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Lower cholesterol and cleanse the blood vessels

But most remember the harm associated with the word "cholesterol":
- is arterial occlusion (as a result - heart attacks and strokes).Half of the population in developed countries live under the threat of cardiovascular diseases.

Fortunately, there are many simple tools to lower cholesterol and cleanse the blood vessels without the use of special medicines:
- changes in diet,
- an increase of physical activity,
- supplementation.
Some things can not be controlled.With aging, the liver begins to produce more cholesterol.That is why women's cholesterol levels can skyrocket after menopause.But it makes sense to change those risk factors that you can control.What can contribute to lower cholesterol and cleanse the blood vessels?
For some (eg, diabetic or young people with high cholesterol), natural remedies may not be enough, and they need to be complemented by conventional treatments.

most successful and widely used medicine - is a statin that affect the liver and reduces the production of choleste
rol and help the body resorbirovat (digest) of the cholesterol accumulated in the blood vessels.The other two drugs affecting digestive organs (digestive tract, the gastrointestinal tract):
- cholesterol absorption inhibitors inhibit cholesterol absorption foodborne,
- sequestrants bile acid, cholesterol-rich bind bile acids in the intestine and prevent their resorbirovanie the bloodstream.

There is no medication without side effects .Basically complain gastrointestinal malaise, diarrhea and constipation.Statins have come under fire because of two rare, but potentially serious side effects:
- liver damage,
- the collapse of skeletal muscle (meaning rhabdomyolysis), which can lead to kidney failure.
If the doctor has prescribed a statin, you need to periodically take tests and be checked to make sure there are no symptoms of these diseases.

Prolonged mental stress increases the total cholesterol.The probability of a high content of "bad" cholesterol in those who react to stress emotionally, 3 times higher than that of people coping with stress without emotion.To achieve emotional balance and keep the balance under stress helps breathing exercises, Qigong, yoga - and indirectly reducing cholesterol.

Factor supplements
Plant sterols - obtained from vegetable substances prevent the absorption of cholesterol and may reduce the level of 13%.Sold as separate supplements or special part of the food.Useful taken daily from 2 to 3 g of plant sterols.
Red rice - herbal medicines, its effect is similar to statin drugs, which are issued by physicians to reduce the production of cholesterol by the liver.Red rice reduces cholesterol and cleans the blood vessels.
Niacin blocks the processes of destruction and removal of "good" cholesterol from the body.But niacin supplements should be taken only under the supervision of a doctor: Do not exceed the prescribed dosage should not be taken for people with liver disease, gout or gastric ulcer.

Omega-3 fatty acids help lower cholesterol and cleanse the blood vessels, 30% are made from fish oil or flaxseed.

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