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Air travel during pregnancy

On this povoduprovodilos many studies that have shown that if a woman netnikakih complications, then it can make flights in either mesyatseberemennosti, at any stage.

It is worth ipomnit know that every woman - a personality and mozhetprotekat pregnancy in different ways, so if you're going to go somewhere, obetom talk with your doctor, ask him for advice.

Are hazardous air travel in pervyenedeli pregnancy?

There are cases kogdadoktora advised to be patient with flights in the first trimester of pregnancy, because that at this time the female body hormone rebuilt.But there is a risk of flight time plohogosamochuvstviya and fatigue may occur headache and nausea neredkopoyavlyaetsya.All of this happens to ordinary people, and imagine sebyaberemennuyu in an airplane, especially if you are in normal time not a very good feeling.

Many ginekologiutverzhdayut that air travel during the first trimester of gestation baby can statprichinoy spontaneous abortion.As a result, mnogochasovogopereleta may

worsen the general condition, and the pressure drops when landing off - adversely affect the baby, so specialists vrachisovetuyut refrain from flying on an airplane.

sovershennoubeditelnyh However, results of studies on the flight on account of the danger of pregnancy nachalnoystadii yet.

How dangerous pressure drops priposadke and off?

Because, chtoatmosfernoe pressure during landing and take-off is changing rapidly, proiskhoditsokraschenie vessels, and it can adversely affect the fetus, there are dazhesluchai abruption.The cabin pressure Greatest reduced height, and this can cause hypoxia - the lower the pressure, the menshekisloroda enters the bloodstream.

So you mozheteuvelichit risk of oxygen starvation of the tissues of the body, and hence the fruit budetgolodat.If you do not have any complications and pregnancy protekaetnormalno, a small hypoxic influence does not bring harm, but if netak rosy, you can only worsen your condition.So if vamprosto need to fly on an airplane, you let me know about your doctor, maybe he'll tell me something, or is strongly rekomendovatvozderzhatsya from air travel.

How to make the flight was successfully ikomfortno?

samochuvstviezhenschiny often worsens as a result of nervousness - because of stress mozhetrazboletsya head and improve the tone of matki.Povnimatelnee Choose your flight, regular flights boleepredskazuemy than the charter, because they are constantly being implemented, and carry their redkokogda overturned.

when it naregistratsiyu, can ask for a place next to the emergency exit or pervomryadu - there is more space prostornee.Pomnite that turbulence is felt more strongly at the end of the cabin, poetomupozabottes to your place was in the beginning.

If you long to be in the water pose, may cause swelling in the legs, pain in the neck and lower back.To avoid this, you can get up, walk around the cabin and often change posture in the chair.Avoid large influx of people, not begitevperedi crowd, try to get on a plane, when everything will sit on svoihmestah and leave when there is no strong crowds.

aviakompaniipredostavlyayut Many such services as reservation of individual power, you can use it.And if bezpereleta not do, then it is best to fly Business Class.

Why in the plane often poyavlyaetsyanasmork?

Airplane rabotaetsistema ventilation, so the air is very dry, and nasal mucosa during vremyavynashivaniya baby especially prone to drying out, edema, congestion can sozdavatoschuschenie.Perhaps a pregnant woman during the flight feel sore throat or runny nose.

If ivozduh spray to moisturize the face with mineral water, use of vasodilators drops dlyanosa, drink plenty of fluids, dry air then you will be able to move more easily.

If you bespokoitallergichesky rhinitis, whereas before the flight is best to take antigistaminnoesredstvo, so you can reduce the discomfort from the pressure drop in vremyaposadki and takeoff.

Preparations remove otekslizistoy smoothly equalize the pressure of the cavity of the ear and nose, stuffy ears, reduce the effect.Only votlekarstv with effects very much, so before buying nuzhnoposovetovatsya with your doctor.

After airfare can obostritsyavarikoznoe veins?

During beremennostimnogie women suffer from varicose veins.Due to the sudden changes in atmospheric davleniyapri landing and take-off, may worsen contraction of blood vessels and blood circulation, aeto only need to worsening of varicose veins.This is especially true dlyaberemennosti, which flows from the threat of miscarriage, and if a woman upotreblyaetgormonalnye drugs.

Until what time air travel safe dlyaberemennoy woman?

Previously, if beremennostprotekala normally, without complications, it is possible to travel by plane bylodo 33-34 weeks if the pregnancy Multiple, up to 32 weeks, but tolkoesli your chosen airline is approved.Now numerous studies Otomi say that at any stage of the uncomplicated pregnancy yavlyayutsyabezopasnymi air travel, but only if the woman carries the recommendation isoblyudaet general precautions.This means that you should drink mnogozhidkosti, avoid tight clothing and immobility.

Can airline ban beremennoyzhenschine enter on the plane?

pravilamnogih Domestic airlines provide this, so during the registration period for a woman after 30 weeks mogutpoprosit obmennuyukartu display this help and that it feels good, which will be indicated in pregnancy.

Moreover, vozmozhnozhenschinu asked to sign a warranty, which states, in the case of chtoaviakompaniya vozmozhnyhneblagopriyatnyh consequences of not responsible.For example, the company "Aeroflot" on srokeposle 36 weeks required to sign such a statement.

What to do if the birth will begin bortusamoleta?

were situations kogdazhenschiny safely give birth in vremyapoleta.If a woman starts to give birth, when the aircraft is already underway for a landing, toekipazh communicates with the controller in that city, where they come where zhenschinuiz aircraft immediately taken to the hospital.

Often, flight attendants that accompany the flight, know the rules of first aid, so if sluchayutsyastremitelnye childbirth, they can help a woman directly vpolete.

However, do not risk sending so little vseakushery gynecologists and the Ministry of Health advised to refrain from air travel prisroke that exceeds 36 weeks.

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