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Living Legends: Mick Jagger

Getting creative way

frontman of the legendary «The Rolling Stones», which has knighted, producer and film actor Sir Michael Philipp born July 26, 1943 in Dartford.His father was a simple school teacher, and his mother was engaged in public work.Future star studied at the School of Economics and Political Science.A favorite lesson he had singing lessons and the rest were of no interest.But he soon abandoned his studies altogether and created together with Brian Jones and Keith Richards band Rolling Stones.

Taking a pseudonym in 1961, Mick became known to all as Mick Jagger.The first group The Rolling Stones performed at Marquee Club in 1962.And then in the «Jazz News» flashed the name «RollingStones».

blyuzmenovsochli Most of the old and the young musicians upstarts too outrageous.

In 1964 he published pervyyalbom group over the name they did not bother, simply choose Rolling Stones.Setogo moment begins popularity in the UK, and later in the whole mire.Odin for one group became vypuskatal

bomy, who later earned a huge success.But the media have become poyavlyatsyane very flattering article.In 1967, Jagger popodozreniyu charged with drug possession.Jagger was sentenced to prison trёmmesyatsam, but the singer's lawyers have filed an appeal and he was given a suspended sentence.


Jagger famous zhebolshoy so loving.To date, Jagger could be called the father of many children and grandfather, he had seven children idvoe grandchildren.For the first time the singer fell in love with the actress Marianne Faithfull znamenituyubritanskuyu.Musician even dedicated her song «As TearsGo By», but they quickly left.Then the singer met briefly one more pop stars - Masha Hunt.She was also dedicated the song «Brown Sugar».Mary Hunt bore him a daughter.

Next sudbonosnayavstrecha occurred on one of the kontsertovgruppy in 1970, where the singer met a young nikaraguanku Bianca.A little later, they were married by arranging krasivuyusvadbu on the French Riviera.The family had a daughter who was named Jade Jagger.But the marriage did not last dolgo.Supruga accused Jagger of being unfaithful and filed for divorce.

While still a married man, Jagger, as befits a real smoothie, twisted romance with supermodel Jerry Hall.After years sovmestnoyzhizni couple still was married vIndonezii November 21st.Jerry gave Mick already four children.But kontse90's a new scandal broke out, which ended the marriage.Model Luciana Moradsoobschila press that her son Lucas is a child vocalist legendarnoyrok group.Fatherhood has been proven and the musician had to pay nemaluyusummu money for the maintenance of the child.

solo career and movie

70s The Rolling Stonesrazryvaet contract with his manager occur izmeniniya and creative life of the singer.The leader of the group, together with kollegoyvzvalivayut on all financial matters and business.

In 1980 Dzhaggerzanyalsya solo career and vypustilalbom She's The Boss ».Recorded plates attended by many stars.Fans took a new creature with delight, and the composition «Just Another Night» became one of the hits in the UK.Further, the release followed 1987godu vtorogosolnika «Primitive Cool».Album bylodobren critics, but did not bring commercial success.Last for 90 years albomDzhaggera came in 1993.«Wandering Spirit» exceeded all expectations kritikovi they praised the work of Micah.

Mick Jagger tolkotalantlivy not a musician, but also a great actor and director.In his youth and career samomnachale Jagger starred in several films.Realizing this, the musician creates his own production company.The first release of Jagged Films took place in 2000.The film «Enigma» was dedicated SecondWorld War.Next was filmed «Being Mick» about Jagger.

In 2003, the legendary rocker dedicated vrytsari and he became known as Sir.

In 2010 Jagger bylasozdana group «Super Heavy».The structure of the new group included young musicians, atakzhe Jagger himself.

Jagger created on stsenenepodrazhaemy image.His voice, movement in dance, powerful energy iharizma make it part of a crazy era.

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