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Adelina Sotnikova

When she was 7 years old, she enrolled in a school of CSKA, where train hard.While her peers were playing dolls and taught in primary school exercise book, Adeline gave herself to ice.Her persistence already could envy of many professional skaters.

terrible motivation

tenacity and will to win, not only due to the personal qualities of young athletes.Unfortunately, Sister Maria Adelina Sotnikova suffers from a rare but very serious disease - Treacher Collins syndrome.This disease is characterized by deformation of the craniofacial region, when patients with a decrease in the mouth, chin, ears, strabismus.The disease is extremely rare - only 1 time out of 50 000. Before Adelina able to earn their own treatment sister, family Sotnikova helped figure skating coach Tatiana Tarasova.

Motivation to action Adelina Sotnikova.

Adeline Parents do not have large earnings.Father - an employee of Criminal Investigation, mother - a former acrobat, and now forced housewife.Therefore, almost all the money earned sweat, tears and perseverance, Adeline s

pends on the treatment of his sister, though they are rarely seen.Because of the constant training and competition girl can not afford to spend with your family for as long as she wanted.

Starry future

Today photo Adelina Sotnikova is the most recognizable, even among those who had no interest in figure skating.This talented girl strikes all its grace, zeal and virtuosity.She predicting future success on the world sports stage, asked to participate in all competitions, and her beauty is beginning to attract the most eligible suitors from around the world.However, twenty

beauty is in no hurry to relax, and even more immersed in the daily workout.For her, all roads are open, but to pass them, you need to constantly improve their masterstvo.Adelina - kind and open girl.She has many friends around the world, and almost all of them - athletes.This is not surprising, because who does not like the athlete is able to understand the soul and the aspirations of the young beauty.

Starry future Adelina Sotnikova.

Everyday life and leisure

Every day Adeline is committed to training and exercises, razuchivaya new, more complex movements.Some professional jumping she could easily carry a child, but the world of figure skating is not standing still, and she prefers to stand at the helm of progress, setting the pace and style of this sports destinations.Holidays - an integral part of the life of a professional athlete.However, much to relax Adeline was not used because you need to be in shape all the time.If you can get out with his girlfriend in a movie or eat Pirozhenko in the cafe - it is the best holiday that you can imagine!

How is the life of Adelina Sotnikova.

Photo Adelina Sotnikova in swimsuit inflames the imagination of prospective brides and makes envious rivals to sit on a diet and spend all my free time in the gym.Successful star and a pretty girl again and again declare itself, producing for Russian gold and silver medals!

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