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Nicole Richie

Attempts to remove the financial difficulties failed.Moreover, soon became not Nicole's father, Lionel, who had strongly attached and love the baby, has issued a formal custody of her.These changes greatly affected the status of the child, but from an early age, she finds solace in music and sports hobbies.So, Nikki knew how to play the guitar, cello, piano, violin, skate and was very active.

Living with foster parents, too, was not ideal.Some time later, Lionel divorced his wife and tied the fate of the other woman.Divorce also affected the perception of the world girls.Stepfather indulged little princess in each of its whim, not denying anything.From the new marriage of Lionel appeared two children - a son and daughter Sophie Miles.

When Nicole went to school The Buckley School, she met with another "star" kid friendship with whom influenced her future.He was the famous Paris Hilton today.Nicole Richie and Paris were inseparable in high school years, and a student, and to this day.

Captivating stellar life Nicole Richie

Stellar life

life star Nicole Richie can not be called a quiet and noble.From early childhood, the girl used to the fact that every whim of her marks in the blink of an eye, and this habit went with her into adulthood.Nicole Richie, whose photos often appear on the front pages of magazines, along with her friend Paris, led a stormy life of the youth.Alcohol abuse, endless parties and entertainment for the "brilliant" young people doing their job.But precisely because of the earned notoriety Nicole successfully made its way into show business, signing contracts with modeling agencies, clothing brands and music producer.

In 2003, screens out the reality show "The Simple Life", the protagonists of which were inseparable star girlfriend - Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.The girls changed their luxury apartments, expensive clothes and glamorous life in the simple and humble everyday in the countryside.The show was not very popular, but still found its audience not only in the US, and beyond.

At the same time came her first book, entitled "The Truth About Diamonds."The basis of lay women autobiography.In 2008, an agreement was signed about the film adaptation of the work.The road to the cinema was opened, and after a couple of years, Richie starred in the film "American kids."It can be seen in the television series "American Dreams," "Eve," the movie "Act babe", "Chuck" and "Eight Rules for Dating My teenage daughter."

Scandalous past Nicole Richie, interesting facts

scandalous past

In 2003, the young starlet was arrested for drug possession.Three years later, she was arrested again for driving while intoxicated.It is not denied that regularly smokes marijuana, but in the use of hard drugs is not admitted.Verdict - 4 days in prison, a fine and probation.In 2006, virtually every printed edition can be read news about anorexia Nicole Richie on the basis of bulimia.The girl has repeatedly denied these rumors, though admitted that looks painfully thin.In 2007, she had to go to hospital for treatment of hypoglycemia.Special diet Nicole Richie allows it to maintain a healthy and beautiful appearance.

Happy family life Nicole Richie.

happy family life

In 2006, after the incident on charges of possession and use of drugs it is "tied" to the parties and began dating Joel Madden, whom she married in 2010. Today, the star of marriage with Joela daughter Winter Kate Madden Herlou and son Sparrow James Midnight Madden.

Daughter Nicole gave birth in 2008, confirming rumors of her pregnancy.A month after the birth of a girl she and her husband and baby arranged a photo shoot for a glossy magazine and gave an interview in which he said that is not in a hurry to legalize their relationship.But after a couple of years wedding still took place.Perhaps the reason for this was the birth of her second child in 2009

Since scandalous past the girls left behind, and the enormous creative potential of the star sent to a quiet channel, releasing in 2008 a series of jewelry.

Everyone has the right to errors, the main time to fix them.Although controversial past, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have found happiness in a happy marriage, and continues to give the world the beauty, both through their appearance, and through creativity.