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Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace, Gianni helped in everything what I could.She watched the proliferation of products, the success and promotion of the brand.Moreover, she was present and the only muse for his brother, who tirelessly to create a masterpiece of a masterpiece, looking at the beauty-sister.The friendly family duo worked like a clock: sister - PR-manager, Brother - the creator and chief financial officer.

In the mid 80s, Gianni's sister requested keeping the youth line, called Versus.It not only met the expectations of his brother, but he gave a lot of new ideas.Brilliant designer performing duties, she first began to be used to display clothes not only professional models, and show business stars.This step has brought tremendous popularity of the brand Versace.

Smart brand advertising was one of the merits of Donatella.She invited to fashion shows all of the most popular stars of the music scene and film.Among her guests were Madonna, Liz Hurley, Halle Berry and many other celebrities.So thank Versace s

pread beyond Europe reaching America.

Interesting facts from the biography of Donatella Versace

turning point

Unfortunately, happiness can not last forever, and focus on the star tandem came to an end.July 15, 1977 Donatella's brother was shot dead near his home unknown serial killer.Evil tongues say that she is personally involved in the case, and went on killing for the sake of undivided ownership Fashion House.But few believe that a loving sister, who from childhood trying to single step without leaving your loved Gianni, could commit such a horrible crime.

family tragedy, unjust accusations, rumors and gossip strongly influenced the mentality of Donatella and her family all that they were forced into hiding for a while in a private residence in the Caribbean.

Return to the world of fashion Donatella Versace


year later, Donatella Versace has returned to the world of fashion.She gathered all my strength and all the creativity and released the first collection of its own after the death of Gianni.The line was received with little enthusiasm, but this did not affect the activity of the designer.She continued to work hard on new concepts, advertising and brand development.As a result of the Versace collection became more feminine, stylish and bold, they appeared frank sexuality bordering on aggressive.Donatella marked the beginning of a new era in the world of fashion, and Versace brand was reborn from the ashes like a phoenix magic.

Legacy Wealth and Donatella Versace.

rich heritage

Apart Fashion Fashion Versace family owned luxury hotel in the United Arab Emirates and Australia.Donatella Versace as her late brother, also inherited a passion for collecting luxury properties.She never lived a long time, moving from one house to another.By the most conservative estimates the total cost of ownership is about $ 21 million.

But wealth is measured not only monetary signs and the number of zeros.Donatella Versace - the goddess of fashion houses, beloved wife and loving mother of two children.Her marriage to Paul Beck 18 years.Previously, he worked as a male model, and demonstrated dress by Gianni Versace.His niece, the daughter of Donatella Versace, Allegra he left exactly half of its funds.Donatella also got only 20%.However, the girl grew up not quite healthy and is currently trying to overcome anorexia.

Transformation appearance

In his youth, Donatella Versace was unremarkable girl with ordinary appearance, but with the years it has become increasingly resort to plastic surgeons.If, before the plastic Miss Versace is allocated only its famous name in the fashion world, the efforts of the doctors turned it into a likeness of Barbie dolls now.