of memory of victims of January 9.None of those rabotalnad his latest project, the funeral did not come ...

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