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Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen

little about the family celebrities

Mary Kate and Ashley were born June 13, 1986 under the sign of Gemini.They are home to a California town, situated near Los Angeles - Sherman Oaks.Their father, David worked as a mortgage banker, and her mother Dzharnett - manager.The heroine of this article there is also an older brother and a younger sister.In 1995 their parents divorced and her father married the next Olsen appeared two more children.

Despite striking similarities, Ashley and Mary Kate are dizygotic twins, ie have different genetic sets.In addition, Ashley writes with his left hand, unlike her sister, and her rise to more than 3 cm.

Some interesting Family sisters Olsen.

road to success

when my sister was only half a year, my mother took them to the viewing of casting for the filming of the TV series "Full house".It so happened that among all the other girls were the only children who did not cry, for this reason, they have selected for the role, they started to work at the age of 9 months.

When finished shooting the first

season, the parents almost refused to continue the contract, but changed their minds after producers increased the amount of the fee.

This sitcom was a total of eight seasons on ABC and shows for several years, since 1987.It is noteworthy that in the first year of the Olsen sisters were listed in the credits as a single person - Mary Kate Ashley, because the producers wanted to keep secret the fact that the role played by the twins.

However, after the 1992 film "Hide grandmother, we're on our way" to the general public became aware that Mary Kate and Ashley - are two different children.After the huge success of the TV series "Full House" Sisters became stars of American cinema.

A fascinating way to success Olsen sisters.

In 1995 saw the light of the new work of actresses - movie "Both I and My Shadow."His showing in cinemas was a failure, but after appearing in selling videos, this film has become a bestseller.

Olsen sisters were found the youngest producers for the entire period of existence of the American film industry, as early as 7 years of age, they became the owner of the company Dualstar.

In 2002 the names of Mary Kate and Ashley can be found in the list of Forbes magazine among the "Celebrity 100".Since 2007, the actress took its place among the wealthiest people in the world of entertainment, their condition reaches 100 million. Dollars.

Sisters created several lines of clothing: children and adolescents, the high-end clothes, as well as youth line to a wider audience.

Actresses have rather strained relations with an organization advocating for the rights of animals.This is due to the extensive use of natural furs and leather clothing of one of their fashion brands.

Love stories Olsen sisters.


Mary Kate Olsen is recognized as a talented fashion designer, but her desire to look slim led to the fact that in 2004 the actress was treated for anorexia.

Reputation her twin sister was also stained scandal, which concerned the use of narcotic substances.In 2006, Ashley filed a lawsuit against one known edition, place it a photo with half centuries, from which the public and draw conclusions about drug Stars.The claim for 40 million. Was won actress.

As for love relationships, the subject sisters prefer not to develop, keeping confidential any personal information.But the press still occasionally tells of their novels.For example, Ashley Olsen was having an affair with Jared Leto, and with Lance Armstrong - a sportsman-cyclist, who was much older actress.

Mary Kate was spotted in a relationship with Nate Loumanom - artist, as well as with Olivier Sarkozy - the brother of the president of France.

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