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What is being hidden carriers?

Crowded skies

If you are flying on a plane about ten years ago, but now you must have noticed that every day in the sky becomes more "transport".It grows not only the number of flights, but the number of aircraft.Experts confirmed that the most important reason for late flights in Europe - is a huge number of flights.Very often the aircraft can not take off on time, because the runway is full.

main reasons for violation of the schedule of deliveries of aircraft to airlines:

  1. too tight flight schedule.
  2. delay delivery of the aircraft.
  3. management systems overloaded air traffic control.
  4. Passengers late for boarding.
  5. Slow ground-based services.
  6. weather.
  7. Faulty air transport.
  8. problems with the landing and passenger check-in.

Ay, pilots, where are you?

Every day more and more people begin to use air transport, and an average of one new aircraft carries far more people than the old-style models.This means that the pilot becomes too less.However, airlines also need pilots, and now they ne

ed more.For example, Russia needs to flight schools every year, releasing 300-400 pilots.But the real number of them is only 50-60.Therefore, to date, flight certificates are issued to applicants who have laid the skills and practices, and this is due to the fact that the pilots are sorely lacking, and the average age of pilots in Russia is 52-56 years.

This is what we have considered only the picture of Russia, America, China, Japan, India and several other countries also have this problem.Why is this problem can not be solved?Blame the level of salary which does not correspond to the work done, as well as the state does not have the necessary funds to subsidize the training of pilots.

Give my mile

Now almost every person who at least once flew on the plane, he knows that there are many airlines bonus system, which enables customers to receive extra mile, with the proviso that it will usespecific airline.These bonuses are awarded in different ways.Basically it is a rather complicated system, which takes into account the direction and the distance of the flight, the level of participation in the program, the tariff, service class and so on.Of course, to accumulate miles is easy, but to make sure that you have given them, would be difficult.Many airlines introduced rules under which, the validity of bonuses is limited, thus spend your miles, you can not immediately, but only when the incident a certain distance.In general, most bonuses are a lure for customers, which they did not have time to use it.

you can use premium flight, but again, it fails only if there is an empty seat on the plane of the desired flight.And pass the bonus ticket is not possible, it is simply "burn" it.In general, each airline has its own tricks.What's really nothing to say, even if the manager Jennifer Lopez can not get a bonus ticket, and she has already accumulated 70,000 "gift" miles.

you bought the ticket at a nice price?But how much you have to pay for it?

in Europe has recently been discovered that many sites are deceiving buyers, in this case indicates a smaller amount of the ticket price, which means that the various fees, taxes and insurance are not included.Of 447 sites 226 are not working properly.It has long been known as the airline's price and have to pay an additional tax of the country, which will make flights and airport taxes.Moreover, even now we introduced and allowance for fuel and for each country it is different.It is believed that the air carrier revenue is not.

air carrier is primarily thinking about your money, not your comfort

Probably each of us is faced with the cancellation or delay of flights.Of course, it is surprising to hear that, but it happens so that planes fly before the appointed time.Nobody ever will warn the customer that the flight is delayed, even if the air carrier is all you need to do this.Passenger himself must be nervous and to monitor the situation at the airport.There is a document that states that if a flight is canceled, the passenger's right to appear on the board at the airport, at the same time if a flight is canceled or delayed for more than two hours, each passenger must be notified in writing, which will be given their rights.But none of us ever have never seen such a document, not to mention the fact, to keep it in his hands ...

And where the first class?

Basically seats for passengers are divided into economy class, business class and first class.Prices, of course, are different and how much - you can find it at purchase.But now we talk about the conditions of the flight, as the air carrier itself can not fully understand this.Certainly in the first class seat will be more comfortable than in other embodiments, alcohol without restrictions, and the food is richer.In business class, too, conditions are better than in economy class.However, there is certain clear differences of one class by another, all based on the imagination of the airline.Additional services each airline theirs.The only thing you can know for sure is that the more expensive classes, you can carry more luggage.

new aircraft to us only dream

now worldwide about 21 000 aircraft.Basically it mean airplanes with more than 10 thousand planes are more than 20 years.Approximately 5000 jet light aircraft have an age greater than 18 years.The average age of aircraft in Russia and the United States is 17 years.The average age of aircraft in Europe is 10 years.Perhaps we do not put on notice that we are flying in old airplanes that we did not experience additional stress.Although Russia has planes, age 45 years, but they are in excellent condition.

And it was not my suitcase

All we travel with luggage.It happens that the carrier loses things their passengers, and it happens often.For example, in 2007, was lost for the year to 42 million. Suitcases and bags.According to statistics, 85% of luggage again fall into the hands of their owners within 48 hours after the loss.

Try to hang tags and any distinguishing marks on their suitcases, address and mobile phone number, then to your bag easier to find.

Review ticket

Each of us must remember that the ticket - it is not just a document for the flight, but also a personal contract with the airline.So you have to keep it to the point where the flight is perfect and you will realize that no claims against airlines have not.Remember that the entire cost of the ticket, you can return only if the flight was canceled, delayed or postponed, and if the carrier does not provide you connecting flights, landing at a designated point canceled the replacement of aircraft type or class of service.

In any other case, there are certain time constraints on ticket refund.The most frequent: more than a week before departure and more than a day before departure.As a rule, if you do not come in to land, the ticket at a reduced rate return impossible.

If you are departure to the lost ticket, the agency where you bought it, you can write the copy, but it is usually charged a small fine.Moreover, you will have to approve that you agree to pay any costs to the air carrier, if your ticket will find a third party and will take advantage of them.As well as a duplicate, you will not be able to return because he exchange and non-refundable.

Now none of us thinks fly or not to fly.If you want to relax in an exotic place, to go to a prestigious business trip or visit my aunt, who some years ago went to distant countries, you have to take the world by Aeroflot.Now we have the opportunity - to visit any place of the world, the main thing to be careful when choosing and buying the airline ticket, because during the flight the air carrier is responsible for our lives.

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