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How to eat during a multiple pregnancy?

qualified physicians long ago calculated dnevnuyunormu calories needed expectant mothers.If a woman bears a fruit, Comrade her daily menu includes meals not exceeding 3,000 kcal.When vynashivaniidvuh fruit this figure should not exceed 3500 kcal, the future mother of triplets dolzhnaogranichitsya 4500 kkaloriyami.We must remember that the power of women in takoyperiod be mainly saturated, nutritious, include vitamins and minerals.However takihsvoystv very little dishes of spices and cooked frying method.

anemia and toxemia - a frequent companions mnogoplodnyhberemennostey.Usually these symptoms occur early in the first trimester and the second kkontsu.As a rule, pregnant women are recommended preparations containing zhelezoi respectively meal, of which also includes Fe.Its very mnogosoderzhitsya in products such as beef, liver, spinach, melon, soy beans, dried fruits and vegetables, baked potato.

In order to maintain normal blood vessels is a system operating in predavrale need as much as possibl

e to use vitaminS.The total daily dose of replenished by eating at least dvuhproduktov with abundant vitamin C. Here is a list of the products: 100g vegetable juice (juice ready to be stored no more than half an hour), two tomatoes, grapefruit and the juice of a mango, 1 pc.sweet peppers, oranges, cauliflower 100g boiled.

course, women with multiple pregnancy should eat for a day on the order boleeteh who bears a fruit.But in the uterus, comprising two and sometimes triploda, space should be larger.A topically so large stomach portions respectively is stretched, that is not desirable.Effektivneebudet consume food in a small amount, but a full-fledged all otnosheniyahsvoim composition.

to provide both themselves and the baby calcium, ie,vospolnitim daily rate which is at least 1,280-1,300 mg, 200 g of milk to drink or eat 110 grams of salmon (canned, not separated otkostochek).With double the number of recommended products should bytudvoeno.Of course, at one time to eat 220 grams of salmon meat is not bolshogotruda, but the next day to repeat it once again hardly anyone zahochetsya.Da not every man the strength to drink half a liter of milk, and pregnant zhenschines handle it even harder.

When mnogoplodnoyberemennosti food should be special

for future mothers of large families is the responsibility prinimatpischu that abundantly rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, which will benefit both the child Isamu mother.All of this is the norm, but toxicosis, which chastosoprovozhdaet pregnancy, as well as associated with it needs change in the choice power demand in the meal to make some adjustments:

  1. Eating limited to small portions and to make it a six-time.Eating in between 3-4 hours, you replenish your strength and thus will have a beneficial impact on blood sugar.Do not forget that the lowering of sugar - a harbinger of congestion in the nervous system and an increased risk of miscarriage.
  2. Carbohydrates and proteins should be taken together, so as the excess amount of carbohydrate that is found in fruits and confectionery, sugar also causes instability.For the full effect will be more expedient to apples or pears add the cheese (small amount).
  3. containing sugar at the right level to help drunk the night portion of the milk.It will bring great benefit eaten before bedtime 100g ice-cream diluted in milk or cereal cheese sandwich.
  4. amount of water you drink per day, should be at least two liters - it will prevent constipation and protect against urogenital infections, which occur due to the resulting imbalance of microflora in the vagina.
  5. Do not take drinks with alcohol and caffeine.
  6. pregnant woman also need salt, but the amount of it must be very small.Categorically excluded from the diet excess fat!

Power primnogoplodii - some additions

If a woman leads a normal life, then ezhednevnoemenyu whose composition is very diverse, serves as a supplier vsehzhiznenno-important substances growing in the womb children.

Before conception many women diet, those samympodryvaya their health, and that as a consequence of their effect on the organahdetorozhdeniya.In such situations, a fundamentally new approach prescribed kratsionu that needs a complete change, focusing on buduschihdetey.Also included in the appointment and vitamin complexes.

Supplements restocking of iron, but gorazdopoleznee taking natural foods, for synthesizing vitaminyi minerals by artificial metodausvaivayutsya in the body by only one percent.A pregnant woman and the sick, who are hoping for a pohudenieogranichival your diet, you need serious updating nedostayuschihorganizmu substances.

liver, meat, fish and eggs - that is not a complete perechenproduktov that make up the body's levels of iron, protein and B vitaminovgruppy that will greatly benefit the nervous system of the future mother and eedetyam.

from calcium deficiency, especially suffering Fortress kostnoysistemy - this teeth and nails, and volosy.Razumeetsya without calcium can not function normally zhenskiyorganizm, but first of all it is necessary for growth and development vnutriutrobnyhmalyshey.

To kids were strong, so that your zubybyli in the order have to be very attentive to ensure that Ca did vvash body regularly.If, for instance, you do not like milk, to replace him come vammogut yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, juices, which include those kaltsiya.Pischevye many supplements in some cases, can also be taken, but rekomendatsiivrachey that controlled your condition prior to conceptionand watched zarazvitiem your children in the womb.