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Chamomile in pregnancy

We always use a daisy for the elderly and children, internally and externally, to treat and to prevent, or even just 'cause she has a wonderful taste and smell very nice.

That is why many women do not even asking questions about it during pregnancy if vetom chamomile can help, then you should definitely apply to it.However, we were surprised when naupakovke with chamomile see footnote that during beremennostiprimenyat chamomile is contraindicated.And indeed, during pregnancy about the use of chamomile can be found a lot of conflicting statements.

How to be in this situation?How do I know whether harmful dlyamalyshey daisy mums and vice versa brings incredible benefits?

What are the benefits romashkivo while carrying a child?

actually chamomile flowers is very necessary and useful even VTAK unusual and extremely important period of women as nurturing rebenka.Mozhno say that if we use it correctly, for all it is completely devyatimesyatsev bezopasna.Poetomu if you really like to useCosmetics

based on chamomile (dobavlyatee in creams, ice wipe your face, wash your hair this infusion) or zheochen enjoy afternoon drink a cup of chamomile tea, then mozheteprodolzhat do it without worrying about their health.But if you've nothing nevzaimodeystvovali with chamomile, then your best bet is to buy a pack romashkovyhtsvetkov and start her acquaintance.Because pregnant women, romashkamozhet become an indispensable tool.During childbearing daisy nesetogromnuyu favor:

  1. Removes signs of toxicity, including itoshnotu.
  2. Kills Pain: headache, stomach cramping pain andother help quench camomile tea.
  3. relieves stress, calms the nervous system, reduces excitement and drives away depression and apathy.
  4. struggling with excessive flatulence, bloating zaporamii.
  5. Chamomile decoction of great help when stomatitahi other diseases of the oral cavity, if they are to rinse your mouth.
  6. Bears antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing and bactericidal action, so all advise ispolzovatromashku for the treatment of skin inflammations, wounds, washing genitals ipoloskaniya mouth.
  7. Chamomile is rich in magnesium and calcium.
  8. If disturbed inflammation and disease polovyhorganov, the broth-based romashkimozhno used as baths, douches, compresses ipodmyvany.
  9. In diseases of the upper respiratory tract mozhnodelat inhalation and gargle with chamomile.
  10. Reduces inflammation of the joints.

Precautions for pregnant

However, be aware that in order to daisy prinosilatolko favor it must be properly applied.If we talk about naruzhnomprimenenii it is necessary to say that it is not necessary to be afraid, of course, unless uvas no individual intolerance of this flower.But when zahotitevypit chamomile tea or make broth, you should be especially careful.

If it is a simple chamomile tea, then sdelayteslabenky infusion, and in any case, do not overdo it.Pregnant zhenschinemozhno drink no more than two cups of the broth in the day, but the best nedohodit an extreme point, so the limit to one cup.If chrezmernoupotreblyat chamomile tea, it may turn to you prezhdevremennymirodami and uterine tonic.This is due to the fact that teas inastoi based daisies pushing the body to make estrogen, and they ivyzyvayut risk of miscarriage and cause the uterus to tone.

In order to protect themselves from this, it is not necessary pitromashkovogo tea too much.And if you are an expectant mother then read the composition before prinyatiemvnimatelno herbal, because apart from chamomile there mogutbyt and other "dangerous" situation for your plants.

Most pregnant women are trying as much as possible luchsheusledit their health, protecting yourself from all kinds of himicheskihpreparatov, so the transition to exclusively natural remedies.Remember chtomnogie grass, if used improperly can cause you irreparable harm.

Chamomile tea dlyaberemennyh

everyone, even the busiest hostess can bystrenkopopravit their health with the help of a simple chamomile tea.Almost vseretsepty this tea is very simple and do not need any special knowledge and skills.Zdesopisany some of them:

  1. Take a spoonful of chamomile flowers and pour boiling water eestakanom.Let the tea brewed in a thermos for three hours and then protsediteego.Drink ¼ cup of tea or dazhetri two times a day.
  2. Take 20 grams of dried chamomile flowers Isalien 0.5 liters of water.Let pokipit five minutes, turn off the stove and let chaynastaivaetsya fifteen minutes.Strain and drink with dried fruit or honey.

chamomile tea during pregnancy is best and polezneepit hot.So it will take the body more quickly, assimilate and raise vashtonus.

decoction of chamomile

Everyone knows that this beautiful flower is used not only vkachestve tea, but also as a natural medicine.Now you storonitesvsyakoy chemistry and trying to maintain your health and broths lekarstvennyminastoyami.

Take four tablespoons of chamomile flowers and a glass of hot zaleyteodnim (required boiling) water.Cover inagrevayte for half an hour.Posleetogo cool infusion at komnatnoytemperature ten minutes and strain.Keep it may be in a cool place, Nona more than two days.Take half a cup twice a day.

Chamomile Beauty

Besides that chamomile can be taken internally, it is still useful to you imozhet to maintain beauty.As mentioned earlier, chamomile is rich in magnesium and calcium, aimenno they can be used to monitor the beauty of nails, hair and skin, all kotoryebolshe weakened while carrying a baby.

Hair Mask: you need to make a daisy with water vsootnoshenii 1: 3 and a thermos for about three hours.After a soak volosyotvarom, wrap in foil and wrap a towel.An hour later, all the rinse water.

Face Mask: three spoons of chamomile should fill 150mlkipyatka.This infusion wrap a towel and leave in this position vtechenie ten hours.The resulting broth dip a gauze and apply there for fifteen minutes.After that, be sure to wash with warm water.

Tray polish: a tablespoon of chamomile and fill stakanomkipyatka let stand (half an hour).This infusion dilute with a little water and hands it derzhitev twenty minutes.

Remember that apply to pregnant women need to daisy sosoboy caution.Do not resort Clube subtracts the recipes in magazines and on the Internet, especially if they are undeveloped specifically for future mam.Horoshenko calculate the daily rate and stick to it, and remember that if you ignore the rules of application, you can hurt yourself dazhepodarkami nature.