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Can I sunbathe pregnant women?

Use Sun for expectant mothers

mnogieznayut certain that the sun's rays help the body produce vitamin D3, bezkotorogo can not assimilate kaltsiy.Blagodarya many polls and surveys we know that even those women who throughout the period of gestationtoddler drink vitamins and calcium suffer from hair loss, crumbling teeth, caries, rassloeniyanogtey.What do all these symptoms?Etoznachit that the body needs calcium and vitamin D3.However, even esliupotreblyat vitamins as in capsules or tablets, the body can not absorb it in the required amounts.This means that pregnant women sunbathing prostoneobhodimo.Remember that the bones begin to form even urebenochka namalenkom pregnancy, moreover, it affects the future baby teeth, so the first month of pregnancy and until the last day future mom have to find time for walks in the park Iles to be able to receive solar energy.

should say that to travel to the sea is not prohibited, and even on the contrary, it is advisable, except that the sun need to be in smal

l quantities.

Danger Sun dlyabuduschih moms

Almost everyone knows that the child periodvynashivaniya woman's body is most susceptible povyshennymnagruzkam.For example, for women kozheynuzhen especially attentive and careful care.Moreover, very often priberemennosti begin to appear spots on the arms, face, back and zonedekolte.A woman must protect sebyaot vozdeystviyavrednyh strong intensity of ultraviolet rays, but it needs to protect itself otposescheniya solarium and try not to fall in the afternoon sun.

If the mother's body to overheat, tomalysh also will not stand aside, and this can adversely affect the health of the ploda.Iz temperature rise materinskihorganov may overheat and organs of the baby.Only here it is worth remembering chtomalysh helpless and he will not be able to settle their body temperature, because it is in the womb.This is due to the fact that its potovyezhelezy not yet formed and can not work, then nelzyaskazat of adult humans.Therefore priperegreve mother, brain and nervous system of the baby can start nepravilnorabotat.

Ultraviolet rays are still odnosvoystvo - they activate the body's natural problems, for example, such kakserdtsebienie, circulation, respiration, metabolism, and many others.Odnakoesli expectant moms are some problems with these processes, the solarium and a prolonged stay in the sun mozhnovoobsche forgotten because problems can only get worse.

many studies have been carried out, the entrance of which it became clear that a tan is related to the emergence of diseases rakakozhi and melanoma.So, too carried away by exposure to the sun opasnodlya health.Moreover, a pregnant woman because of the long priemasolnechnyh baths can happen dehydration, because that happens etotperiod heavy sweating.Of course, this will only happen in tomsluchae if not restore the water balance at a certain time.

If you long to be in the sun or otkrytomsilnom general overheating not only a pregnant woman, but another man ulyubogo can happen heatstroke.Furthermore, expectant mothers bolsheshansov much to get it.When povyshaetsyatemperatura body overheats and a small child's body because he eschene can settle its temperature.In cases where such peregrevprodolzhaetsya long, the kid can earn a malfunction of the brain, which, unfortunately, then it will be impossible to recover.

Can women waiting for the child, a solarium?

Of course, this place has become very popular for both women and men, but about the dangers and benefits of zagaraizvestno lot.It should be recalled that there have been many studies that have found that a solarium, as well as exposure to the sun, uvelichivaetvozmozhnost appearance of skin cancer.Moreover, it is particularly podverzhenyberemennye woman with white skin, which has a birthmark, and pigment rodimyepyatna.Only now it seems the danger is not only for mothers, but idlya other people.If you use a photoprotective agent, you can snizitrisk appearance of this terrible disease.In the UK, studies have been conducted and the results showed that only in their country every year about 100chelovek die from melanoma, which arises as a result of this visit solyariya.Pri most of them - young people under the age of thirty years.Pomniteob this moment, before heading to the solarium, especially if you zhdeterebenochka.

How should sunbathing moms?

What should pay attention to a woman waiting for a child?And is there any way raznitsav Sun for ordinary women and women who are expecting a baby? Of course there is.Each future mamadolzhna irekomendatsii know certain rules that are special and binding.

  1. Pregnant zhenschinymogut sunbathing in the morning until 10.00 in the evening and only after 17.00-18.00.Cause the rest of the nablyudaetsyasilnaya Activity ultraviolet rays, due to which a woman iee baby at risk.Moreover, it should be said that from the sun opasnyhluchey not save various devices in the form of awnings and plyazhnyhzontikov.And the sun's rays to penetrate 50 centimeters input, so there you also will not be able to hide.Only room can vampomoch.Try not to go out in the daytime.
  2. poryadkesleduet is mandatory to wear a hat, and better if it is a hat with a wide brim, so you can hide the face from the sun vrednyhluchey.We all know that during pregnancy often appear pigmentnyepyatna, but exposure to the sun can only enhance their appearance.
  3. poryadkestoit is mandatory to purchase and use a sunscreen with an SPF factor of 30. However, no less before buying these funds necessarily read the composition isovetuytes with your doctor about the possibility or impossibility egoispolzovaniya.Eschew the cheap creams, they may be allergic, kotoryevo while carrying a child is to anything.
  4. Otomi talk with your doctor when and how much water you need to consume in summer.Remember that your body requires lots of water, especially if you are on the beach and a lot of sweat.


Now you know many reasons pochemuzhenschinam waiting for the child, can not sunbathe, as you are used to normal.On the other hand, however, if the shield itself completely from sunbathing, the tozhemozhno harm not only themselves, but also the baby.Particular attention should be paid to the tanning process, it is necessary not to fry yourself until nasolntse bronze shade, and take affectionate solnechnyevanny.