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Therapeutic Diet for constipation

Medical diet for constipation

To eliminate this disease have a special diet for constipation.The result of applying the diet is achieved by cleansing the body, normalizing the digestive system, emptying the bowels.

Energy value kJ 12 142-15072 (2900- 3600 kcal).

When constipation diet can include the following foods:

Bread and flour products. mainly used in food rye bread, wheat can be, but the rough grinding.

Meat and poultry. Eat sinewy cuts of meat, if a bird, from the skin, offal, sausage, ham, sausages, jelly.

Fish. is best without fat.Cook can be whatever you like - roast or steamed.You can also eat smoked fish, herring, canned.

eggs. can simply boil or fry.No matter what kind of bird eggs - quail eggs, chicken or other species.

Dairy. Basically the most acidic dairy products, estimates, yogurt, cream, cheese, whey.These products are beneficial and help the body fight toxins.

fats. Average ghee, oil or butter.It is also possible in certain amounts and lard.

Cereals. recommended all kinds of friable porridges from buckwheat, millet, barley.You can pasta and legumes.But do not eat rice, semolina, rolled oats and sago.

Vegetables. Vegetables can take all the food which are available.Suitable cabbage, beets, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, seaweed.They are most useful.It can be used in canned form.

Soups. Soups suit all but the mucous membranes.There may be from legumes or vegetables.In the hot and cool as it does not matter.Its useful feature soup does not lose in any state.

Fruits and sweets. fruits and desserts can all except pomegranate jelly, quince, pears and chocolate.It can be dried fruit, jelly, fruit, berries, but not cherry.

Sauces and spices can be different.

Beverages. Drinks can be everything except alcohol.From a simple tea or compote to fresh juice, even with pulp.Not prohibited soda and coffee.

Medical diet for 1 day

Breakfast: 150 -200 grams of salad from green apples with fresh cabbage, seasoned with sour cream, green beans, fried in vegetable oil with eggs - 260-280 grams, a cup of tea with milk orwith cream.

Lunch: any fresh fruit, such as apples.

Lunch: bowl of soup made with fresh vegetables in the vegetable oil, boiled meat - 50 grams, beet or turnip stew - 180-200 grams, jellies, preferably lemon - 100-125 grams.

Snack: prunes or dried apricots, raisins soaked grams 50.

Dinner: stuffed cabbage or vine leaves with vegetable oil - 200 grams, Krupenik buckwheat or millet cereal with cheese - 200 grams, a cup of tea.

At night : a cup of yogurt.

All day: rye bread with bran - 150 grams, white bread premium - 200 g butter - not more than 10g of sugar - '40