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The following birth after cesarean

This situation is fairly common, not only in our country but also abroad.It's hard to explain to a specialist whose arguments are based on a rational position, why Mom suddenly "got it into his head," to give birth to itself, especially when it has a guaranteed opportunity to avoid the generic difficulties.And if a woman has a history of not one but several Caesarean sections, it looks like "the lady whimsical", which "climbs into his head nonsense."For specialist considerate and thoughtful search for an answer to the question why a woman wants to give birth to herself after the operation, in each case, will help to better understand their pupils as individuals.And for the mother clarification and explanation of his motives to others will be a good test for the "purity" of intentions when children's illusion will be screened, giving way to a mature and informed decisions. The following birth after caesarean section - subject of the article.

Here is a partial list of issues thathelp to understand the m

otivation of the woman.

♦ What were the expectations of the first birth (before cesarean section)?

♦ For what reason (medical, organizational, psychological) underwent surgery?

♦ How was the physical and psychologicalMom recovery after surgery?

♦ How felt pipsqueak (Apgar score, especially the health and development)?

♦ As a kid growing up, how to develop your relationship?

♦ Why are doubts about the correctness of the choice of tactics first birth?

♦ What attracts you to the possibility of natural childbirth (and crumbs for themselves)?

Reflecting on these questions, you may notice that the first six refer to the personal experience of women, and the last question is beyond the scope of her experience.If the desire natural childbirth is not based on a deep critical analysis of their own experience, there is the risk of falling under the pressure of other people's opinions.In popular literature and on the Internet a lot of information about the possibility of giving birth after the surgery, described in detail the pros of this choice for the mother and child, but almost no information from the experts taking such delivery.Let's try to draw a more complete picture, focusing on the pros and cons of self-birth after cesarean.

Pros ...

Experts estimate that between 60 and 85% of women undergoing cesarean section, can give birth to yourself.It means;that there are clinics and professionals who may wish to meet the expectant mother and help her give birth after cesarean itself.There are training centers for childbirth, which are purposeful work (diagnostic, preventive and training) to women with a history of cesarean section.Natural childbirth allow the mother to experience the whole process of the emergence of the baby born from start to finish.The awareness of its role in childbirth and an understanding of what is happening at the moment with the child, promotes the development of responsible parental position.But without that awareness and understanding of themselves natural childbirth are not essential to the development of qualities for parents!On the one hand, natural childbirth avoid a long and often painful period of recovery after cesarean section.On the other hand, the need to recover from giving birth are not insured, and some women who give birth vaginally, as in childbirth, there are cases of infection, a large blood loss, complicated joints, trauma of the birth canal.Sometimes the risk of re-operation is higher than the possibility of natural childbirth, for example, complex progressive disease mothers (usually it is obvious, and the woman herself, and leading her doctor).One of the most compelling reasons that argue their desire to have a woman on their own - is the impact of "unnatural" way of birth on the character formation of the child. For some reason, it is believed that "children kesaryata" shy, prone to longer dependent on their parents, less adaptableto carry heavier loads and life difficulties.

There is a lot of empirical observation of practical psychologists who support this view.On the other hand, there are examples of "Caesar" that do not fall under this description, and therefore, it is not so much in the actual operation, how much in the way of education and your relationship to the child. This means that there are ways of correcting the consequences of this method of a babythe light, and it is your parental home. The organization of natural childbirth in such a difficult situation requires a woman of considerable courage. She needed to substantiate their choice, to be persistent in finding professionals, sensitive to his own body, to be able to maintain a positive attitude to labor, in spite of the various "horror stories "have the determination, and other important qualities.In preparation for childbirth need to learn to relax in the battles and the right push.In the very birth, in addition to all the necessary skills normally required giving birth, women who give birth after cesarean section, need constant self-skills, a good contact with a specialist ability to quickly turn all of their psychological and physical resources to overcome difficult moments.Of course, getting such an experience almost automatically takes you to the category of "hero", which makes for many years remarkable strength to be a good mother.

... and minus

15 to 40% of women who underwent cesarean section withoutcan give birth vaginally, as they have absolute contraindications to vaginal birth. According to many experts, leading such delivery, the clinic should have their own anesthesiologist to maintain vaginal delivery in women with a uterine scar. Not all cities and hospitals have such an opportunity. In all normal indications for vaginal birth after birth transactions should go without pharmacological intervention. That is, it must be almost completely natural childbirth, or contraindications for their completion are more likely to arise in the course of their flow. The appearance of unplanned contraindicated during childbirth may besurprise for a woman who was preparing long and hard for a natural birth, and received back surgery.Sometimes it causes a number of negative psycho-emotional states that prevent mother some time after the birth of the child adequately fulfill their maternal functions.In the very birth a woman is sometimes not ready for constant monitoring, internal consistency of the scar surveys and other unexpected medical manipulations.Features of the country and the city is also an impact on the ratio of births to this embodiment.Unfortunately, in our country it is in the eyes of the majority - wrongly gamble.Here is an approximate plan, allowing adequately prepare for such embodiments birth:

1. Understand the cause of the previous operation: was it possible to do something to give birth to yourself: how big was the risk of independent labor: that was in your power to changesituation.

2. Find the hospital and (or) specialists positively related to such leave.

3. Find a specialist who can be trusted to safely diagnose uterine scar, the determination of the location of the placenta and the degree of narrowing of the pelvis.If the diagnosis is questionable, check the other independent expert.Determine your individual indications and contraindications.

4. Locate assistant in childbirth, who owns (or can acquire) non-pharmacological techniques of stimulation and pain relief.Get ready to leave together.

5. Make a plan for delivery, discuss it with your assistant, a doctor and a midwife.If necessary, update the plan.

6. Discuss with your doctor the possibility of avoiding labor induction, rodostimulyatsii, analgesia and continuous monitoring, which can complicate the course of labor and increase the need for surgery.

7. It is desirable to work with a psychologist.It is important to create a confident, informed rational position on all the circumstances of the previous pregnancy and childbirth and the current situation.But even more important is to deal with negative attitudes and experiences of the past and present experience.Feelings of guilt, inferiority complex, anger and resentment, desire someone something to prove - not the best companions of a pregnant woman in her preparation for childbirth.

8. In its entirety it is important to prepare to leave in place its plans for the unexpected.Teach your baby to love life can be in any way his birth.Ready for the unexpected remove excessive control, will trust the situation and do not be disappointed if your script changes.

Some errors

sometimes not real contraindications, and social attitudes lead to the inability of women to give birth to yourself.And as the barriers of cultural stereotypes are sometimes simply irresistible ("It is not accepted!"), The parents, it is important to understand that the possible psychological effects of caesarean section to a baby can be prevented and corrected. In many centers preparation for childbirth are specialists involved in family counselingin the postpartum period, and many of them possess the necessary techniques.

help parents and child after cesarean can:

♦ timely information about the features of "children of Caesar";

♦ diagnosis of individual condition crumbs;

♦ recruitment methods of rehabilitation and development of the child and parent education;

♦ change psychologically unproductive moments of parental relationship to the child.

When parents develop a responsive and responsible attitude to the child, they consciously or intuitively find the right approach.And even an experienced eye specialist does not find the child the consequences "non-standard" labor. In general, life itself copes with educational problems, you just have to be attentive to these lessons. In any case, the attempt (even Cancelled) vaginal delivery after cesarean section is laudable,because it shows your responsible attitude to the role of mother. It characterizes you with the best hand, and even if something goes wrong during labor and still have to resort to surgery, you will still be required to be a good mom!

recommendations forparents "of Caesar":

• Create a psychologically favorable atmosphere around the baby to form his confidence in the world (discreet setting mode, breastfeeding, close enough to the baby).

• Taking into account the individual capabilities, increase the stability threshold crumbs to stress by means of physical activity (swimming, massage, hardening).

• Create conditions for the younger child, which he could learn on their own to overcome obstacles (crawling, the ability to group together in the fall, the development of skills walk without stops).

• carefully and promptly change the relationship between you and the child with age, without getting stuck at the stage of baby talk when he was old enough.

• Gently pass the age crises.Be especially attentive to the child at this time.