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What to do in the decree?

Before the birth of the baby

If you think that smomenta exit to maternity leave before the birth of the baby is still a lot of time, you're wrong.Time is very small, and to have time to have a lot.At this vremyauvelichivayutsya doctor visits to monitor their own health izdorovem baby and you need to prepare everything necessary prior to his appearance nasvete.

And we start with sobstvennogofizicheskogo state.To do this you need to know what physical nagruzkidopuskayutsya during pregnancy and choose the one that you like.Not stoitlenitsya and if health permits, you must be active zhizni.Takim way, you can easily regain shape after childbirth.Suschestvuyuttakzhe special physical exercises for pregnant women.For example, you mozheteposeschat pool, yoga or aerobics for special beremennyhzhenschin.But if an 8 month it becomes too difficult to poseschatfitnes rooms, you can do special exercises at home, the main thing about them memorable and regularly pay attention to them.

Pro walks, probably sh

ould not resemble, in fact they have to pay as bolshevremeni.If you are afraid to walk alone, and her husband returned rabotydovolno late, Call you company of her friends, who takzhesidyat house and care for young children.

Next is to think isostavit list of necessary things for your baby.There mozhnoprokonsultirovatsya already gave birth at mummies or see a sample list of Internet.And then you can go shopping, unless you lack of faith in the signs.But in any case, you have to be ready and imetpredstavlenie that need your crumbs in the first months of life.

peredrodami In recent months, especially in women is clearly manifested the effect of "nesting", so kpoyavleniyu baby badly want to change something in the house.But do not stoitzadumyvat grand renovation since construction work - not the best zanyatiedlya moms.Take something small, for example, change the curtains, razberiteshkaf and loop through all things;transplant flowers;if the court of the spring, the seedlings mozhnoposadit on the balcony;Disassemble the first-aid kit;discard all prosrochennyetabletki and make a list of essential drugs for the future.

Now book magazinahochen many books about babies, which can give you a lot of poleznoyinformatsii, and you can visit the special classes for beremennyh.Bezuslovno many knowledge about the kid come to mums intuitive, but it takiluchshe prepared to meet the baby.

Relax and horoshootdohnut help you view movies, especially those you vremyaostavlyali later.Of course, this is not advised to look any sleznyemelodramy or horror, but one picture of the classics mirovogokinematografa - easily.It may also attend various exhibitions and museums.

drawing up plans for the day, make them diverse, thus it is necessary to calculate the forces, neperegruzhat themselves and a large amount of time to sleep, because you malyshomnado to gain strength.

After birth: reshaping

Many young mamochkiozabocheny so as quickly as possible to restore its shape after childbirth.If ye not forget to exercise before birth, after nihvosstanovitsya will be very easy.You can begin to engage in exercises nedelicherez four, unless of course allows the health and well-being, while nachinatneobhodimo with light loads and gradually increasing them.

The worst place is dlyavseh moms belly.But do not worry, because if each denvypolnyat simple exercises, you can return your flat tummy.

time for creativity

So adaptatsiizavershen period, the form is restored and life returned to its usual techenie.Zanimatsya only household chores bored.So the time came dlyatvorchestva or something new.Of course, all the enthusiasm in the period dekretnogootpuska necessarily related to children and family, but also how much fun etomozhet bring others.

even daily gotovkimogut be exciting experience, you can create your own blog or website nakulinarnuyu theme.

kid growing every day a new day is unique.Then feel free to take up the camera, take pictures and learn to handle photos and as a result sozdavayteinteresnye mini little album.

If you decide preobrazitdetskuyu room, then show your imagination and use the five creative ideas as colorful and unusual children's issue.

But certainly samoeglavnoe activity - the development of your baby.Play with your crumbs vraznoobraznye games and share their findings with other mummies.

svoitvorcheskie implement ideas and potential can be through the creation of gifts with their own hands.Ketomu exciting venture can attract and children.

Time for change: to make the decree

Many women do not gotovysmiritsya with the loss of his own money, dazhenahodyas on maternity leave.But give her crumbs to vospitanienyanechki or kindergarten does not want.It is very important to set svoiprioritety: a child or job.

Yet today estvyhod of this situation, and you can see a bunch of options, how to make vdekrete and not to part with the baby.For example, you can learn in detail what is to become a freelance copywriter.Or you can look at the work sites: work for M and see all of the proposed job.And you can tell exactly chtodekret - is the perfect place for serious change.

decree over

That flew nezametnovremya, the kid grew up and the maternity leave ended.Here, for many women who have recently predstavlyalisvoyu not live without work, the question arises: "Is Leaving for work or polnostyuposvyatit her family?" And here of course up to you.

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